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Wear and Flair Accessories - Guild Issue Templates




Chantelle's accessory shop - Wear and Flair.

Any beginning team may choose one of these accessories per member completely free. The available accessory depends on the guild the team has chosen to join.

Explorers: Gloves (this is a pair), Vest, Broad Brim Hat

Hunters: Hood, Scarf, Shawl

Researchers: Dress Hat, Bow, Coat

All: Arm band (may have two for one)

The Accessory may be any colour to start out with, so long as it's a single colour and has no pattern. You may wear these accessories any way you choose, so the arm band could serve as a collar if the wearer wished, etc. You may also modify the shape of these accessories to fit on any Pokemon. Modification through damage, eg rip and tear, is free but remember that these can't be repaired easily.

Any further purchases beyond the initial handouts will require 3 star coins.

These templates can be customized through Chantelle's Accessory Customization Service
PSD file of all these items, for easier use in customization.

--07/12/14 edit---

As of now, all base accessory templates are 3 star coins as opposed to 5.
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My Pokémon has the ability Honey Gather. Would she be able to carry an empty honey jar with her to put honey in it?