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Formerly a moderator/helper for PMD-E, I now run my own Pokemon Mystery Dungeon group, PMDU. I enjoy practicing and developing my digital painting skills, and hope that my group will help inspire the same feeling in others. Expect to see lots and lots and lots of Pokemon related stuff here.

I draw for fun and love to explore new techniques. Improving and learning is something that gives me great joy. I do not currently take commissions, but if you are part of the PMD-E or PMD-U groups and are interested in chatting, feel free to say hello! I love comments and notes, so questions, feedback and discussions are much encouraged.

My favorite Pokemon is Weavile and my favorite generation so far is gen IV. But I love dark-type Pokemon in general.

PMDU tumblr:
old PMDE tumblr:

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Paint tool Sai
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Just a little update on what's currently going on. Now that PMDU's latest update is out, I need to focus on doing some contracted work in order to support myself, but we plan on getting started on the next update as soon as possible. For the next batch of PMDU content, I'll likely be returning to comic format while we refine the visual novel style presentation a bit more and work out some of the bugs so that our next use of that format is smoother. Time management for me has become tricky recently, as a few different things are happening in my life at once, but I'll look forward to getting back to being more directly involved with things.
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Got my new laptop, finally. So it's time to get back to work on progressing PMDU's story. While it is taking us a while to actually get the presentation together, I believe this is a vital exercise for the PMDU admins as a team. Once we have this presentation finished, we'll also have templates with a full 'rotation' of PMDU activities (missions, tasks, dungeons) and continuing this pattern should be a lot easier in the future. I also do need to begin work on my contribution to Sleepless Skink Productions, and learning 3D seriously, while also looking into ways to make money. Things are getting a little tough for me to keep up with financia
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I really hope my new laptop comes soon. Really itching to be able to draw again. I won't attempt to make any excuse for the shameful lack of activity, technical issues aside.
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Hey!, I wanna say that I hope you are doing alright with your haitus out there, take as much time as you want if you want to ^^, also I wanted to say that I just love you're characters! All of them because of how unique they are and their personality!, but also you are basically a inspiration to me because of your main Protagonist Sundance!, how when he used to be in the gang..then later one went to be a rogue guild member, and now a Heir to be the next guildmaster! I really do love the comics you put out! X3

I also wanted to say thank you for the inspiration from your comics, hope you are doing well! ^w^
Hope you're doing alright! Love your art and have been looking forward to any original projects you may have been up to! <:
Happy New Year. May this be a year to renew your joys. A hug.
Merry Christmas! May this be pleasant to you. A hug.
Trick or treat! Happy Halloween.
Happy Cjristmas!