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Morning Rush

CELUNE: Why are you just standing there, we're gonna be late for school and it's 15 minutes away!!! >_<
CHILL: *eating toast* don't worry, I know a shortcut.
CELUNE: Really?!
CHILL: Yep, really. Close your eyes.
CELUNE: wh-wha . . . . . . . . . uwaaaaAAAAA!!!! >///<


Entry for YuriGroup's "Back to School" Contest.
Chill [the vampire] and Celune [the homunculus] are my OC's in this comic:

part 1 part 2 part 3:

FYI, a homunculus is a man-made, living creature, usually created by alchemy. If you watch Full Metal Alchemist, you're probably familiar with this term.

a homunculus and a vampire goes to school... :ohnoes:
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N'aww! That is one of the cutest things! I love the background and foreground coloring, especially the color and construction of the trees!
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cuuute^^ I wsh my boyfriend could do that.
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HA!HA!HA!HA! Some "Shortcut" HA!HA!HA!HA!
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For me it looks like:
CHILL: I can take you to heaven, do you want to see?
CHILL: Look, heaven is, where we are together. *smiling*
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Such heroism.
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Reminds me of A-ko I love it ^^
Kasai-no-Kitsune's avatar
The detail in this picture is captivating. The trees, the roofs, the clouds, everything is so on point. ^__^ Congratulations on the first place, you deserve it!
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XD omg that is so an a-ko like scene (i just watched all 5 of the vids yes theres 5 of them)
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Eheheh, the perils of having a girlfriend with superpowers... so Chill is the homunculus?
chillwinterheart's avatar
it's the other way around... =3
Levia-the-Dragon's avatar
Ohhh... guess i jsut assiciated super-jumping with the golem...
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I love her expression!BOTH of them!! :iconiluplz:
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:giggle: that's quite a shortcut.
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Looooooool I should have done the contest XD

Hope you win!
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