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A Vampire Valentine 2

Oh sh---- :ohnoes:

Part 1: part 3:
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X D That is so fitting.
yourfault34562's avatar
This is so cute*3*
hitherepeoples's avatar
you know she'd choke it down. And probably find some way to delude herself into thinking it was the most delicious thing she'd ever tasted xD
ellcor97's avatar
cute and funny! :eager:

Your drawing style is wonderful ;)
HikarusHandibook's avatar
But it's a gift, so she'd love it anyways, right?
TonksRules's avatar
Omg I LOVE these comics!! I really hope you continue making them!! <3
Nimi97's avatar
Are chill a boy or a girl??
chillwinterheart's avatar
she's a girl O_O it's a yuri comic ^_^
Nimi97's avatar
ok! But she looks like a boy:)
Solude's avatar
lmao awesome
KeKat147's avatar
:icondragonhugplz: your amazingly your wonderful!!! your amazingly wonderful!!!
thisfreemind's avatar
Awwwww! Please tell me someday there will be more of these! They are too adorable!
But... but... but.... It can't end there! *frustration sets in* What can I do to force you into making part 3???!!
Iris-Star's avatar
Th-...! This is--!

AWWWWWWW, I love this!! SoooooOOOoooo KAWAII~!
Djfanart's avatar
that's just ;A; tho i think she's tricking her o.O vampire's do eat (don't have to but they can !)
chillwinterheart's avatar
that depends on whose version of vampire we're talking about.... in my case, well ... =D
Djfanart's avatar
true that ~ ^_^
musicnote458's avatar
hahahaahhahahahahahahah. well that backfired
llorardelante's avatar
:3 :D so sad:heart: but so CUTE:D:D!!:heart::heart:
l33t4ng3l's avatar
awwwwww im sure Chill will still eat the cupcake!!
SporkNinjaGirl's avatar
I faved both these little comics, they're so cute. XD Great job on the both of them.
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