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Tattoo 2 - Gargoyle

pretty stoked about this one, have a couple more angles over here ---> [link]
work was done (believe it or not) in SC, little place i found called Animated Canvas Custom Tattoo, they came up from Daytona and opened a shop...pretty damn cool eh?

(location: back of right arm)
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1/64 second
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6 mm
Date Taken
Nov 2, 2007, 8:44:22 PM
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Great ink, has it healed well?
My Gargoyle is my fave tat. :nod: [link]
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yes, it's healed very well, i guess i should get another pic up here of it healed...i'll probably get around to it by the time i have my chest retouched or a new one ;)
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Yeah would be nice to see it all healed in its glory!
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Wow! That was really well done. I've had many tatts and this one just seems of very high quality. Beautiful!
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thank ya katana, i've very fond of it as well, it's always a rush for me from looking at their sketches and then seeing it on the skin. i was utterly awed when i saw what he did.
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That is one awesome gargoyle tattoo.
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pretty sweet man, hey, send me a note, gotta talk to you about somethin
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I just really like the artwork that you and the tattoo artist came up with.
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Too bad the tango one doesn't show up.
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this is cool, but ur lucky i wasnt around after u first got it lol cuz id end up smackin it XP
Chillinvillain's avatar
hahahaha, you're that guy who smacks peoples sunburned backs arnt you? =p
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no, its just last year my friend gets a tattoo and comes to school braggin bout it, hes showin it off in the lobby....i stare for a second then just smack it, still dont know why..
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wat can i say? im a nut and a half lol
does it symbolize anything, or is it just there to get the ladies hot?
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for me, it represents my melancholy/docile/stoic side. I'm considering getting another different one on the opposite arm to complete the duality.

i've always had some sort of affinity with gargoyles.
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