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ChilliFox Icon by chillifox128 ChilliFox Icon :iconchillifox128:chillifox128 1 0
Your Company [Part 3]/Final
I can hear a quiet ‘woosh’ and what sounds like a cutting of the flesh. I feel something warm splatter across my face. Blood.
Before I realize it, I’m on my knees leaning forward, holding onto what seems to be an axe. Which is now stuck in the man’s back. He falls over. Then there’s quiet. I roll the body off the girl and lay down in pain. She quickly sits up and crawls to me, holding my head up.
-  ‘ -ou s-ved me…Th-nk you…
She starts sobbing and hides her face on my chest. I reach up with one arm and lightly pet her head.
Stop crying.’
I can feel tiredness…so damn tired. But I can’t fall asleep yet. Not yet.
I have to get her attention somehow.
I feel the pain invading my body like a deadly poison.
Just a little more … a little more time.’
I slide my hand to her cheek. She raises her head up and I wipe her tears with my thumb
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Your Company [Part 2]
The scene is still blurred. The girl is talking to me. I can hear her voice, but I can’t make up the words.
'What is she saying? What does she need? Why did he bring her here?'
She’s close to me. I can’t look around, but I can sense her every movement. Then the door opens and in comes the bigger figure – that man.
He is holding some kind of an object…a knife.
He starts moving closer. I can feel the girl tremble in fear beside me. The man grabs the girl and pulls her up. She starts screaming in protest.
Suddenly, I find myself launching upwards against the man. I don’t want him hurting the girl.
Then…I feel pain in my stomach.
I fall to the ground and I see a puddle of blood coming from beneath me. I start coughing and choking. I can’t breathe. I still hear the girl crying out. There’s fear and sadness in her voice.
I want to comfort her. Hold her in my arms and say “Everything will be okay.”
But I
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Kira the Kirian by chillifox128 Kira the Kirian :iconchillifox128:chillifox128 0 0
Your Company [Part 1]
Oh, hello.
Finally someone I can talk to. I’ve been here alone for a long time. You know, ‘time’ kind of ceases to exist after a while. First, you start counting minutes, then hours, days, weeks, months, years, it doesn’t matter. In the end I realized, that there is no point in knowing how long I’ve been here. It could have been centuries, decades, I don’t really care. I will be here forever, always. But it may be different for you.
What’s that? You can’t see me? It’s pitch black here, of course you can’t see me. You can’t see anything. I can’t see you either, however I can sense your soul. It’s presence is unique, warm…it feels alive. It’s a feeling I have long forgotten about. It’s always been dark and empty here. Can’t see anything, can’t hear anything, can’t feel anything. You know, sometimes I wonder what it was like before all this.
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Carley's fabulous ass :iconchillifox128:chillifox128 0 0
Stars In Your Eyes... by chillifox128 Stars In Your Eyes... :iconchillifox128:chillifox128 0 0


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