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swirlSetO1 -- that means there's gonna be more! ;D

These are old-ish, but I was looking for something to upload, and I stumbled across these. After some 1 or 2 tutorials on how to make brush sets, KAPAWI! here you go. Brushes for the general dA public. :aww:

Three brushes in this set, plus my watermark of course.

The abstract swirls are hand-drawn and traced in Photoshop, while the heart is pure Photoshop.

Don't redistribute, but enjoy! :D

[edit]: forgot to mention. The brushes average around 1900 px in diameter, and were made in 72 dpi. ^^ [/endedit]

[moar editing]: Since someone asked, I will post it here: I allow commercial use, knock yourselves out. Of course there are conditions:
a) You link (when applicable) and credit me as the designer; and
b) You send me a link of what you've made, so that I'm safe that the material in which my work is used is appropriate.
Simple, 'no? :D

06.01.08 - UPDATE: swirlSetO2 preview here -- [link]

06.22.08 - UPDATEUPDATEUPDATE: The long-ish wait is over. SwirlsetO2 is now here --> [link] YAY. XD
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This is beautiful.