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Rita Loud's House

Patreon Poll winner and mother of 11 children, just how does she keep her head on straight?

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What's Rita gonna do with all that Cake?!

Let Lynn Sr have as much of it as he wants probably.

I love how this look is so faithful to her design, I'm too used to it to be horny. XD

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I think that's why she has 11 kids, that X-Box kid never stopped banging her

nickaloaden has been taking notes from Disney moms

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reemerjremvoe topyur comment pelas rhjtnks

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She's a BRICK house. XD
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I know this may sound odd and maybe even controversial to ask you this but how come most of the fans who drew the Loud House are primarily males, and yet when you compare the fans who are more into Steven Universe, Gravity Falls, Undertale, Cuphead and even freakin Rick and Morty and Borderlands. The fanarts is mostly drawn by female and diverse artists. 

Don't get me wrong, I see so many men are into My Little Pony, Steven Universe, Star vs the Forces of Evil for example and I can tolerate that, and there's nothing wrong here. However when it comes to the Loud House especially with the fandom, something telling me it shouldn't deserve to be praised, and this is gonna be deep just to warn you. 

Like honestly I tried my best to praise the show, I really do, but the more I watch, especially in the first, second, and third season, the more I felt so despised with the show itself. Especially with these characters and lesson of the story. The show contains a male protag dealing with bland cliche unlikable sisters with no personality. The show itself is too offensive, immature and just like downright unfunny potty and fart humour. I guess most younger male audiences would understand this kind of joke. However, if you add more pretty looking but yet totally cliche female characters, the show can also attract a slightly older male audience, making the whole fandom more masculine then anyother fandoms. Which it got me so furious about the lack of diversity this fandom gets. Again this is just my speculation. Sure, they are female and LGBTQ who participate in the fandom but there just a small minority. All the rest are just being Boi's looking and create for more "explicit" reasons. 
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remvoe tyoru comment plaswe thanks

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I'm glad you liked my art so much...
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Look before you giving me another sarcastic message, all I'm saying that if some shows to want to represent a sexy looking characters and whether it could be female or male artists whishes to draw these characters if they want to then yeah, I'm fine with that, hell even I couldn't resist myself drawing some "explicit" characters while jerking-off.

but if you make it like unlikable and emphasize the person who did something wrong but not the pretty and cliche looking character something tells me that the show kinda encourages others how to be a selfish and manipulative asshole like Lincoln. which probably explains why Savino wouldn't mind harassing his staff members because he's to self-empowered, too selfish, too narcissistic to like realize how wrong that is which explains of his termination by the studio. It just pisses me off that people still praising the show and the creator for the wrong reason. Hell, even Rebecca sugar, Alex Hirsch, and Lauren Faust wouldn't be this happy about this. Both the creator, the show, and the fandom itself. 

And yes, I do love your artwork. That Rita's ass though. 
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I'm sorry you feel this way.
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And I'm sorry you felt that way too. Seriously why are you so offended by this? 
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Who said I was offended? I'm worried you're projecting an idea of what kind of fan I am despite me hardly saying much.
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I'm still very confused. Am I supposed to apologize for a pin-up? For the fandoms actions? What have I done to ask for this kind of diatribe? I genuinely want to know.
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