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How I Animate Icons


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Pride Rock Object For FeralHeart *Updated*

Feral Heart Meshes

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The New Guard

The Lion King

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change your mind

Warrior Cats

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As old as the dust


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FeralHeart | Eye Texture Pack

Feral Heart Mods

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How I Animate Icons


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The Lion King // FH Map

Feral Heart Maps

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Mythical Items and Markings for FeralHeart

Feral Heart Items

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f a m i l y


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Ever Stray SKETCH

Wolf's Rain

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blood brushes


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Cat Im A Kitty Cat


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Chapter 1 - Five Wolves

Comics To Read

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closed specs2

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Creature Creation Challenge


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Fangs of White Lotus

Ginga art

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Earth Warder Preset

Misc. FH Stuff

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Full moon


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My end is near


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Spirited Away Fanart - Chihiro

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Draw Ur Squad

Draw The Squad

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Reference: Lupus

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Sinful [Com]

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Mythical Horses

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3D Art

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Christmas Winged Rabbit


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Selling WOF fan tribes CLOSED

Now belong to ChilledRain ( I've decided to sell my WOF fan tribes that I made. I haven't done anything with them and lost motivation to develop them. Once bought, you have all rights to the species and can do what you want with them. They come in a set, you can't just buy them separately.\ Offer PayPal, Points, customs and art (last two preferably as an add on) If no one shows interest they'll just kinda vanish XD   I have a group sorta set up if the buyer wants it, or you can just make a new group. Let me know what you want once bought. Species: I'm not selling the pineclaws as I plan to still use them, just make them non WOF and wha

Characters and Designs I have Adopted

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alien rp form discord

DO NOT USE WITHOUT PERMISSION Rules - This IS a MATURE rp, there will be blood, gore, swearing, ect. Dont over do it to an uncomfortable level. - DO NOT powerplay, godmod, or any of the sorts. - DO NOT autohit, unless the other rpers you are with are comfortable/ or give you permission to. - There is a MAXIMUM of three characters as of right now. -DO NOT bring ooc drama into this rp. If you have a problem take it to DMS or bring it up with me. Plot When humans first made contact with Other Worldly Beings, they were ejected into a whole new world. But they wish it never happened. They realized the whole galaxy was much more than they could

RP Stuff

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