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Just you're friendly neighbourhood sized(or bigger) Giantess that render's MMD stuff!....Mainly Size stuff....Okay 99% size stuff.. xD

As far as MMD'ing goes I like to do whatever seems interesting to me or whatever has inspired me to do so!...So Giantess stuff! Yeah! Just look at my gallery and you'll get an idea of what i do...I can't really describe it myself xD

If you want to lodge a request, be mindful that i consider them, not accept them. Most likely I'll tell you whether i accepted them not with a clear response. In other words, most of the time i don't do requests.

Youtube account! :3…
Video's will come like much slower than normal stuffz so yeah.

Yep, that's about it, any questions or stuff can go to the comments!
Heyyyoooo I'm thinking of making a Entry based MMD/MMM size collab video Details are on my twitter in this thread:
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2022! I've got things in store for you! It's beeen a whooollee while since i've last done a journal, not since eclipse came out or just after :O HAiiiiiiiiiiii I'm ChilledCubchoo! ...What? You knew already?...Huh, guess the new followers aren't as new as I thought xP Well, to my new followers.... xD Now that we've established a short summary of myself and an unspoken rule of "xD" quotas... xD I've been thinking for a while what to speak of in a journal! For some reason, i never seem to have anything to say even though i could just say Hi, i'm here, and then pop back into the artists realm of making things xD Now~ I uhh, have nothing to say kinda. xD I mean, I'm doing fine, kinda got game dev vibes going on but that's about it. going back to making stuffs again~ As long as i'm interested in size (which my friends will know the deeper meaning to that xD) I don't think i'll be hanging up the artist hat anytime soon. Excluding hiatus and potential burn out breaks~. One goal of
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Local Large Little girl can't catch a missile. (May convert this to a GIF so i can upload it on Deviant art as well)
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hey, are we gunna ever see more giant brawl cario snapshots. i miss those as they were my fave stuff to see tbh X3

Unfortunately there isn't any plans for any more screenshots from Super Smash Bros Brawl. However, there maybe something in the future that would include Lucario being huge, but i wouldn't count on it happening anytime soon. Sorry to disappoint ya :<

aww, may i ask how huge we talking then? really thinking galaxy sized cario paw worshiping rn X3

Could be anywhere between big and bigger xD

xD Probably twice it's usual size at the minimum. Galaxy sized isn't on the agenda, but it's always possible xD

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ChilledCubchoo!.Here a Remaster of Skirtlift Stompy Remaster's
ChilledCubchoo Thank's.Here a Model A Available Released View  Double Skirtlift Kind by KaizerMark Download… or!03JmTKCL!9sWqlKc7sn7….