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Just you're friendly neighbourhood sized(or bigger) Giantess that render's MMD stuff!....Mainly Size stuff....Okay 99% size stuff.. xD

As far as MMD'ing goes I like to do whatever seems interesting to me or whatever has inspired me to do so!...So Giantess stuff! Yeah! Just look at my gallery and you'll get an idea of what i do...I can't really describe it myself xD

If you want to lodge a request, be mindful that i consider them, not accept them. Most likely I'll tell you whether i accepted them not with a clear response. In other words, most of the time i don't do requests.

Videos to come at a mucccchhh slower pace than pictures. If there's a lack of pictures being uploaded, that's a good sign i'm working on a video...or just inactive >.<

Yep, that's about it, any questions or stuff can go to the comments!

I had a lot to say, but most of it was a lot of negative nancy talk xD AAHHH I mean hI How are you? Hope life has been treating you well~ Me? It's odd how social media turned out xD Guess I'm in the boat of "Oops I guess I needed to be a bit more social" xD But me? Social?....Oh yeah I was a lot more talkative before wasn't I? xD So yeah I'm doing great xD I think,, Positivity, help me out? xD Yes thank you now here's your change....twelve ounces of senseless senseability~ Well, irragardless, Whether or not people read these journals is irrelevant. I've seen some of you defect! You traitors!!! XD How dare you comment on other people's works and not miiiiinneeee! XD Naw, really, I'm just grateful for even a single comment now days. THat's how it's always been. I've never expected much, but people are really so generous here~ If I may do a bit of self depreciation, I think it's understandable that people just give on me I mean "Ohhhhh how the lack of rosa burns my heart!" "Ooohh
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Placed a poll up on Twitter~ Glasses? Or No Glasses? It's a quick poll, so get your vote in fast! Lasts about 35ish hrs from the time of posting this very update~ (Though, it most likely wont have any effect story wise xD)
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Merry Christmas/Happy holidays to all my fans, friends, or random people looking at this journal and those who stumbled across here thinking "Why am I reading a journal from a giantess artist? " XD Firstly, Hiiiiiiiiiii! Didn't know people still read these ever since eclipse dropped :P . Sorry, I knew I should of stepped in and created my own eclipse with my gigantic self - xD Anyway xD This year was my most second most active year on youtube with 5 (+1 teaser) videos! Wooo! I mean, my image production came to a cataclysmic slowdown but I say it was worth it xD What remains a major positive to me is to the people who hung on despite my april fools video~ Thank you to those people especially. It gave me great joy seeing people comment and watch the video. I understand not all people enjoy April fools day given its nature. Everyone has their own reasons. But sometimes, things just aren't other's people cup of tea. I mean, I'm a Giantess artist so I know first hand on what that's
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Hi, I like your GTS pics :D

Hey thanks! :3 I'm very happy to hear that!

No problem. I've always been a fan of giantesses. Usually when I be with a giant girl, I want to tuck into her belly button to relax -w-

Sorry if I told you one of my kinks

Now that's what I call "working out the Kinks" xD

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