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Welcoming Darwin



Albino Pirate: You'll just LOVE being a pirate!

Pirate With Gout: There's the shiny cutlasses!

Pirate With Accordion: And the shanties!

Coatrack Pirate: And the brass buckles!

Surprisingly Curvacious Pirate: And the booty!

Burly Pirate: And the looting...although we really don't do much of that.

Albino Pirate: And don't forget...


Darwin: Well...I...I suppose I could give it a try.


So this is the pirates trying to convince Charles to join them. Comes almost immidiately after this picture: [link] No the Pirate With the Scarf isn't in here. The jury is still out with him. He's still not terribly sure they can trust Darwin. He was happy enough to take him to an island, but having him as part of the crew...just doesn't seem wise.

Done completely in pen. I haven't done pen and ink pic in quite awhile. And this is the most characters I've EVER done in one picture. Had to do a lot of rearranging to get them all to stand out. But it's finally DONE!!

please do not swear in comments. Thank you.
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