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Little Darwin



An only child of a wealthy London family Darwin started his fascination with animals very early. His father was a big game hunter and would often take his son on safari's with him. Although Charles never really got into the sport himself, the animals he saw on the excursions piqued his interest. He never really lived up to his father's expectations of a 'real man', having an interest more in books and watching life than sports or skill. His doting mother didn't mind, though. She always supported anything he was interested in.

At the age of seventeen his father had arranged another excursion to Africa. But this time Charles insisted on staying home and continuing his schooling. There were some hurtful words exchanged on both sides before his father left for the boat, taking his mother with him. Their ship went down somewhere off the African coast with all hands lost. Charles was left their mansion and estate, neither of which he truly knew what to do with.

(I figured if Aardman can say he had an adventure with pirates, I can make up a history for him)

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Aw, Dr. Doolittle himself could hardly do better than to befriend a butterfly :). This is a great pose and your little background for him, as a character, is great! Shame about his parents, but I'm glad he stuck to his schooling, letting him become the occassionally brave always adorable 'pirate' we have now.