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Frozone family

By chill13
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Superheros are supposed to keep their powers a secret from those who don't have them.  They have a hero life and an alter ego life.  But when Lucius Best (aka Frozone)  met the girl of his dreams, a sassy, on the move little thing, he couldn't helm but show off a little re-freezing that dripping ice cream or making it snow on that hot June day.  She was impressed.  But not just by the man's ability to create ice out of thin air but the warm heart behind all that charisma and sarcasm.  It wasn't long before the two of them tied the knot.

She was a pillar of support for him when the supers had to go into hiding, and stayed a friend to the Parrs as well.  

Not too long after the fateful court case that sent them all underground Honey found herself pregnant with triplets.  They were stunned to discover that the children were all supers. 

Ember, the oldest by five minutes, is a bit of a know-it-all.  she's always studying and looking up new things so she feels that gives her the right to tell her siblings what's what.  She also likes setting things on fire.

Tyson is the middle child.  He's quiet and fairly reserved.  He has discovered that he has a special connection to plantlife and is often found talking to trees. 

Brooke, the youngest, is full of life and fun.  She loves a good practical joke and is always trying to make people laugh.  Much like her father she can pull moisture out of the air and control it and with the addition of being able to control the air currents she can have a lot of fun with her own personal weather.  Or...just making a raincloud over her brother.
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cool drawing i saw this in Jon solo's video 
chill13's avatar
Thank you! Yeah, that was an interesting video!
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Oh, I would watch the hell out of this movie! 👍
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So, this is Zone's wife, huh?
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At least my design for her.  Apparently there actually was an official design for her that wasn't used. 
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Wonderful family there! I wish them well. :clap:
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Would you mind if I wrote fanfiction about these characters, crediting you? And if you're okay with it, do you have names you'd prefer used for the children?
Girlwithbook's avatar
Okay so I didn't see the description (brain fart) but I was still wondering if 8 could use them in a fanfiction?
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Do you think about Frozone's children who become superheroes?

What their group called?
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Hmm. I sdont have a name foe them all yet. I think they would follow after their dad and become heroes tok.
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Frozone should get his own spin-off movie ^^
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This is just stunning, I can't believe I haven't seen this before! :excited: I love the design of the kids, they're adorable. Please do more of them. :thanks:
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Thank you!  

I have done one other pic.
Edna and Tyson by chill13
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He's so adorable and I love that flower. :clap:
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First of all, I love your style! The character designs for the kids, the lighting and shading, everybody's expressions and how they all clearly telegraph the dominant aspects of their personalities, it's just wonderful.

Second off, I NEED THIS!!! And honestly, this would have made for a better sequel than the lackluster one we got. The Incredibles (as in the Parr family) didn't need a continued story, or at least not one that took place virtually immediately after the first movie. The Incredibles 1 did such a phenomenal job developing all the central characters with complete arcs that there was nothing to really develop for the sequel. Nothing that lent itself to a plot comparable in quality to the 1st, at least. They should have either gone with a several-year time skip, when each family member is in a different point in their life (Violet in college, Dash in high school, Jack Jack an elementary schooler who can actually be his own character instead of a sentient plot device), OR focus on the Best family. Honestly, I think I'd prefer the latter.
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Aw.  Thank you so much!  It was a 'super' fun picture to do.  

It would have been GREAT to see another family with a different dynamic.  I did like the sequel but I really think it would have been better, like you said, if there had been some time between the first and second.  Honestly, I think everyone would have liked to see them grown up a bit.  But I can see why they didn't in some ways.  They really did want to address the family's reaction to Jack Jack and they wanted to deal with the fact that supers were still illegal.  But what i wanted to see in the movie that they DID make was more of the new supers.  I was actually pretty disappointed how little we got to see of them.  I was hoping there would be some training for them since they were such newbs.  

Ah. well. I did enjoy it.  But I think there were so many ways it could have been better, you know?
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I will see what I can do. :)
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