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Rover took a deep breath and smiled to himself.  The market of any planet was always his favorite place.  It was a buffet for the senses.  The busy bustling of patrons, the shouts of the shopkeepers selling their wares, the occasional street performer sang, danced or turned himself inside out.  A million different colors dazzled the eyes, from bright fabrics to rainbow crystals that painted everything around them.  For his oversized nose ever breath told of cooking meat, fresh fruit, a puff of swirling spices, a whiff of perfume.  And then there was touch.  He always had to touch.  Exotic flowers, soft or spiky, leather and fur from animals all across the sector, a slimy goo with phosphorescent lights.  

And then there was the pyramid of fruit.  It was perhaps twice as tall as himself, a tower of colorful little balls that smelled sweet and crisp.  They were slick and shiny, almost as if they had some sort of film on the skin.  

"Tasty?"  Trigger asked from where he perched on Rover's shoulder.

"Shall we find out?"  Rover asked the little creature with a grin.  He leaned back, looking for the owner of the little stall.  "Hey, how much are...."  He plucked a blue fruit out of the pile...and never finished his sentance.  The stack disolved around him, little colorful balls bouncing in every direction, some shooting high into the air and fairly bounding down the street.

People shouted in surprise at the sudden rain as the fruit boinged into their wares, knocking things over and bouncing off of roofs.

"Boing!"  Trigger said.  "Oops."

Rover grimaced, looked at the fruit in his hand, placed it on the ground, turned around and tried to look casual as he walked away."Act natural, Trigger."  He stepped up his pace a little and began an innocent whistle.

(Rover and Trigger belong to me)

used this texture: Stained Glass Pebble Texture 1 by FantasyStock

 No Swearing by John-AM
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" bad..." Stammered K'tral, wringing his tail in his metallic claws.
FeatherQuilt88's avatar
HAHAHA!! :rofl: Love it!! Adorable picture (I just love Rover's expression/pose), and the story was a bite-sized delight! :D
chill13's avatar
Thanks so much!  I really enjoyied doing this one.  
This is one of Rover's most often used tactics.  "act casual and maybe no one will notice"
FeatherQuilt88's avatar
Ah yes, and of course, as every good cartoon(ish) character knows, nothing is more casual than prancing around looking up at the sky and whistling. :D
KatysCornerTx's avatar
Chaos would result if my dad and Rover ever met.  My dad loves to touch stuff, too.
chill13's avatar
Ha ha! Yep. Rover just can't keep his hands off things. Shiny, colorful, fuzzy, he just can't resist.
ChrystalK's avatar
Haha! Sounds like something Rover might have done before if he knows that he'll have to make a quick getaway!

The smooth look of the coloring on this really captures the scene. Rover's walking away, trying to keep things calm before he gets himself into a worse situation.

Love the dialouge! Especially Trigger at the end; "Boing! Oops."
chill13's avatar
Yep! Nanchalance is generally his first ploy. But that doesn't always work, of course. ;p Yeah, I have a feeling he's going to get chased in a couple seconds.
ChrystalK's avatar
XD And the he'll offer them trinkets that they really don't need to get out of trouble...
chill13's avatar
Ha ha! Yep. You know him well!
ChrystalK's avatar
It's hard not to get to know him. He's just such a likeable guy. :XD:
LaDeary's avatar
Haha, just walk away slowly. :XD: Even though everyone probably saw that.
chill13's avatar
Yep.  That's his stratagy half the time.  :D  Sometimes it actually works.
LaDeary's avatar
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Yay! Glad you like it,
chill13's avatar
Thank you so much! It was a really fun pic. :)
TheRompinBlackCat's avatar
balls.............I LUV BALLS!
chill13's avatar
Fun, bouncy fruits! :D
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Reminds me something that similar happened to our market here. Heheh. My sister accidentally bump on one of the veggies displayed, thought it was okay but the basket got caught on her skirt then bang. Onions and garlic spread all over. That is embarrassing but good thing the vendors are kind enough not to ask a payment coz I didn't brought extra money that time. Heheh.

But also there some circumstances that happened same as to Rover's but just mild.
Hahah. Silly Rover. :)
chill13's avatar
Ha ha ha! Oh, wow! Yep, basically the same thing. :D
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