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Genetic Attraction 8
    “Ludge!  Hey! You’ll never guess the humdinger I’ve got to tell you!”  Rover let go of the bark and let himself drop several feet to the dock, his boots clunking on the wood.  He ran over to his shuttle that hoovered inches above the water.
    The slug shut off the suction and pressed a button that began to roll up the massive hose from the water.  He rolled his one red eye in Rover’s direction. “You’re joining the Glubgarus Mudbathers cult to fix that pasty complexion.”
    “Nope!  Even better!”
    His eyelid lowered to the level of annoyed boredom.  “You are really a space vortex and are finally ready to devour us all.”
    “Aw!  Come on!  You ain't even tryin’!”
    “I've been sucking up this water for a good couple hours now
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Velociraptor's Treasure by chill13 Velociraptor's Treasure :iconchill13:chill13 15 10 Raptors and Sweaters by chill13 Raptors and Sweaters :iconchill13:chill13 33 31 Digital Commissions by chill13 Digital Commissions :iconchill13:chill13 7 42 WHERE...? by chill13 WHERE...? :iconchill13:chill13 35 35 Pachy colors by chill13 Pachy colors :iconchill13:chill13 8 25 Steve by chill13 Steve :iconchill13:chill13 31 32
Genetic Attraction 7
    The banquet hall was full again but it was far from the joyous party that had brightened the room earlier that day.  Nearly a hundred people that sat around the tables hugging whimpering children or leaning on each other for emotional support, or stared listlessly at their food.  They had lost everything. But it wasn’t all hopelessness. Jssfloon were coming in the doors with bags of clothes and other needed objects and organizing them against the back wall.
    Once Kya was satisfied that everyone who had once lived on the fallen branch was present she stood up at the front of the room.  All conversations stopped as the downturned faces of the now homeless looked up at her hopefully.
    “My friends.”  Her warm eyes moved over the room, touching everyone there.  “I know you have lost so much today. But you are not alone. As you can see…”  She mo
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Inktober: Jolt by chill13 Inktober: Jolt :iconchill13:chill13 15 52
OUTLAWED: Chapter 18
     It had been nearly an hour since their wild chase yet the small group of fugitives and one disgruntled prince still trudged through the dark, tangled forest, their steps eerily silent on the soft carpeted ground.  Though the air was slightly cooler in the shade of the layers upon layers of vines there was an oppressive humidity there that was lacking in the sun-baked desert of the city.
    “Where exactly are we going?”  Yrch demanded. He was a color of pale green as his annoyed gaze flicked from Rover to their spiky surroundings.
    “Right now?  As far from that ball of crumpled aluminum as a fellah can get.” Without missing a step Rover took off his hat and wiped the small rivers of sweat off his forehead. Boy was he gonna need a bath soon as he got out of this mess.  Nana would never let him back in the ship smelling like this. “See, I figure by the time they find the thing we
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HHH Bottle by chill13 HHH Bottle :iconchill13:chill13 12 13 Inktober Swollen by chill13 Inktober Swollen :iconchill13:chill13 20 32 Inktober: Guarded by chill13 Inktober: Guarded :iconchill13:chill13 12 16 Inktober: Cruel by chill13 Inktober: Cruel :iconchill13:chill13 22 40 Inktober: Precious by chill13 Inktober: Precious :iconchill13:chill13 36 35 Inktober: Star by chill13 Inktober: Star :iconchill13:chill13 12 34


Daily Paint 2186. Teacock by Cryptid-Creations Daily Paint 2186. Teacock :iconcryptid-creations:Cryptid-Creations 3,226 65 Wind Turbine by Ambilina Wind Turbine :iconambilina:Ambilina 20 8
The 30 day Dinovember challenge
As some of us may already know, there have been various posts about the 30 day Dinovember and just for the ones who don't know I'm posting the challenge.
Day 1: Favourite theropod
Day 2: Favourite sauropod
 Day 3: Favourite ornithopod
 Day 4: Favourite overall dinosaur
 Day 5: Favourite maniraptoran
 Day 6: Favourite ceratopsian
 Day 7: Favourite bird
 Day 8: A Dinosaur With Generally Accurate Features Stylized In A Few Different Ways
 Day 9: A Hybrid of Any Two Dinosaurs
 Day 10: A Dinosaur Sleeping
 Day 11: A Dinosaur Family
 Day 12: A Dinosaur Playing
 Day 13: Wild Speculation
 Day 14: Dinosaur Love. Courtship or Mating or Something.
 Day 15: Make Up A Believable Dinosaur
 Day 16: A Dinosaur Restored 2 or 3 Different Plausible Ways (eg. Different Levels of Feathering, etc).
 Day 17: Restore A Modern Bird in the Manner of Inaccurate Outdated Paleoart. Or Like a Jurassic Park Dinosaur.
 Day 18: A Dinosaur
:iconmartiitram:Martiitram 28 18
The dream of being an owl by IsisMasshiro The dream of being an owl :iconisismasshiro:IsisMasshiro 2,141 357 Tyrannosaurus hatchling - plushies by IsisMasshiro Tyrannosaurus hatchling - plushies :iconisismasshiro:IsisMasshiro 1,732 576 Skrill, baby! by DolphyDolphiana Skrill, baby! :icondolphydolphiana:DolphyDolphiana 180 13 Awi and Pip - Walkcycle by AnimatedBeing Awi and Pip - Walkcycle :iconanimatedbeing:AnimatedBeing 51 9 Inktober 09 Precious by emmalazauski Inktober 09 Precious :iconemmalazauski:emmalazauski 140 5 Inktober 2018: Day 9 - Precious by Xaolin26 Inktober 2018: Day 9 - Precious :iconxaolin26:Xaolin26 22 11 Rosie bird sketch by Xaolin26 Rosie bird sketch :iconxaolin26:Xaolin26 21 2 Inktober 2018: Day 8 - Star by Xaolin26 Inktober 2018: Day 8 - Star :iconxaolin26:Xaolin26 17 13 Inktober 2018: Day 5 - Chicken by Xaolin26 Inktober 2018: Day 5 - Chicken :iconxaolin26:Xaolin26 9 4 Spinosaurus aegyptiacus by Zombiraptor Spinosaurus aegyptiacus :iconzombiraptor:Zombiraptor 147 29 My Brain and I - Song by Artbymoga My Brain and I - Song :iconartbymoga:Artbymoga 523 52 After the Rain by Wolfskuss After the Rain :iconwolfskuss:Wolfskuss 788 59 Dilophosaurus by Versiris Dilophosaurus :iconversiris:Versiris 168 3


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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Favourite genre of music: Oldies, Classical, old cowboy songs
Favourite style of art: Realistic, cartoon, Anime, abstract
Wallpaper of choice: Paint, in multiple colors.
Skin of choice: Mine. I'm kinda used to it.
Personal Quote: I am where I am today. Why I do not know. Somone tell me where I am so I'll know where to go!
I've been trying really REALLY hard to get some stuff up on my youtube channel lately.  So here's another sketchbook tour.  Hope you like.


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AshleyxBrooke Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2018  Hobbyist Photographer
Hey there! :la:

Nice art :wow:  If you're ever looking to share your work with other people, live, you should check out #ThumbHub on dAmn (Did you know we had a chat system!? A lot of people don't :( ) We get a lot of great artists popping in to share their work and it varies from Traditional art, to photography, to poetry :) Also a great place to gain more exposure for your art AND to make some new friends xx

Hope to see you there some time :heart:

Rebel-Rider Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2018   General Artist
I couldn't remember if you saw this and I found it in my faves. 

If you can't eat it... by IsisMasshiro  
chill13 Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
I have seen this picture! And I love it so much! It's hilarious and honestly I could see This happening in real life. This artist is amazing!
Rebel-Rider Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2018   General Artist
I was looking through my faves and I was like, "Hmm, Chill would like this, but did I see it in her faves and fave it or get it somewhere else? Oh well, if she faved it, she might still like being reminded."
chill13 Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
I always like looking at this again.  I actually wouldn't mind buying a print of this pic....and I never buy prints.

He does another one.  Let me see if I can find it.....aaaand after fifteen minutes:
Epic duel by IsisMasshiro
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Fantasy-Fashionista Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Since Kuzco's one of your favorite Disney characters, I found a pic with him in steampunk clothing :D

Disney steampunk: Kuzco by MecaniqueFairy
chill13 Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
OH! That's fantastic! I love it. It fits him so well! He really is an underrated character. Makes me laugh every time, that's for sure
Fantasy-Fashionista Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
:D Yeah, very underrated. He is a very hilarious character~ :D He's so sassy too, lol.
Rebel-Rider Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2018   General Artist
Now the current book I'm reading has an MC who gets her mind read by an alien, so I keep thinking of an RP idea with Travis.
chill13 Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Ha ha.  Yeah.  He has a problem with that.
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