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MMD Tutorial: SemiStandard Bones for PMD Editor

By Chilkad
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Plugin download: SemiStandardBones

If you don't have "User" in your PMD, you can put plugin in "System" folder as well.
But if still the plugin is not showing in PMD, maybe you'll need to download newer version than 0.6.3 PMD.

*If it still doesn't work then try downloading my customized PMD already with this plugin in > PMD with SemiStandard bones + customs

*These bones rig automatically, but you'll probably have to fix rigging yourself, it's never perfect.

EDIT! The 6th box where I said it's center bone, it's in fact GROOVE bone! My bad, sorry. I didn't notice the difference, but now I see you can add with this plugin a groove bone :F

Edit2: 5th is the actual groove bone and 6th is another useful waist bone
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Dl don't work, can you give me other link?(im from russia sorry for my bad english)

JerisEnigma's avatar

No PMDe version? :(

Chilkad's avatar

PMD is obsolete, everyone uses PMX as it offers more.

JerisEnigma's avatar

Do you not have a copy of the old version anyway?

Chilkad's avatar

Seems like I don't, sorry

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It doesn't show me the dl, how can I download it, when it doesn't show the DL button?

Chilkad's avatar
W opisie jest link do mojego'a gdzie możesz pobrać plugin
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I get the error: Object reference not set to an instance of an object, how do I fix this?
Chilkad's avatar
I am sorry, but unfortunately I don't know. There could be some issues with bones.
You should check PMX diagnostic/error window, translate where it says (Bad!) from jap > eng in Google translate and try to fix them all
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where is the pmx diagostic error window , sry i just got the software :(

purpleguyandpinkie's avatar
the tab where you opened the plugin was grayed out for me... and also when i open pmx editor a whole lot of pop ups appear saying this dll is missing :( (Sad) Sweating a little...... 
Hibiscus-Lime's avatar
I sometimes just delete unnesessary bones and it works... but it sometimes crashes mmd
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Actually, a friend helped me fix the problem.

I have both an English and Japanese pmx editor, I tried to use these plugins and both programs rejected t  
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Do you take rigging requests? My computer doesn't like to handle any of the plugins ;-; the bones on my dude are messed up
MusicRevU's avatar
Puro's not one for that. I can offer to help but I can't do it for free. I can do points for it depending on the complexity of it all.
8-BitPancakes's avatar
I have a question! My model doesn't have the upper spine bone, but the upper spine bone will not add to the model. What do I do?
Chilkad's avatar
Maybe it actually has it, but it's hidden so it can't replace the bone
8-BitPancakes's avatar
Oh, okay! How can I look at that?
latifacat's avatar
click grey botton on left botton of pmx software ?
AquamarinePeridot's avatar
Hang on, there's a problem, I just got PMXEditor, and I can't seem to get into the Plug-ins tab
Sinamuna's avatar
Okay, so. What about PMX models already equipped with rotation bones, motherbones, and groovebones? How do you fix the arm glitches then? I've seen other tutorials on that issue but they make no god damn sense. It's frustrating...
MMD Help Needed: X-rotation Bones by Sinamuna  
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Try to check your hidden bone.
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