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The Loud House

I like this show. Its been a while since I liked a nick show.
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im listing to remember everything by five finger death puch luna loud rock on :headbang::headbang:

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ROCK ON YALLL ROCK ON LINCOLN AND LUNA IM listing to remember everything by five finger death punch ITS MY FAV ROCK ON

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This is probably one of the most beautiful pieces of Loud House Artwork out there. One that captures all the personalities of the characters so well, in such an amazing more realistic art style.

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Nice job. I should literally email the company (who manufactures the antenna) to replace MeTV (bad channel) with Nickelodeon so that I should literally watch The Loud House 24/7.

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A few flaws but they mean nothing as this looks like it could be from a anime version of the series

I’m impressed, great job

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gone away yea yea yea land it fele.s like hevans. so far away

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i like the loud.s who are the real people better thean the cartoon.s

Love how photorealistic the Louds look. They look less like cartoons and more like real people.

Also Lucy is hidden in the back.

Could you guys imagine if someone would adapt "Requiem For A Loud" into a comic with this level of Artwork?

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Looks Great, This is actually Really Good

This has to be the most beautiful artwork of the Loud Siblings I've ever seen.
Really impressing, this style is amazing on the characters of the loud house :)
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The Loud siblings. Or should I say, Loudheads.
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not really I don't think
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I gotta love the picture. Well done, my friend.
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This is awesome!

Definitely my new favorite Nicktoon.
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That's a pretty rad animation style, props :)
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