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Stormy Weather - Marmotic by childrensillustrator, visual art

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We're a club for Children's Illustrators, that means people who illustrate for children. Professional Children's Book Illustrators are welcomed as well as students, amateurs and everyone fond of drawing for kids.

If you'd like to know more about our little group you can read our Rules and Guidelines. If you'd like to join us, simply send us a note.

We love to illustrate! Do you?


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Traditional and Digital skills along with a high childish sensitive mood.
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Children's book Illustrations
Hello dear members! We decided it's time to let go. Let go of this club that has been on "life support" for a very, very long time now and give our full attention to the projects we feel need us more. It was great being here, seeing your beautiful illustrations and your take on themes. :heart: Here's a HUGE thank you to those few of you that kept the club going for so long. You kept us going. :hug: :heart: We shall log in from time to time and submit your deviations so all is not lost yet, but there won't be any new topics from now on. Last Monthly Topic: Farewell! Will it be a happy or a sad one? Let us know. New theme will start from
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Hello dear members! :heart: A few last minute submissions and we are in February! Thank you Marmotic (, veryverystrawberry ( and boOnsai ( for submitting to January topic. :heart: This time we have something different up our sleeves for you. Monthly Topic: Vivid! Let's see what "vivid" brings out from us. Happy creating! New theme will start from February 1st (your deviation must be submitted on or after February 1st). This must be a brand new and finished children's illustration, NO DOODLE and NO SKETCH accepted! Since as of April 2013, all previous topics are now open, when you send us your note with the deviation please refe
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Hello dear members! :heart: Busy December is finally behind us and New Year is well on it's tracks already. We hope you got a lot of drawing and painting supplies and that you are all eager to start participating here again. There was only one entry for December's topic so we were a bit disappointed to put it mildly. We sure hope this month - even if there's a bit less time - will be more fruit-full. Let's illustrate! Monthly Topic: Stormy Weather! We chose the second runner up from our last poll and we hope it'll get more love than the winner did. New theme will start from January 13th (your deviation must be submitted on or after Janu
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So sad to see this group closed :(
Is there a chance to reopen it?
Is there another group that gives out topics for children's illustrators to work on and share art?
If so, I'd be interested too!
Aww, I'm too late. Grr.  too bad this group is now close. I'm currently working as a children's illustrator and I'm new here in Deviantart. Is there any chance the group will become active again in the future? 
wow why close the group ?? anything i can do to help ? I started drawing for fun and somehow stumbled on this group and 1 year later started working as a children's illustrator .. 
now i have tons of published books all over the world thanks to this group . .i can be an admin if that is needed  .. i 'm not working this year to work on my personal projects .. haven't been active on deviant art though cos of work 
(I'm going to write in spanish because I'm talking about an event in my country... sorry)

Queridos Ilustradores y amantes de libros infantiles!
(Dato para Buenos Aires)

Quería contarles que hoy fuí a la muestra "Elsa Bornemann ilustrada" que está en la Biblioteca Nacional del Congreso (Adolfo Alsina al 1835) Hay una exposición (pequeña, pero hermosa) de diferentes ilustraciones a partir de Cuentos de nuestra queridísima Elsa Bornemann. Para todos aquellos que hayan disfrutado que sus padres les leyeran una historia cuando niños, hayan leido por su cuenta o ustedes les hayan leido a algun niño, quería recomendarles se dieran una vueltita. La Muestra es de lunes a viernes (creo que de 9 a 20) y ya sólo queda una semana en exposición.
Si quieren volver un ratito a la infancia o inspirarse un poco les recomiendo vayan porque yo me volvi a sentir niña por un ratito.
Un abrazo a todos <3

My name is Anna and I'm currently working on an interactive, multi device, digital kids book. The story is an urban take on Stone Soup. It's a new kind of children’s popup book to be experienced across a tablet and a smartphone. Each page of text is accompanied by a dynamic illustration that can be modified by content and gestural use of the smartphone. So for example, it's snowing on the first page of the book and the reader can pour snow from the handheld device onto the tablet below, where 3 raccoons are pictured (along with the story text). I am a designer and programmer and I am seeking an illustrator to work on this project ASAP. I also have a budget. No technical skills needed but the timeline for the project is only 12 weeks.

To inquire about the project, email