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Belle by IrenHorrors
Jane Eyre by AbigailLarson
Little Red and the Wolf by AbigailLarson
Samara and the Burning Tree by AbigailLarson
Traditional Media
Trap and Screech by RottenPocket
Still Thoughts by AnguisPoetica
An Unconventional Relationship by RottenPocket
Like Minds by ramkumariyer
Digital Media
Kindred by NexDulcifer
Mon by Spinewinder
Well, hello there... by StrangeRaven
The chase by DavidSanchezart
Collage, Lithograph, Unusual Media

Mature Content

Das letzte Lied by tumaan
Children of the Black Moon by offermoord
ID 2014 by Phronemophobiaa
#Diadoxia by ChronoSyndrome

Mature Content

El rio que fluye del Talocan a Mictlan by AVirusErothanatoguru
Son of Bat Boy Joins the Circus by bbyoung1971
Dispersion of the Word 'Infinity' by CarlaCmr
Necrocomicon by bbyoung1971
What's On The Menu? by surreal1st1cp1llow
Broke by Reddawgi
Owl by marbrure
Steampunk 02 by AbArTick
Remembering the Raven by Queen-Kitty
Prelude by AbArTick
Blue Times by AbArTick
Mindfuck by ramkumariyer
Friendship with the curses by ramkumariyer
In search of peace by ramkumariyer
002 by hannahmaillet
The Written Word
Other Artforms
Gothic choker with blue accents by xNatje
Imago - Mater Terribilis by GaiaTempe
The Eternal Mystery by DelaneyLaFae
Ten masks by Lijj
Temporary Holding Area
NUIT I by Kteis-Art

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Welcome to our cabinet of curiousity

Elegant. Dark. Surreal. Imaginative. Poetic. Delicate. Ethereal. Lugubrious. Somber. Decadent. Rococo. Innocent. Curious. Wild. Antique. Fragile. Joyful. Melancholic.

These words weave the symphonies of our singular souls. We cherish the night, the moon, and her lovely stars. We ponder the stillness of the past and the beauty of the moment. We live in the shadows, puppet theaters of curiosity and wonder. Our poetry, our art fills the winding labyrinths of forgotten fairy tales. We run free under solitary skies, amongst the mystery of the dark and the divinity of the day. We are children, living in our hidden worlds, our imaginations drowning us in phantasmagoric wonder. Invisible flowers intoxicate us in reveries of enchanted sorrow. We are not afraid of the dark, we embrace it because we know that it lives in harmony with the light. We ask questions, from simple and childlike to philosophical and profound. We long for knowledge, for shadows, for elegance. We dance with words, with images, with ideas and emotions. We paint our pain, we compose our euphoria. We are not ashamed to be different, because it is there where true human beauty is found. We are artists, daydreamers, moonstruck romantics, inquisitive children. We are all of these because we live within that fragile, lucid land where the infinity of the mind meets the eternity of the universe...

This group is for anyone with a love of dark, imaginative, or childlike stories, movies, drawings, manga/anime etc. This is also a place for lovers of Tim Burton, Lewis Caroll, Roald Dahl, Edward Gorey, Shel Silverstein, Harry Clarke, Guilliermo del Toro or any other artists with strange yet fascinating styles.

This is also a group for anyone with a love of the artistic genres: Surrealism, Symbolism, Romanticism.... We also welcome admirers of Steam-punk, Clock-punk, Gothic Lolita (all Lolita styles), Neo-Victorianism, Dark Romanticism ... anything elegant, dark, imaginative, or decadent.

This is a group for anyone who loves to dream, Any child stuck in a grownup's body, Anyone still enchanted by fairy tales, Any admirer of dark but delicate art, anyone with their head in the clouds. Anyone belatedly afflicted with the mal du siecle!

We are the Children of the Moon.

*Note: Group icon image (two-faced woman) is from the logo of the "Metamorphose" collection of the French book publisher Soleil. I do not own the image. I admit all rights to the creator/owners of the image.*

:police: Just a small update. Submissions are now limited to 1 per day. Thank you for your understanding.

:police: Just another small update. Before submitting an artwork, please stop and consider whether it fits within the overall theme of the group. If it does not, then the likeliness of it being rejected increases. That being said please feel free to contact us about any submission, as we like to think we are reasonable people and are open to discussion.
As you may know, we are a themed group.  While we try not to be overly strict in evaluation of artwork submitted, we have and will vote down submission we fill does not go well with the overall theme.  That being said, there is one area we have been seriously lacking this discipline in the acceptance policy.  :no: We, the admins, have found ourselves having trouble voting down on a submission when staring at the faces of our members.  This has left the "Photography" gallery in shambles.

"…some of the single portraits/deviant IDs; most are agreeably dark, but borderline acceptable theme-wise."

Therefore, over then next week or so, we will be going through a review of the previous submissions and removing those we feel do not go well.  Please try to not feel offended if we remove a beloved picture.  If you really feel that it belongs, please tells us and we may reconsider.  We are mortal, well most of us, and we are not beyond making mistakes in judgement.

There is somewhat of a consensus that a photograph being dark, alone is not enough.  We would like to see some creativity, with elements of the fanciful and that of the surreal.  We want to see what lies deep withing your imagination.  

:eager:Show us that inner child that fears to step out into the sunlight.
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