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self portrait with ink..mmm...

To keep myself from going to sleep in the middle of the day, I started this. 'tis moi!
I was planning to do something like this, with ink washes, for a while, and today seemed like the best day to do it.
Took me 5 hours and done with ink and a wee little paintbrush!
there are many things I don't like about it, but for my first ink portrait, it's pretty darn good, if i do say so myself.
I forgot to draw in my eyebrow ring...what a daft person i am :p
Was supposed to lay horizontal, but I thought it looked much MUCh better this way up.
Enough of my crap, go forth and mingle!
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Beautiful ! I really like this drawing ...
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Nice work! We featured this on our blog: [link]
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Wonderful! Congrats!!
Chicken-Priestess's avatar
This is simply gorgeous <3 amazing work
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Dam stunning, makes me want to work with ink, any tips
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its a very nice work, light and shading are well done, but i have to agree with the fingers =)
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Beautiful rich modeling you achieved with the ink washes. Thumbs up!
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thank you so much! glad you like it :)
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Amazing! I always suck with any kind of art that has to do with water but here you controlled it very well. Keep up the great work~
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Ive never seen a drawing like this. I dont even know how you did that! I love love it though ;)
Extremely amazing.
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Haha thanks so much :) sometimes I wonder how I did it, since I can't reproduce it in any way :P
Thanks for your kind words :) I'm glad you like it
nice work

i was wondering how you got the gradient wash with the ink?did you use a thick brush and dilute the ink with water? my inkin always comes out solid and i need to hatch to create gradient.
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Hey thanks for the comment!
to get that gradient for the face, i soak my brush in ink and then dilute it (which probably wastes ink but ah well haha), test is on a scrap of paper and then paint a very light basic shade. then repeat the process, making layers as i go.
With the background i wasn't sure how to do large spaces, so I wet the paper first and used lightly siluted ink and swept over it with a bigger brush.
Hope that made sense!
Glad you like it :)
cool, i'll try that out. thanks for the advice;)
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no worries! good luck and have fun with it :D
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really your first work with ink? can't believe it, it looks so expressive, very very well done!
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I think this one is particluarly good because you went with the flow rather than controlling everything about it!
Very nice! Very pieceful!
Lainiexox's avatar
Hello, I just featured your lovely art in my latest journal: [link] :aww:
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wow, thank you so much :) thats very sweet of you, and i'm glad you like my picture :)
and thanks for faving it :)
Lainiexox's avatar
No problem. It inspired me to go out and buy some ink and try doing a portrait as well. :) (It's still in progress).
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Really loving the mood and feel!

I've just started inking recentley and this is a great inspiration : )
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