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Zombie RoyEd

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Colored it :XD:

Done for ~forgetandforgive21 for catching my latest kiriban :heart:

FMA + ZOMBIES = my newest obsession. Fuck yeah.
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now that's true love, 
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Jayde-AirsHobbyist Digital Artist
Well. That's disturbing. And awesome. And fricking amazing like oh my God how do you do it? That's so awesome!
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TrueBlueTardisHobbyist General Artist
So, this is how zombies fuck. Okay.
BlackAlpha99's avatar
BlackAlpha99Hobbyist Traditional Artist
oh god
Amblerrone's avatar
It's actually kind of hot.
Camoline's avatar
Congrats, you have made me feel sick... but after a while you get used to it xD AWESOME! And the facial expressions! Now let me go throw up.
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makaalbarn42Hobbyist Artist
o-o i wants to make this a wall scroll. if i knew how. maybe ill just print it if we ever get ink..
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This just totally grossed me out but I love it!!
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Sea-Salt-ChildHobbyist Digital Artist
Must. Favorite. Before. Eyes. Start. To. Bleed.
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SayWhatNarutoHobbyist Traditional Artist
I look at this the 1st time: Awwwww gross! :puke:

2nd time: Hmm... This is kinda cool... I like the eyes...

3rd time: MUST FAVORITE!!!! :heart:
watermeloneatsurking's avatar
watermeloneatsurkingStudent Artist
The intestines look a little too big. Or is that the colon?
I like.
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BlorosaHobbyist Digital Artist
Yeurk X_x I'm gonna sick...
Naruslittlewolf's avatar
....I completely creeped out...

However I cant look away from it and now studting the details.....

I am creeped out even more cuz I think this is awesome on epic levels.

This. Is. So. Great.

Why do i think this?
Whats wrong with me?
ExplosionAlchemist's avatar
mmm. Flesh and Blood Yummy! Great job very creepy
kwun-kwun's avatar
kwun-kwunStudent General Artist
That's how you show someone you REALLY love them <:l
Bazooka-Banzai's avatar
Bazooka-BanzaiHobbyist General Artist
awesomely insane!!! xD
TheSaffronPhoenix's avatar
TheSaffronPhoenixHobbyist Traditional Artist
It's awesome.. and gross... but awesome! I like zombies anyways. I keep saying that if the world is going to end in 2012, at least give me zombies xD Zombie Apocalypse, huzzah!!

All your work is great, btw!
sparkyqueen's avatar
sparkyqueenHobbyist General Artist
vaguely disturbed...
also slightly nauseated

this, my reaction to it aside, is very good XD
DefaultGrl13's avatar
DefaultGrl13Hobbyist Traditional Artist
This is the most amazingly disgusting thing I've ever seen. I THINK IT'S AMAZING.
It hurts to look at it 8D
ChildOfPuck's avatar
XD that tends to be the popular opinion...

DefaultGrl13's avatar
DefaultGrl13Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Haha, it was a compliment, sorry X3
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