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Samurai FMA

By ChildOfPuck
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:iconhiliminarious: convinced me that I needed to finish this and make prints of it for AX. I'll probably touch it up some more before making prints, but for now I'm sick of working on it and wanted to post something.
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He even as the pict of his daughter!
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CarboMcocoStudent General Artist
Holy cow that's awesome.
Naruslittlewolf's avatar
I think i just died a little from the awesome.

I want a pin up for my wall.

They are AWESOME Samurai.
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Lady-KoisukiStudent General Artist
.......OMG......Edward doesn't have automail!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ChildOfPuck's avatar
Nope! He sure doesn't <3
Lady-Koisuki's avatar
Lady-KoisukiStudent General Artist
Roy looks really good as a samurai :heart:

LOL Hughes and his daughter's photo!
EmberTheVaatiFangirl's avatar
EmberTheVaatiFangirlHobbyist General Artist
of COURSE roy looks a fangirl! jk haganechan!
Lady-Koisuki's avatar
Lady-KoisukiStudent General Artist
That's not very funny...
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DreyaCiraHobbyist General Artist
I love that Hughes' sword has a picture of Elysia on the handle. Nothing like being reminded of your adorable young daughter while cutting people up! But everyone looks very awesome in this picture. *loves*
ChildOfPuck's avatar
lol, thanks!
jamestalbertkirk's avatar
I'd buy a print. Haha :D
ChildOfPuck's avatar
I think I have a couple left if you want it. I'll just give it to you, no need to buy <3
jamestalbertkirk's avatar
reeally?? that would rock, thanks!! :D <3
Graywolf22's avatar
Love the Elysia at the end of Hughes' sword xD
FrEaK-fOr-FaNtAsY's avatar
FrEaK-fOr-FaNtAsYHobbyist General Artist
Oh! Smexy Samurai guys..... I could just eat them up! :)
Scarletsparrow's avatar
This pleases me.
Ashido-kano's avatar
nice concept!
Etmmatrix's avatar
Hahaha! Cool!
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HyperthiaHobbyist General Artist
Aww! Hughes has got a little pic of Elysia! (sp? My brain just farted)

I can't really put my finger on it, but it feels like something is missing. Maybe it's because the background is so close in color to their skin tones, it looks a bit flat. Of course, I hardly ever know what I'm talking about, so... ^^;

Mmmm... Hughes' shoulder. :drool: Too bad he's unavailable. :(
I don't think I'm ready to help raise a kid anyways.
ChildOfPuck's avatar
Haha, I was just telling someone who wanted me to SHORTEN the depth that I thought it looked too flat to begin with! :XD: Great minds think alike, huh? In any case, I completely agree with you.

Thanks! See you at AX, y/n?
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HyperthiaHobbyist General Artist
I want to go to AX! It just depends on my work schedule. I need to check the site and see if they'll sell tickets at the door, because I really can't make a commitment right now. Gotta pay the bills, man! :(
I might get a free day though :D
Xx-Bunny-sama-xX's avatar
hughes-san~ :heart: it
Okiraka-Senpai's avatar
its like FMA plus RuruKen!!!

<3 i luvs it!!!!!!!!
Gyakutengrl's avatar
Haha, this is kick-ass! Are you going to be in the artists' alley at AX?
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