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Mafia Boss Roy

By ChildOfPuck
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~Ninja-Newsie-of-Fire caught my latest kiriban and requested "a mafia boss Roy". I hope this is what she meant :XD:

...Also, I hate smoking... but something about Mustang with a cigar seems incredibly hot to me. Mmph.

[EDIT] Does this look really freakin' dark to anyone else? I swear it wasn't this dark when I painted it. Is it too hard to see?
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Officejet J4500 series
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Awesome sauce~ I think it looks good dark
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mmmmmmmmm make me an offer I cant refuse hot stuff.
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BA. That's all I have to say. Effin BA.
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The way that one eye stares sexily out from under a jaunty fedora sets me on FIRE.

Roy's good at that. :heart:

You kick ass. *GLOMP*
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what a wonderful work of yours !
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Wow!! Haha Roy as Mafia boss, Roy good.... Nice!! Xx
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Nah, it's not too hard to see. It's perfect. This is totally hot. I hate smoking as well, and I can't stand to be around people smoking, but this is just awesome. His eye is the best. And that hat!
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Lol I guess you could say it's... SMOKING -shot-
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very well drawn he looks cool as a Mafia boss.

also out of curiosity do you take request?
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*nosebleeds* Hottest thing I've seen all week. :'D
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hehe don't miss your payments ;)
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Maybe I want to, if it means he'll come callin' :heart:
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that looks great! roy looks good with a cigar ;D
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Oh my gosh! I had been looking for a picture of Roy with a fedora forever and couldn't find one and then I found this and its just AMAZING :highfive: Great work! I hope to see more of it :D
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I love you! I absolutely LOVE YOU! Thank you so much! :worship: :love:

It is exactly what I meant! My favorite bits are Mustang`s eye and the fedora.
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YAAY! I'm so glad you like it :aww:
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ROFL XD that's great XD
(easy to see btw X3)
wowwwwwwwwww : o wowwwwwwwww . . . i haz no other words for it X3 . . . besides awesomeness of course XD lol
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