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:iconpyroluminescence: caught my last kiriban and requested this.

I really don't know the full story (which I believe Pyro is still working on...?) behind this... other than Hughes needs to feed off of Mustang, and Roy-boy is rather less than thrilled about it.

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This reminds me of True Blood for some reason...
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ChildOfPunk...You are an amazing artist....yet your very twisted(in a good way) and you have made this girl, who usually does not prefer yoei(hope I spelled that right), LOVE this.
I'm crept out yet turn on by this....Awkward 

Damn you!!Panda Emoji-23 (Cry) [V2] 

You really are a great artist! :D
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*take a gun and shoot, shoot and shoot again the homonculi in the head.* Yuck, what a nasty creature. But I can't deny it I'm totally in love with your pics. You're amazing.
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SOO hot *drools*
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Where can I find this fic pleasr 8O
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I don't think it's actually posted anywhere.
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It's =Pyroluminescence's story though. Maybe ask if any of it's actually written...? Cuz I'm really not sure.

Might make Pyro happy to hear that you're interested ^_^
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Sexy, yet there's angst there. I like it :)
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Wow, this is super hot. :O I really love the expressions, particularly Roy's. He looks just so frozen, like he's caught between two conflicting opinions on what's going on. Of course I don't know the full story either.. XD; So this is just speculation. But that's what I see in this picture. But anyway, you did a great job. I just love it. :3
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Thanks very much!
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oh gosh, that's amazing!! the anatomy's really good =] (and i think secretly roy DOES like it... just kidding!) haha great job! =D
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Haha, he probably does :XD:
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but daaayamn, that has to hurt. not a lot of large blood veins on the chest, so he's basically just sucking the skin dry. what a cruel cruel sin!hughes.
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=< He has to vary where he bites since healing takes a while. Mindy did a great job with that. <3

He ain't too cruel, though. There are agents in his saliva that numb the skin quite a bit, so Roy wouldn't feel it too much. ...But yes, OW.

...I guess I feel like responding to other artists' deviation comments today. :D
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THE SEXYNESS! IT BURNS! (in a good way ;))
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:XD: Sexy burning is good. Thanks!
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...I was seriously JUST thinking about this.

When I saw this in my inbox, I had to curl on my stomach to withhold the SQUEE and keep from waking my parents up.

You did terrific, omg. O_O CAPTURED EXPRESSIONS PERFECTLY. AND THAT BITE IS FUCKING SEXY. And the little blood drool. *__* I <3 blood drool. ...Why is this HOT? It should be all ooooh whoa pretty dark creepy shit. But I need new pants. =<

Only thing - the Ouroborus (his, at least) has a brazen serpent/Flamel crest in the center. Kinda what separates Hughes from the typical "homunculus".

But FFFFF I may have to save this for later fapping. O_O ILY.

...And yes, Pyro is still working on it. Pyro is always still working on everything and yet doing nothing. ...Give Pyro a kick in the butt and tell Pyro to work on this? C:
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I did notice the flamel in the ouroboros, but the photo you gave me wasn't of good enough quality for me to reproduce it the way I wanted to, so I just photoshopped in a normal one. I figured that since this was a gift and not a commission that it wouldn't matter much. *shrug*

Glad that you like it otherwise, though.
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It's not a big deal. :XD: I just thought you might appreciate the note. ^^

...And I do NOT like it. I LOVE it. Was seriously pining all day because I didn't have my computer with me. I seriously just... wow. :heart: So much. Seriously. I really want to draw you something as thanks. ^^; Seeing a number in your pageviews doesn't seem like enough to warrant THIS.

...Give me something to cosplay? =)
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Uh... I dunno?

I'm not a big follower of cosplay, so it's your choice. But, really, no need to do anything.
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