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I am not encouraging anyone to use fake names, but this idea came up when I read one article on N'SYNC. How they used to check-in the hotels with their own twisted proxy names. Here are my recommendations.

After a long time i am adding a new journal entry. This time on movies, I thought that will be a cool idea. After surfing a lot on IMDB I came up with a list found on the users' entry. "MOVIES THAT REALY NEED SEQUELS" it's around 40 original movies from 80s to 2012 which i also great for a cool sequel.

Html link is here
It's been a long time, I am doing Photoshop works. After getting into Editing field (FCP) I was completely lost touch with my Adobe Photoshop. In order to get my Color-correction abilities I am revisiting my Old School Photoshop tricks. Blending with my Passion for Movies, I am doing these Fictional MOVIE POSTERS.

And my GOD deviantart got Great Artists. Wow I am incorporating their styles with mine. I want to polish all my skills.. looking forward for getting inspired by others Too.