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Man Of Steel POSTER-3 v1


A very special thanks to
Paul Poppenburg, [Designer]
Rick Davidson, [Designer]

Without their advise I couldn't have done this piece.
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This is just great! I love the design! This really works on so many levels. This poster has the feel of a great movie in it.
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This is another thing!!!! ;)
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I have a little constructive criticism.
Where is the view of the city you should put somewhere the globe on the roof of the Daily Planet.

Jared Padalecki = Superman/Clark Kent (Obvious and very good choice).
Evangeline Lilly = Lois Lane.
Anton Yelchin = Jimmy Olsen (Another very good choice).
Jackie Earle Haley = Lex Luthor?
Thomas Jane = General Zod?
Lena Headey = Kitty Kowalski?
Gemma Arterton = Ursa?
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Actually Thomas Jane as Lex Luthor
and may be Gemma Arterton as Lana Lane

I like Jackie Earle Haley Performance, i wish they MAKE a new character for him specially for the movie, without any comicbook continuity. (Just like what they did for Jigsaw's Brother in PUNISHER WAR-ZONE movie.) May he'll be Lex luthor's cousin, he got killed by Clark, making him archenemy to Lex, something like that.
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I see, I like the idea.
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I love this!! Great job!
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