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9/11 Poster 14th Anniversary by childlogiclabs 9/11 Poster 14th Anniversary by childlogiclabs
9/11 Poster 14th Anniversary
ezseek Featured By Owner Edited Sep 16, 2015
He's not a Dick, it's a test. You get out what you put in to life. Some ask: why do children suffer?, but he asked: What have you done for the children?. Others at the top sold there dream for money cause they have nothing left but darkness, but everyone must soon wake from there nitemare, and trust me, it's better then Obamas nitemare aka his dream he wanted as we look around, but they do see God's Grace now that it's missing, huh?. The people in the planes are there in heaven, and alive and well, but not the money the bad guys sold there souls for when they wake up, it will only be in this nightmare, and no one will care to come back unless it's to save even more, but it's Omega time aka THE END!. It would have been better to go out on a good note, but then there would be no such things as bad guys celebrating like they are, and there for there would be only Hero's, this is why my place on Pinterest is called just that: HERO WORLD!, cause there will be no more bad guys, the ones left will see it's better to be at peace, and the old weapons will be melted down for machines in the fields used grow things. Heaven is almost here, never give up our fall for demons who sold there wings and lives for the cookie, so they can take that cookie and stick it up there Xxx!!!! Listen to Limp Bisket's music, they will tell you how much pain it's been for them. And in a wink, there lives were over. And yes, I do cry and pray for them the most, for no one knows what they would do in that situation till your placed in it, so never judge, be humble, and love one another. Those in pain, rise above it all, for God gave his only son for you, so be stronger and live for him. I to am like you in pain waiting for our true love. Be like Spiderman and renew your Vowels. Å-Men. Life is EZ, for those who SEEK. I am awake, and I can see for miles and miles. :-) And it's good, it's goooood!.
Tony-Antwonio Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
So Spiderman has the spidey sense... He didn't stop the first plane, And he's just sitting there letting the other plane hit.... Spiderman is a dick...
Maewigiwig Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2015
In memory of all the victims and their family.....
That's very touching !
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