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Many things happened for several months, Student council stuffs, School's workfield training, Unforgiving homeworks, etc...
Thanks to those stuffs i can't focus to my drawing anymore, especially my Digital Art.

I don't think everything's done when i'm finish with my workfield training though, all i can say is my drawing sense getting dull.

Also it bugged me to seeing my last journal about several month ago's "Artblock" still showed up in my profile :iconmingplz:
Lately i can't draw properly as i like since my last deviation.
I just don't know why, everytime i draw there's always something wrong. Even after i tried to fix it many times, it just won't do until finally i got tired of it.

Looks like i lost my passion for drawing. I just need a reason to keep drawing.
Yet it seems i can't find one. It feels like i have no future if i keep drawing.

Ohh what kind of journal did i wrote for the first time =w="
I just hope to keep drawing and upload more of my drawings.

Another note, i can't visit dA frequently, i have a very limited internet connections lately. I even can't open my FB everyday, too.