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DDLC Shimeji Pack

By Childish-N
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Finally the group's all here. Due to demand, Sayori got her friends join up.
Additionally settings modified for better movements and behavior, unnecessary image files also removed.

Download links:
Download link
Mirror link

Compatibility version:
- Uses a very old shimeji version.
  > Each jar only runs one Shimeji, so to get all 4 dokis on screen you need to run 4 programs at once.
- Might work with Mac version
- No custom setting. Image set files can be ported to newer, working Shimeji-ee version.

Download link

How to use:
1. Just download the archive file (zip/rar)
3. Run Shimeji-ee.jar / Shimeji.jar
4. Watch the club spend their time in your desktop
5. To look for options, Right-click either shimeji or program icon in taskbar

- You'll need Java installed to run the program.
- As of 1.0.11 version, this pack should work with other shimejis that uses default setting
- Other issues might occured by other cause such as incompatibility. Confirm whether or not you're missing or using outdated version of Java, Shimeji or Windows.

Shimeji-ee is a program by Kilkakon
Doki Doki Literature Club © Team Salvato
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© 2017 - 2021 Childish-N
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Looks nice! But I have a question: How can I delete all the Dokis that appear in my screen?

simplyDeviantfry's avatar

Why is the movement so choppy? I love these but it looks like it's lagging into oblivion.

uwuimdeadinside's avatar

it wont let me open shmeji-ee

KoharuHabu's avatar

they're extremely cute, i hope this isn't a virus :P

loveheart531's avatar

omg i really likee it they r very cutteeeee

jasminelvanh's avatar

*screams in mobile user*

DDLCSayori's avatar

*screams in how do i download this*

nizvana's avatar

Its not letting me download, can someone please help-

DaFriskyBoi69's avatar

The coolest thing is that it has some game sprites.

artexjay's avatar

too bad this doesn't work with java 11

amoldybanana's avatar

is it compatible for Chromebooks?

Koma0w0's avatar
.exe files don't work on Chromebook so sadly no.
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Why are they duplicating
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I had these guys with java 8 version 191 and they worked just fine ( though the only thing was there was an invisible wall on my desktop they would only get stuck on if they jumped on it from the side but never from the top )
i downloaded a 64 bit version of java and uninstalled the og version i had (updated to 8-221 ) and it made everything that uses java big and blurry including the dokis so i reverted back to the version i think i had and everything works kind of normal again except one annoying thing where i think the invisible screen moved so they get stuck when falling from the top of my screen on the side where the invisible window is and sometimes they dont interact with windows like they normally do and get trapped on that window when i close it.
If anyone knows how to help with this problem i'd greatly appreciate it because i cant seem to find much of anything on it online.
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Does this work for Windows 10 and/or HP computers? Could it also be used for google?
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Yes, it should work on Windows 10 if you have updated Java installed.

Never tried it with Google Chrome Extension but it should work as well.
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This is for free?

Monika944's avatar
Thank you for letting me know! :)
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will this give me viruses?
LilDashie3689's avatar

nope. i know this comment is kinda old, but shimeji is a desktop pet that people use for art and they will not harm your device in any way. theres even an app made by the people that run shimeji that you can get for your phone and its pretty fun, although it doesnt have the ddlc shimeji.

FightingFlower's avatar
Oh thank god! Thank you for telling me.
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I favorited this earlier and it's great, but is there a mobile version of DDLC? (Android)
would be appreciated
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Never tried it but there's few tutorials on how to install DDLC shimeji for Android like this reddit thread and this video.
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its so cute!!!!!
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