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Fantasy Attic will be hosting their Halloween and Christmas freebie giveaways soon. I know, I know... it's still a bit early to be thinking about this. Well, I'm thinking about it now, because I Have notoriously very little time in which to actually sit down and work. Last year I missed both giveaways for lack of time as well as other health issues and such going on at the time.

I'd like to really do something for both giveaways this time. But what? LOL. I have fun doing poses, but I really want to do something more solid than that.

Sooooo.... this is the part where I ask, "What would you like to see made?" and hope some of you give me some ideas, because I'm at a loss, and I could sure use some input! I want to do something, but I just have no idea WHAT to do for either one yet. :)

Note :
I do not work with the G8Female. I can do Dawn/Dusk, M4/V4, or the Genesis 1-3's.

Some other things :

Adelaide for G3F - still WIP
Sukka for Dawn - still WIP
Pose packs for Dawn, Dusk, and Luna - still WIP
Various smaller freebies - still WIP

I have an awful lot that's still in progress. I still don't have any space in the house that is strictly dedicated as my own work space. I have a piece of the kitchen counter where my laptop can go, and I can work just so long as I can stand on my feet at the counter (and don't have other things to do).

I'm also still healing up from some recent injuries, thank you white supremacists in supposedly "blue" NY state... and after the first four months of the year with us having zero income, we're just now finally starting to dig out from a mountain of back bills. How we managed to NOT lose the house, I will NEVER know... but I am very grateful for it just the same. Thank you, my single mother who taught me how to juggle bills in order to keep them running without getting them shut off for nonpayment.

Anyway. Progress is being made here. Slowly but surely. But... my free time to work on 3D is very limited, and it's extremely difficult - at times impossible - to do without having a room that belongs to me that I can close a door on and focus. So my work is very start-stop-start-stop... which is another reason I'm thinking about the Halloween and Christmas giveaways NOW. LOL

On a non-3D note...

Our next door neighbor lost a willow tree on one of his properties in a recent wind storm. It was felled by the winds. He asked my Bear to come over and help him chop it down and remove it. 

I must be the only woman in this area who a man brings home willow branches as a peace offering, and it's actually the right choice to make! 

"Are you still mad at me? I done effed up, I'm sorry. Please don't kill me. Here, I brought you medicine." rofl 

This is how you know you're married to a healer... don't waste my time with chocolate or roses. But if you bring me medicine on the other hand...

I will do something with the willow branches, too. I just haven't decided what yet. Maybe a flute... I always did love the color of the wood underneath the bark on willow trees. At least the weeping willows in our area; it's just this very bright, gorgeous creamy almost-white color. 

I still feel bad for the poor tree. But at least it won't be wasted, and wind storms do have a tendency to bring trees down. Medicine, cordage, maybe a flute, some poles to support my tomatoes and climbers in my garden once the branches are cut, some other things... it will all go to use somehow. I don't waste anything... and even my city boy husband has learned that rule!

It's been far too long since I posted a journal here, I know. I can't guarantee that I'll write more often. But I'll promise to try. LOL

Peace, folks... don't do anything too wild, and if you do, don't get caught.  :smirking: 

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Fantasy Attic is running their Christmas giveaway now. There's some really cool freebies there. Clothing, textures, brushes, backgrounds, props, etc. And my sweater was released with today's items. ^_^

I did the modeling and texture work, and :iconskiriki: did all the UVmapping on the sweater, and helped pinpoint a couple of problem spots in the geometry before it was shipped out to the folks running the giveaway. Thank you so much for your help, Ski. :D

The sweater fits all of the Genesis figures, from G1 right up through the G3's. If I can ever get a handle on rigging in Poser, I'll probably start making stuff for the Gen4's also, but at the moment it's going to be just Genesis and Hivewire clothing items, I'm afraid. (Poser's rigging makes my brain blow up! LOL)

The sweater comes with a whole bunch of fitting and adjustment morphs, visibility options, and 7 different textures. :)

This is a quick peek at the sweater (with some morphs and visibility options applied)
Christmas Sweater - Let It Snow by Childe-Of-Fyre

There's lots of other cool stuff over there, too. Take a look at it, see if there's anything that strikes your fancy! The giveaway is located here :…

Also - just FYI - my website is back up again. It was down for a little while due to finances (I had to let something lapse, and that was what I ended up letting go for a week or two). But, it's back up and running again! So all my usual website links will work once more. Sorry about the downtime, folks, but sometimes real life just simply doesn't want to play nice. So, sorry about the interruption, but it should all be back to normal now!

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Okay... I know - believe me, I do know - that part of the risk of posting any of your work online is dealing with art theft. Some of my work, I honestly don't mind if people use for their RP characters or whatever... I prefer to be asked first, but for some of it, I really don't care. What pisses me off, however, is finding out someone is making money off of my art.

The amusing thing? He used an image of mine that is SO OLD, I hadn't even yet settled on my formal SIGNATURE yet. It's so old, and so far below my current day quality, that it does not even have a date printed on the picture, and is still using Corel LENSE FLARES! *headdesk*

Unfortunately - that also means I am going to have a very, very hard time proving it in the legal sense, because this image was posted to Renderosity at least ten years ago - and I at one point completely deleted my Rendo gallery and freebie sections when I moved to DeviantArt. *sigh* And the prick is selling prints, mugs, etc etc with it.

I do have exactly THREE of my (very VERY old) Rune images in my DA gallery here - the earliest one was date-stamped for 2004. And the one that's being sold on Photobucket actually PRE-DATES that, as I had not yet even started adding month/day/year to my signatures at that time. Hell, I hadn't even settled on my "C" yet!

On the other hand, however - and this is also quite amusing to me - he has pages and pages full of artwork from Rowena Morill, Caldwell, and Frazetta artworks, which he's ALSO selling prints, mugs, etc with.

I don't have the resources, OR the time to chase this guy down myself, let alone hire a lawyer to run through the legal system for the money this guy has earned off of my image. I do, however, have a few minutes of time available to gather up all the Frazetta links, and fire off them off to the publisher... they might, after all, want to know that someone is making money off of those artworks.

I'm also trying to locate Rowena Morill's publisher. I know there's a FB page on the net for her work, but I honestly can't tell if the artist herself is running that page, or if someone else is... so I am trying to find her publisher to inform them also.

If anyone knows where I can get ahold of Rowena's publisher/or the artist's contact information, I would greatly appreciate it. I do not have the time to pursue this on my one image, nor am I sure I can prove it legally due to the Rendo gallery deletion, nor can I afford to hire a lawyer to deal with it.

I can, however, inform the big-name publishers, and let the big-gun lawyers go to town on this guy.…

This link above is his main "bucket" or whatever that place likes to call it. You might want to take a peek through his pages just to make sure nothing of yours is in there. If you find something that belongs to you, there's a Report Image link, and you can file a DMCA notice with Photobucket. He does not have a LOT of 3D art in there, but I recognize one of the other "angel" pictures from like 10 years ago on Renderosity (the angel with the gold/yellow hair), and I have already sent an email to that artist as well.

Anyway - I just wanted to give folks heads up here... I am actually very pissed off right now, but I don't have the money or the time to be able to chase this guy down over what he's raked in on my image. I can (and have already) informed Frazetta's publishers of what this guy is doing - and if I can get ahold of Rowena Morill somehow, I will send those links as well. The same goes for the Caldwell artworks. But that's all I can do myself about this at the moment.

I'm just very, very glad that the image he chose to use is such an old one. Honestly, I wouldn't have cared if he posted it or whatever for viewing somewhere else. It's the fact that he's making money off of it that pisses me off. So, I'm hoping the big-name artists' publishers can do their thing here, and that is just going to have to be enough.

So, for anyone who might have been wondering WHY I have been posting all of my artwork to DA with the "login required to view" setting turned on (and converting my older images to the same).... THIS is why!

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So, it's no surprise to the folks who know me, that I've been on another insomniac binge. I was awake about six days, then crashed for a solid eighteen hours, and well, now I'm back to "can't sleep, the clowns will eat me" apparently. LOL And in the midst of all of this, I noticed last night that I had an empty product library over on Daz when I went over to re-download one of my items.

Okay - I checked my orders, and all the itemized order receipts are fine. No biggie. Now, I do keep a backup of all my downloads, so I'm not wholly dependent on an internet server for my content, but just the same, sometimes you need to re-download an item for various reasons.

So. They (Daz) are clearly having some database related technical issues... at 0300 EST. I don't envy their techs, and I bet you the coffee pots were running all night. But I took a wander over to the forums, just to see if they had announced anything having to do with the issue. Well, no, they hadn't made any official announcement about it, though I did see one thread about the Product Library being empty for folks. Yes, mine was empty. Yes, I knew that was an existing issue already. I scanned the (at the time) fairly short thread. At some point while I was wandering around looking for a heads up on just exactly what Daz might have had to say, they did have the common sense to paste a bright red banner across the top of the site pages with a message saying that basically, they were having technical issues, your order histories are fine, and it's being worked on.

Mark one up to Daz Exceptional History Month - the thread discussing the issue last night was pretty darned polite, actually! Well, this morning, wow.... just... wow.

OMFG, you would think the world was seriously ending and our sun going nova, with how panicky people were getting (and of course, not reading prior posts). Staff had come into that thread several times to post updates - you know, the usual - we're working on it, give us some time, sorry about the inconvenience, we're moving terabytes and terabytes of data, please be patient - typical stuff when dealing with massive databases, of course.

Guys - seriously. Your order history is intact. That means your itemized order receipts are all right there. All of that is intact. It's fine. The Product Library will be restored - has been progressively getting restored throughout the day. Seriously. This isn't a life or death situation here. Your pages of content will come back. Just give them time to work!

In other words - be patient, for crying out loud - when moving multiple, multiple TERABYTES of data around like this, it's the sort of operation that is going to take hours to do. This isn't something that will be completed in ten minutes. Just chill. Open up your programs and render in the meantime. Seriously. 

It amazes me how fast people are to panic about things like this. And how impatient they can get. No amount of haranguing the staff is going to increase the transfer speed of data like that. It'll be done when it's done. You really just have to be patient and let them do their jobs.

Anyway - I just wanted to throw that out there because I've seen some folks stressing about when their libraries are coming back, is Daz going to lose any of their content, yada yada yada. Everyone who does this hobby on a regular basis should know - backups, backups, backups! Keep a backed up copy of everything you buy, just in case.

But the nitty gritty here is this :
- The order history, where it shows your itemized purchase receipts is fine.
(So if, when they say they're done restoring the libraries, you notice something missing, all you have to do is take a screen shot of your receipt, and send it in on a support ticket. I'm sure they'll restore it to your library!)
- No, this was NOT (according to staff anouncement) hostile activity or security breaches of any kind.
- They are working on restoring all of the multiple terabytes! of data to everyone's Product Library as we speak.
- Any purchases you make during this issue, are being recorded to your list of itemized orders just fine.
- The downloads went and borked themselves. You will get all of your content back, so take a chill pill, and relax!

I do not envy Daz's tech/IT staff right now. I'm so glad that's not my headache to deal with! Same goes for their customer service reps - poor Chohole! Anytime something like this happens on a major website, everyone gets all up in arms, and really, it does not do anyone any good. I am so, so glad that headache is not mine to deal with. I've done a short stint in customer service - that was enough!! LMAO

Give credit where it's due, though - they've been posting updates on the thread in the Commons - and they were considerate enough to post a bright, blinding red banner at the top of the store pages. And the thread discussing the issue, with one or two exceptions, has been remarkably civil for a Daz Commons thread! As of right now, I have about half of my content pages back. I'm still missing a lot of my library pages, but it is coming back slowly.

For those who want to take a peek at the thread, it's located here :…

That's really all I wanted to say. :) I just decided to throw this out here, because I've seen so many panics about loss of content, questions about whether it's safe to buy on the sales, etc. Just relax, and do you as you will. But there's no rushing data transfers of this volume. It'll be done when it's done. You've just got to give them time, and a chance to do their jobs.

Peace. :)

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Alright, so I don't normally do these things... but I figured what the heck for this one. :)


1.) How long have you been on DeviantArt?
10 years. I joined DA in January of 2005.

2.) What does your username mean?
Childe of Fyre is quite literally what it says. A child of fire. I have a bit of a temper when riled (it's just not easy to get me all riled up normally), and I tend to be a bit temperamental even on good days. I ended up spelling the name this way because when I set up my website (way back in I think 2003? 2004?), the proper spelling of the name was already taken for the domain. I generally post my 3D freebies and marketplace items under this name.

Seliah is a nickname I was given when I was back in the first grade, spending time doing first-grader's versions of writing instead of paying attention to class. (I know, so typical, right?) The teacher confiscated the notebook I was writing in, and informed my mother at the time that I had successfully managed to write a "more distractable, hyperactive" version of myself. The name stuck. At this point I answer to Seliah far more naturally (and faster!) than I do my actual, legally given first name, even offline. I generally post my artwork and personal renders under this name. That's why my DA profile has both names on it.

3.) Describe yourself in three words.
Wild, Loyal, Solitary

4.) Are you left or right handed?
Left. I'm a southpaw!

5.) What was your first deviation?
My very first deviation isn't posted here, but this is the oldest one I have in my gallery. (Commence cringing...)
The Hunt for Tor by Childe-Of-Fyre

6.) What is your favourite type of art to create?
Ugh, this is a hard one. I do a lot of portrait styled renders, I do a lot of storyline renders. Actually, those two pretty much sum up about 99% of my gallery. I work in 3D. I also do an assortment of other handmade crafts offline : jewelry making, crochet, sewing, needlework, beadwork, leatherworking, wildcrafting, etc, just to name a few. I dabble in a lot of different art forms. (No, my brain never stops, and neither do my hands, in case you were wondering... )

7.) If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be?
Hand-drawn 2D and woodcarving! I have wanted to be able to pick up a pencil and draw since I was old enough to color! I can't do it, though; it's a skill that I just don't have. Seriously, a 3 year old's scribbled stick figures look better than my sad attempts to draw with a pencil. Likewise, I've always wanted to be able to carve, but for similar reasons as the 2D, I just don't have that skill. I can't make my hands work that way, and my brain goes all Mutiny From Hell when I try.

8.) What was your first favourite?
I honestly have NO idea.

9.) What type of art do you tend to favourite the most?
Anything that strikes my fancy. Anything that speaks to me. Anything that has a meaning, or has a story to tell. Especially anything that leaves me with an emotional impact. The stuff I favorite varies; all genres, all art forms... but if I've fav'd it, it's because it hit a deep chord with me. The only other type of content I fav on a regular basis would be 3D-related freebie content. This stuff I fav so that later on when I've made use of it in a render somewhere, I can come back and look up the artist and give them proper credit. :)

10.) Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist?
I can't answer this one. There's no way I can pick just ONE artist. I like entirely too many of them equally!

11.) If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be?
Gah! I have to pick just ONE again?! No can do!

For the 3D side of things, it would be either :
:iconspyrorue: or :iconskiriki:, or :iconkismet2012: or :iconnourak: or :iconwendyluvscatz: or :iconchellethecat:

For the non-3D folks, it would be either :
:iconsysira: or :iconbennirory:

I would jump at the chance for any of them! They are all such HUGE inspirations, and TONS of help to me; very supportive, and OMG but they tolerate my totally ADD/ADHD random babbles and rambles and sudden topic switches (BUBBLES!!) with what seems like such an eternal sense of PATIENCE! LOL

12.) How has a fellow deviant impacted your life?
Ugh, again, I can't pick just ONE. Suffice to say that at least half of the people I watch could fall into this question with having some tangible impact on my life, in some way, somehow. I can't thank them enough for it, either. I love everyone of them!

13.) What are your preferred tools to create art?
Where do you want me to start? LOL. I started with Poser 4.0 (It wasn't even updated 4.01 yet!) way back in July of 2002. In September of that year, I finally discovered the "render" button! :rofl: I stayed with Poser up until about Pro2010, when my hardware could no longer handle the program, at which point I switched to DazStudio 4. Those are my main two programs, however I also make use of the following on a regular or semi-regular basis : Wings3D, Hexagon, Gimp, Corel Photopaint, UVMapper Classic, Terragen, and I am just beginning to dabble a bit in Vue and Carrara.

14.) What is the most inspirational place for you to create art?
You mean there's just one such place? Ideas come to me everywhere, anywhere, anytime. I literally keep a notebook and pencil on me at all times to scribble stuff down or make notes when an idea pops into my head that won't leave me alone. I do a TON of creative writing, which is what spurs on about 99% of my artwork.

The other 1% is inspiration from other people, other artists, other places, animals, the shape to a cloud in the sky... you name it. I work wherever I happen to be; might be in my basement, might be outside on the front porch, might be huddled into the woods, might be in my girlfriend's house with her kids running around...

I do everything from a laptop, because I'm just not a very stationary type of girl. :) I have to have music, though. Not only does it help me quiet my brain down enough to function, it keeps me sane and keeps me focused. I have music playing in my ear literally 24 hours a day. Yes, even when sleeping! I can't do ANYTHING without the ambient sounds playing.

15.) What is your favourite DeviantArt memory?
I really don't have one. When I first came to DA, I was hunting for a place that wasn't so concentrated on being Sex Central. I was sick and tired of T&A renders burying everything of meaning. I've stayed this long because the site just seemed to be (and sort of still is) very community oriented and a LOT friendlier than the last place I posted at. I do maintain some very small galleries on RDNA and Daz, and occasionally even post to Rendo, but my 'home' for 3D is definitely on DA.

I can't say I like the infrastructure changes that they've been doing lately - in fact I absolutely hate them - but it's not enough to chase me away. Hopefully it won't ever reach that point, because I've met a lot of folks through this site that I wouldn't want to have to leave behind. :)

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