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Upcoming Giveaways and Other Things

Journal Entry: Thu Jun 29, 2017, 6:01 PM

Fantasy Attic will be hosting their Halloween and Christmas freebie giveaways soon. I know, I know... it's still a bit early to be thinking about this. Well, I'm thinking about it now, because I Have notoriously very little time in which to actually sit down and work. Last year I missed both giveaways for lack of time as well as other health issues and such going on at the time.

I'd like to really do something for both giveaways this time. But what? LOL. I have fun doing poses, but I really want to do something more solid than that.

Sooooo.... this is the part where I ask, "What would you like to see made?" and hope some of you give me some ideas, because I'm at a loss, and I could sure use some input! I want to do something, but I just have no idea WHAT to do for either one yet. :)

Note :
I do not work with the G8Female. I can do Dawn/Dusk, M4/V4, or the Genesis 1-3's.

Some other things :

Adelaide for G3F - still WIP
Sukka for Dawn - still WIP
Pose packs for Dawn, Dusk, and Luna - still WIP
Various smaller freebies - still WIP

I have an awful lot that's still in progress. I still don't have any space in the house that is strictly dedicated as my own work space. I have a piece of the kitchen counter where my laptop can go, and I can work just so long as I can stand on my feet at the counter (and don't have other things to do).

I'm also still healing up from some recent injuries, thank you white supremacists in supposedly "blue" NY state... and after the first four months of the year with us having zero income, we're just now finally starting to dig out from a mountain of back bills. How we managed to NOT lose the house, I will NEVER know... but I am very grateful for it just the same. Thank you, my single mother who taught me how to juggle bills in order to keep them running without getting them shut off for nonpayment.

Anyway. Progress is being made here. Slowly but surely. But... my free time to work on 3D is very limited, and it's extremely difficult - at times impossible - to do without having a room that belongs to me that I can close a door on and focus. So my work is very start-stop-start-stop... which is another reason I'm thinking about the Halloween and Christmas giveaways NOW. LOL

On a non-3D note...

Our next door neighbor lost a willow tree on one of his properties in a recent wind storm. It was felled by the winds. He asked my Bear to come over and help him chop it down and remove it. 

I must be the only woman in this area who a man brings home willow branches as a peace offering, and it's actually the right choice to make! 

"Are you still mad at me? I done effed up, I'm sorry. Please don't kill me. Here, I brought you medicine." rofl 

This is how you know you're married to a healer... don't waste my time with chocolate or roses. But if you bring me medicine on the other hand...

I will do something with the willow branches, too. I just haven't decided what yet. Maybe a flute... I always did love the color of the wood underneath the bark on willow trees. At least the weeping willows in our area; it's just this very bright, gorgeous creamy almost-white color. 

I still feel bad for the poor tree. But at least it won't be wasted, and wind storms do have a tendency to bring trees down. Medicine, cordage, maybe a flute, some poles to support my tomatoes and climbers in my garden once the branches are cut, some other things... it will all go to use somehow. I don't waste anything... and even my city boy husband has learned that rule!

It's been far too long since I posted a journal here, I know. I can't guarantee that I'll write more often. But I'll promise to try. LOL

Peace, folks... don't do anything too wild, and if you do, don't get caught.  :smirking: 

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Fantasy Attic's Christmas Giveaway

Journal Entry: Fri Dec 18, 2015, 9:08 PM

Fantasy Attic is running their Christmas giveaway now. There's some really cool freebies there. Clothing, textures, brushes, backgrounds, props, etc. And my sweater was released with today's items. ^_^

I did the modeling and texture work, and :iconskiriki: did all the UVmapping on the sweater, and helped pinpoint a couple of problem spots in the geometry before it was shipped out to the folks running the giveaway. Thank you so much for your help, Ski. :D

The sweater fits all of the Genesis figures, from G1 right up through the G3's. If I can ever get a handle on rigging in Poser, I'll probably start making stuff for the Gen4's also, but at the moment it's going to be just Genesis and Hivewire clothing items, I'm afraid. (Poser's rigging makes my brain blow up! LOL)

The sweater comes with a whole bunch of fitting and adjustment morphs, visibility options, and 7 different textures. :)

This is a quick peek at the sweater (with some morphs and visibility options applied)
Christmas Sweater - Let It Snow by Childe-Of-Fyre

There's lots of other cool stuff over there, too. Take a look at it, see if there's anything that strikes your fancy! The giveaway is located here :…

Also - just FYI - my website is back up again. It was down for a little while due to finances (I had to let something lapse, and that was what I ended up letting go for a week or two). But, it's back up and running again! So all my usual website links will work once more. Sorry about the downtime, folks, but sometimes real life just simply doesn't want to play nice. So, sorry about the interruption, but it should all be back to normal now!

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Art Thieves Never Sleep - Snarly Wolf!

Journal Entry: Fri Aug 28, 2015, 6:39 AM

Okay... I know - believe me, I do know - that part of the risk of posting any of your work online is dealing with art theft. Some of my work, I honestly don't mind if people use for their RP characters or whatever... I prefer to be asked first, but for some of it, I really don't care. What pisses me off, however, is finding out someone is making money off of my art.

The amusing thing? He used an image of mine that is SO OLD, I hadn't even yet settled on my formal SIGNATURE yet. It's so old, and so far below my current day quality, that it does not even have a date printed on the picture, and is still using Corel LENSE FLARES! *headdesk*

Unfortunately - that also means I am going to have a very, very hard time proving it in the legal sense, because this image was posted to Renderosity at least ten years ago - and I at one point completely deleted my Rendo gallery and freebie sections when I moved to DeviantArt. *sigh* And the prick is selling prints, mugs, etc etc with it.

I do have exactly THREE of my (very VERY old) Rune images in my DA gallery here - the earliest one was date-stamped for 2004. And the one that's being sold on Photobucket actually PRE-DATES that, as I had not yet even started adding month/day/year to my signatures at that time. Hell, I hadn't even settled on my "C" yet!

On the other hand, however - and this is also quite amusing to me - he has pages and pages full of artwork from Rowena Morill, Caldwell, and Frazetta artworks, which he's ALSO selling prints, mugs, etc with.

I don't have the resources, OR the time to chase this guy down myself, let alone hire a lawyer to run through the legal system for the money this guy has earned off of my image. I do, however, have a few minutes of time available to gather up all the Frazetta links, and fire off them off to the publisher... they might, after all, want to know that someone is making money off of those artworks.

I'm also trying to locate Rowena Morill's publisher. I know there's a FB page on the net for her work, but I honestly can't tell if the artist herself is running that page, or if someone else is... so I am trying to find her publisher to inform them also.

If anyone knows where I can get ahold of Rowena's publisher/or the artist's contact information, I would greatly appreciate it. I do not have the time to pursue this on my one image, nor am I sure I can prove it legally due to the Rendo gallery deletion, nor can I afford to hire a lawyer to deal with it.

I can, however, inform the big-name publishers, and let the big-gun lawyers go to town on this guy.…

This link above is his main "bucket" or whatever that place likes to call it. You might want to take a peek through his pages just to make sure nothing of yours is in there. If you find something that belongs to you, there's a Report Image link, and you can file a DMCA notice with Photobucket. He does not have a LOT of 3D art in there, but I recognize one of the other "angel" pictures from like 10 years ago on Renderosity (the angel with the gold/yellow hair), and I have already sent an email to that artist as well.

Anyway - I just wanted to give folks heads up here... I am actually very pissed off right now, but I don't have the money or the time to be able to chase this guy down over what he's raked in on my image. I can (and have already) informed Frazetta's publishers of what this guy is doing - and if I can get ahold of Rowena Morill somehow, I will send those links as well. The same goes for the Caldwell artworks. But that's all I can do myself about this at the moment.

I'm just very, very glad that the image he chose to use is such an old one. Honestly, I wouldn't have cared if he posted it or whatever for viewing somewhere else. It's the fact that he's making money off of it that pisses me off. So, I'm hoping the big-name artists' publishers can do their thing here, and that is just going to have to be enough.

So, for anyone who might have been wondering WHY I have been posting all of my artwork to DA with the "login required to view" setting turned on (and converting my older images to the same).... THIS is why!

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Daz Product Libraries - Relax!!

Journal Entry: Fri Aug 21, 2015, 4:04 PM

So, it's no surprise to the folks who know me, that I've been on another insomniac binge. I was awake about six days, then crashed for a solid eighteen hours, and well, now I'm back to "can't sleep, the clowns will eat me" apparently. LOL And in the midst of all of this, I noticed last night that I had an empty product library over on Daz when I went over to re-download one of my items.

Okay - I checked my orders, and all the itemized order receipts are fine. No biggie. Now, I do keep a backup of all my downloads, so I'm not wholly dependent on an internet server for my content, but just the same, sometimes you need to re-download an item for various reasons.

So. They (Daz) are clearly having some database related technical issues... at 0300 EST. I don't envy their techs, and I bet you the coffee pots were running all night. But I took a wander over to the forums, just to see if they had announced anything having to do with the issue. Well, no, they hadn't made any official announcement about it, though I did see one thread about the Product Library being empty for folks. Yes, mine was empty. Yes, I knew that was an existing issue already. I scanned the (at the time) fairly short thread. At some point while I was wandering around looking for a heads up on just exactly what Daz might have had to say, they did have the common sense to paste a bright red banner across the top of the site pages with a message saying that basically, they were having technical issues, your order histories are fine, and it's being worked on.

Mark one up to Daz Exceptional History Month - the thread discussing the issue last night was pretty darned polite, actually! Well, this morning, wow.... just... wow.

OMFG, you would think the world was seriously ending and our sun going nova, with how panicky people were getting (and of course, not reading prior posts). Staff had come into that thread several times to post updates - you know, the usual - we're working on it, give us some time, sorry about the inconvenience, we're moving terabytes and terabytes of data, please be patient - typical stuff when dealing with massive databases, of course.

Guys - seriously. Your order history is intact. That means your itemized order receipts are all right there. All of that is intact. It's fine. The Product Library will be restored - has been progressively getting restored throughout the day. Seriously. This isn't a life or death situation here. Your pages of content will come back. Just give them time to work!

In other words - be patient, for crying out loud - when moving multiple, multiple TERABYTES of data around like this, it's the sort of operation that is going to take hours to do. This isn't something that will be completed in ten minutes. Just chill. Open up your programs and render in the meantime. Seriously. 

It amazes me how fast people are to panic about things like this. And how impatient they can get. No amount of haranguing the staff is going to increase the transfer speed of data like that. It'll be done when it's done. You really just have to be patient and let them do their jobs.

Anyway - I just wanted to throw that out there because I've seen some folks stressing about when their libraries are coming back, is Daz going to lose any of their content, yada yada yada. Everyone who does this hobby on a regular basis should know - backups, backups, backups! Keep a backed up copy of everything you buy, just in case.

But the nitty gritty here is this :
- The order history, where it shows your itemized purchase receipts is fine.
(So if, when they say they're done restoring the libraries, you notice something missing, all you have to do is take a screen shot of your receipt, and send it in on a support ticket. I'm sure they'll restore it to your library!)
- No, this was NOT (according to staff anouncement) hostile activity or security breaches of any kind.
- They are working on restoring all of the multiple terabytes! of data to everyone's Product Library as we speak.
- Any purchases you make during this issue, are being recorded to your list of itemized orders just fine.
- The downloads went and borked themselves. You will get all of your content back, so take a chill pill, and relax!

I do not envy Daz's tech/IT staff right now. I'm so glad that's not my headache to deal with! Same goes for their customer service reps - poor Chohole! Anytime something like this happens on a major website, everyone gets all up in arms, and really, it does not do anyone any good. I am so, so glad that headache is not mine to deal with. I've done a short stint in customer service - that was enough!! LMAO

Give credit where it's due, though - they've been posting updates on the thread in the Commons - and they were considerate enough to post a bright, blinding red banner at the top of the store pages. And the thread discussing the issue, with one or two exceptions, has been remarkably civil for a Daz Commons thread! As of right now, I have about half of my content pages back. I'm still missing a lot of my library pages, but it is coming back slowly.

For those who want to take a peek at the thread, it's located here :…

That's really all I wanted to say. :) I just decided to throw this out here, because I've seen so many panics about loss of content, questions about whether it's safe to buy on the sales, etc. Just relax, and do you as you will. But there's no rushing data transfers of this volume. It'll be done when it's done. You've just got to give them time, and a chance to do their jobs.

Peace. :)

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DeviantArtist Questionnaire

Journal Entry: Sat Aug 8, 2015, 2:50 PM

Alright, so I don't normally do these things... but I figured what the heck for this one. :)


1.) How long have you been on DeviantArt?
10 years. I joined DA in January of 2005.

2.) What does your username mean?
Childe of Fyre is quite literally what it says. A child of fire. I have a bit of a temper when riled (it's just not easy to get me all riled up normally), and I tend to be a bit temperamental even on good days. I ended up spelling the name this way because when I set up my website (way back in I think 2003? 2004?), the proper spelling of the name was already taken for the domain. I generally post my 3D freebies and marketplace items under this name.

Seliah is a nickname I was given when I was back in the first grade, spending time doing first-grader's versions of writing instead of paying attention to class. (I know, so typical, right?) The teacher confiscated the notebook I was writing in, and informed my mother at the time that I had successfully managed to write a "more distractable, hyperactive" version of myself. The name stuck. At this point I answer to Seliah far more naturally (and faster!) than I do my actual, legally given first name, even offline. I generally post my artwork and personal renders under this name. That's why my DA profile has both names on it.

3.) Describe yourself in three words.
Wild, Loyal, Solitary

4.) Are you left or right handed?
Left. I'm a southpaw!

5.) What was your first deviation?
My very first deviation isn't posted here, but this is the oldest one I have in my gallery. (Commence cringing...)
The Hunt for Tor by Childe-Of-Fyre

6.) What is your favourite type of art to create?
Ugh, this is a hard one. I do a lot of portrait styled renders, I do a lot of storyline renders. Actually, those two pretty much sum up about 99% of my gallery. I work in 3D. I also do an assortment of other handmade crafts offline : jewelry making, crochet, sewing, needlework, beadwork, leatherworking, wildcrafting, etc, just to name a few. I dabble in a lot of different art forms. (No, my brain never stops, and neither do my hands, in case you were wondering... )

7.) If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be?
Hand-drawn 2D and woodcarving! I have wanted to be able to pick up a pencil and draw since I was old enough to color! I can't do it, though; it's a skill that I just don't have. Seriously, a 3 year old's scribbled stick figures look better than my sad attempts to draw with a pencil. Likewise, I've always wanted to be able to carve, but for similar reasons as the 2D, I just don't have that skill. I can't make my hands work that way, and my brain goes all Mutiny From Hell when I try.

8.) What was your first favourite?
I honestly have NO idea.

9.) What type of art do you tend to favourite the most?
Anything that strikes my fancy. Anything that speaks to me. Anything that has a meaning, or has a story to tell. Especially anything that leaves me with an emotional impact. The stuff I favorite varies; all genres, all art forms... but if I've fav'd it, it's because it hit a deep chord with me. The only other type of content I fav on a regular basis would be 3D-related freebie content. This stuff I fav so that later on when I've made use of it in a render somewhere, I can come back and look up the artist and give them proper credit. :)

10.) Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist?
I can't answer this one. There's no way I can pick just ONE artist. I like entirely too many of them equally!

11.) If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be?
Gah! I have to pick just ONE again?! No can do!

For the 3D side of things, it would be either :
:iconspyrorue: or :iconskiriki:, or :iconkismet2012: or :iconnourak: or :iconwendyluvscatz: or :iconchellethecat:

For the non-3D folks, it would be either :
:iconsysira: or :iconbennirory:

I would jump at the chance for any of them! They are all such HUGE inspirations, and TONS of help to me; very supportive, and OMG but they tolerate my totally ADD/ADHD random babbles and rambles and sudden topic switches (BUBBLES!!) with what seems like such an eternal sense of PATIENCE! LOL

12.) How has a fellow deviant impacted your life?
Ugh, again, I can't pick just ONE. Suffice to say that at least half of the people I watch could fall into this question with having some tangible impact on my life, in some way, somehow. I can't thank them enough for it, either. I love everyone of them!

13.) What are your preferred tools to create art?
Where do you want me to start? LOL. I started with Poser 4.0 (It wasn't even updated 4.01 yet!) way back in July of 2002. In September of that year, I finally discovered the "render" button! :rofl: I stayed with Poser up until about Pro2010, when my hardware could no longer handle the program, at which point I switched to DazStudio 4. Those are my main two programs, however I also make use of the following on a regular or semi-regular basis : Wings3D, Hexagon, Gimp, Corel Photopaint, UVMapper Classic, Terragen, and I am just beginning to dabble a bit in Vue and Carrara.

14.) What is the most inspirational place for you to create art?
You mean there's just one such place? Ideas come to me everywhere, anywhere, anytime. I literally keep a notebook and pencil on me at all times to scribble stuff down or make notes when an idea pops into my head that won't leave me alone. I do a TON of creative writing, which is what spurs on about 99% of my artwork.

The other 1% is inspiration from other people, other artists, other places, animals, the shape to a cloud in the sky... you name it. I work wherever I happen to be; might be in my basement, might be outside on the front porch, might be huddled into the woods, might be in my girlfriend's house with her kids running around...

I do everything from a laptop, because I'm just not a very stationary type of girl. :) I have to have music, though. Not only does it help me quiet my brain down enough to function, it keeps me sane and keeps me focused. I have music playing in my ear literally 24 hours a day. Yes, even when sleeping! I can't do ANYTHING without the ambient sounds playing.

15.) What is your favourite DeviantArt memory?
I really don't have one. When I first came to DA, I was hunting for a place that wasn't so concentrated on being Sex Central. I was sick and tired of T&A renders burying everything of meaning. I've stayed this long because the site just seemed to be (and sort of still is) very community oriented and a LOT friendlier than the last place I posted at. I do maintain some very small galleries on RDNA and Daz, and occasionally even post to Rendo, but my 'home' for 3D is definitely on DA.

I can't say I like the infrastructure changes that they've been doing lately - in fact I absolutely hate them - but it's not enough to chase me away. Hopefully it won't ever reach that point, because I've met a lot of folks through this site that I wouldn't want to have to leave behind. :)

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Sani for M4 Now Available!

Journal Entry: Sat Apr 18, 2015, 10:56 PM
Well, I've finally gotten Sani's Poser package finished. Phew! He's posted and available now over on ContentParadise. You can find him here :…

I may or may not attempt to release him at Rendo. I have mixed feelings about trying in their market. I'm not into all the politics and getting into the various cliques and all that crap. I just do my own thing for the most part, and if folks grab him, great, and if they don't, that's fine, too, I'll just keep doing my thing either way.

I am working on getting his DazStudio/Genesis 1 version finished now as well. The textures will be the same in both packs. I'm doing separate DS and Poser verions to try and make sure that folks from both sides of the 3D arena can choose the one that works best for them.

There will be two add-on packs coming for him eventually as well. The one that's already in progress is a sort of wounded/battle pack. It has bloodied versions of his textures, and the injured eyes in it. And if I can pull it off, I'd like to release an elderly version of him as well, as trying to find older morphs and characters is really hard - even moreso if it's for a non-Caucasian character.

This is a quick list of what's included in his package :
COF Sani for M4 by Childe-Of-Fyre

Anyway - enough of my rambling! I hope folks enjoy him. I really wanted to introduce a little something that I saw as a need in the 3D categories, as it is just SO HARD to find a non-Caucasian male pack that has more than just a base skin texture. So if you liked the way his test render looked, he's available now. :)


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What I've Been Up To...

Journal Entry: Sun Mar 29, 2015, 11:00 AM
I suppose I've been mostly pretty quiet lately. Again.
Sorry about that. Things have been hectic around here.

I'm in the midst of posting some of my freebies up to my freebie folder here. I realized the other night that I have only really put a couple into my folder, and well... I have made a lot more than just a "couple" Daz/Poser freebies over the years!

So, I apologize in advance to the folks who watch me, if it seems like my posts are spamming your inbox. I will try to limit how many per day I put up, but my goal is to put at least abot 80% of my freebies into the folder here by the time it's all done. 

I'm also still working on Sani. I'm finishing up the Poser version for M4, and once that's released, I'll get to work on the DS version. Ouy, vey, there are a lot of MATs to make for him! LOL

For those who might be a little bit curious, this was a test-render of Sani (a WIP) that I liked enough to post :
Sani for M4 and Genesis : Test Portrait by Childe-Of-Fyre

I have a couple of more freebies in the woodwork as well. I'm going to try and offer at least a little bit Genesis 2 support. Please understand, that my support for the Genesis 2's might very well be a little limited, as they are NOT my go-to figures for my artwork. My textures do not work on them, and Daz absolutely KILLED the versatility of the auto-fit feature with them, so I cannot even use my old figure wardrobes on them (and I cannot justify spending $20 a pop to get auto-fit functionality for each figure).

So, that said - I do have a few of the Genesis 2 items, and I will probably do some poses or basic morphs-only shapes and such for them. I might do a few texture sets for the items I do have for them. The ironic thing is that because I have SickleYield's wonderful G2 clones, any G2 clothing items I purchase are bought with intention of being used on Genesis 1! LOL

But, lucky for you all, I do have those clones. :D So there are at least a few G2 clothing items that I have slated for texture packs (and two that are currently in progress).

That's the 3D side of things. =)

Offline, we've been dealing with quite a lot of things going on - a work related injury knocked my bear out of work for five weeks, and he's just gone back to work again recently. My pup's been sick, I've been sick, home-schooling issues, and just.. yeah, it's been hectic for me. So if my productivity seems a little slow, this is why.

I've also been very busy with other crafts as well. My bear is minor clergy in his church (Orthodox Christian), and needed some kind of a carry case for his bible. It's very difficult to find a Russian cross on commercial bible cases, so I ended up making one for him as a birthday gift via crochet. Crochet Orthodox Bible Carry Case

I'm also trying to finish the table cloth I started, as well as my daughter's shawl. It's come quite a ways further than in this picture, but this is the beginning of it. :D She picked out the yarn texture and colors that she likes, so hopefully she will actually wear it! Crochet Spike-Stitch Shawl (WIP)

And I've been teaching my pup jewelry making as well. And it's almost time to get my seeds going outside. Almost. If the cold weather would break and stop dipping below freezing! Argh.

So, I suppose you could say we've been slammed, but for the most part, it's been a good-type of busy. LOL

Just as an FYI :
I realize the text being right-side aligned might be a little different for some people. I will likely align it to the left in future posts. I'm trying out a new skin, because, well.. I just really liked the way it looked, and I wanted to change it up a little bit, and use a different one.

Skin help and coding: Zaellrin
Thanks for sharing help with me!
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So... I'm Back...

Journal Entry: Tue Jul 22, 2014, 1:21 PM

So, it's been kind of a while since I've been very active. I've been without a working computer for over a year. I finally have a new computer. It's working beautifully, except that it's freaking Windows 8.1, and I literally cannot find a blasted image editor that will WORK under the damnable OS. I won't get into all the beefs I have with the OS - suffice to say it follows Microsoft's usual tendency of "every other OS sucks."

But my Corel Photopaint will NOT function under it. I've tried Photoimpact - it lacks the functionality I need. I've tried Photoshop Elements. It also lacks the functionality I need. I've tried PhotoPosPro... it ALSO lacks the functionality I need. My old copy of Photoshop (not Elements), won't work under Windows 8. I've tried GIMP. I can't stand the interface, and it seems just as limited for functionality as the others.

I even went so far as to download the trial version of Corel's x7 suite. And... just like the ten year old version 8... it WON'T WORK UNDER WINDOWS 8... despite multiple mentions all over their website advertising that it will work under Windows 8. At this point, I'm just plain pissed off.

So I'm stuck with Elements 7, and having almost NO functionality, and what I can do with it being severely restricted. About the only damn thing I can do with it is put my signature onto my freaking images. What filters it has, has NO customization. Everything is set hard value, the only button is 'apply', and there is no ability to control how strong the effect of the filter is on the image. Disgusted and pissed off right now.

It should NOT BE THIS HARD to find a damn image editor that WORKS with a freaking OS! This is ridiculous.

Oh - and 8.1 cannot be downgraded, either... I would have to pay for the PRO version of the OS and the DOWNGRADE RIGHTS to be able to downgrade to XP. *snarls*

So yes. This machine is handling my renders just fine. But at present I am stuck dealing with Elements 7, which is pissing me the hell off, because I cannot do ANYTHING in it at all. The functionality is NOT there.

If my images seem a little 'off' for quality, please understand that I have basically NO postworking capability right now, and that is most likely the reason for it.

If any of you know of an image editor that actually WORKS under this freaking JOKE of a Windows OS... please, please let me know. Right now I'd even settle for a full version of Adobe Photoshop... but the one I have doesn't work under the damn OS, either. (But then, it's also about ten years old I think.)

Very pissy wolf right now. On the one hand - yay, computer that I can actually render with.
On the other hand - very, very pissed off because it should NOT be such a big damn deal to get an image editor that WORKS under a farking OS.

Off-note.... I'll clean up the stamps soon. I know I have like six of them that need to be removed now, since they're not showing anymore. I'll get to it eventually. LOL

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Where I've Been...

Journal Entry: Mon Apr 7, 2014, 10:40 PM

So, it's been like for freaking ever since I've been able to post in here on any sort of regular basis. My apologies for that. I have two rigs, and both rigs have been down for months, and probably will be for months to come. The desktop rig, I believe has a failing video card. Lots of visual/graphics oddities; fonts disappearing, clickable buttons being empty or not visible, entire GUI's missing from whole programs (such as messengers and browsers), pixels and lines and all sorts of weirdness when booting (sometimes, but not all the time...)

And then the desktop rig needs new RAM, the sticks are burnt out, AND a new CMOS battery, the old one is dead.

So yeah. That's why there's been no images or freebies or any sort of creative ANYTHING from me in months. *headdesk-grumble* It's going to probably be quite a while before I can afford to repair/replace either rig, too. Money is just too tight right now. I've let my DA subscription lapse due to lack of funds, and I've let my Platinum Club lapse as well, also due to funds. *shrugs* Add in, a new roommate, and all sorts of other funky stuff, and we've been hectic as all get-out.

I did manage to get my beast of a laptop to cooperate long enough for one render recently. LOL And I'm hoping this will continue, but I will probably continue to be very sporadic and unreliable for some time until we can afford to replace the needed parts in at least one of my rigs. We kind of need other things first... like new glasses for myself and my daughter, for starters...

Anyhow. I have not given things up. I promise. We've just been incredibly busy, insanely hectic, and really tight financially, and most of my access for the last several months has been ONLY through my cell phone browser, so that's also extremely limiting. Very frustrating, but hopefully The Beast (my laptop!) will continue to cooperate with me, at least some of the time...

And yes, I know a lot of the stamps are showing weirdness with the thumb-numbers... I'll get around to pulling them out of the CSS eventually, when I have the time. Sorry!

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Hi, How Are You? ...and some other things.

Journal Entry: Wed Aug 29, 2012, 8:55 AM

Yeah. Those words. Those words, right there. *points up at the title*

Tell me something. Please? Why. Why, why, WHY is it that people who have never seen you before, that you have never MET before... will ask you THAT question?! Huh? Honestly? Maybe it's just me, but... I will say "hi" and I will say "hello" and I might comment on the weather as an ice-breaker to opening a conversation with someone I have just met.

But the "How are you" thing? Really? IMO, it should be reserved for someone you actually care about.

This means, someone you already know, and thus.. care about!

I don't know why it bugs me - but it does. It comes off sounding so insincere; so fake, so put-on, a mask, a joke, completely unreal, when someone I have never met before, asks me that question. Like, really... what do they HONESTLY care about the true answer to that question?

The people who know me and have known me long enough and deep enough, I will answer such a question honestly. Okay, maybe I might say "I'm fine" when I'm not, but those who do know me, can tell that "I'm fine" in that context and manner just means "i'm NOT but I'm not ready to talk about it.. so therefore I am fine." One or two of my closest friends might call bullshit on me for that, and just point out that they know better, but they generally will also not probe about it. When I'm ready to get into it, I will. Just that simple. And yes, Tigs, I'm looking at YOU! LOL...

But asking someone who you don't know, who you have just met... "how are you" when the only answer you honestly expect is, "I'm fine" or "I'm great!" is just... completely false and not genuine to me. If you don't mean it, don't say it... honestly, that is how I feel. I will grant that of course there are those who may actually, honestly be interested in the general welfare of a complete stranger. But by and large, most people are not, they are just parroting what is considered to be a social expectation during an initial meet-and-greet. And it's an unneccessary falsehood, IMO.

Really. Just say "Hi! Nice to meet you!" -- or "Hi! Bloody HOT out today, isn't it?". Some of us will appreciate this as honesty so much more.

Blurgh. Sorry. I don't know why I'm going on about this particular pet peeve right now. I've had this question asked of me many times in the last few days by people I do not know, and it just... irks the living CRAP out of me! I want to throttle the next person who says it and just shout "WHAT DO YOU CARE!!!"

LOL. Okay. Rant-mode disengaged now. ^_^ Promise.


I got a texture package for April YSH's "Jai Hair" product finally released in my store over on Content Paradise :…

Also, the texture set I released a while ago for Uzilite's M401, which normally sells for $6.50, will be on sale for $1.99 during the First-Friday (FFB) sale September 7th - September 10th. :…

I'm working on some other stuff at the moment as well. Some textures for M3's LoneWolf (yes, I know, Chohole has a WONDERFUL freebie texture set out there, but the set has SO many possibilities!! And this one will also be a freebie.)

I'm also working on a texture set for the M4 Jump Gear from Daz, which is a wonderful clothing set, and yet I have not seen a SINGLE texture package made for it. Not in the freebies, and not in the stores! Ditto for the M4 "Bad Guy" set from over on Daz as well... got some textures in the works for that, too. The males are so damn neglected in 3D! LOL.

Also in the works I have some poses coming up for V4, M4, V3/M3, and both the Kids4 as well as the Gen-3 kids (preschoolers and preteens).

So yeah. I'm busy. ^_^ Might not look it outwardly if you go by the deviations postings, but I'm busy! LOL Never could stick to just one project at a time... which of course is why I seem to flood open through the gates once I start posting stuff up... hah!

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Gallery Sub-Folders... Yay!

Journal Entry: Mon Aug 6, 2012, 2:00 AM

Has anyone else really worked with the gallery subfolders? I'm just curious. I have to honestly say that this is one of the changes, DA has made that I absolutely, absolutely LOVE. It really does help clean up the main gallery page insofar as someone like me who has a lot, and I do mean a lot, of categorized folders. It helps to limit how much excessive downward scrolling folks have to do in order to see everything in your gallery. I really do like it. :D

That said, however... LOL. (You knew there would be a 'howeve'r, right?)

Has anyone else noticed that the sub-folders work inconsistently in terms of moving images directly from one folder into a sub-folder? I'm only asking, because I've noticed that my Origins folder works fine - I can move images from anywhere else in my gallery directly into Origins --> SubFolder via the movement menu (aka the copy/move dropdown that pops up when you click the edit pencil). It works like it should, as stated in the previous sentance, for a couple of folders.

And then I have other folders, that when I click on Move or Copy --> Foldername-->SubFolder ..... well, the minute you click on the 'more' thing that is supposed to bring up the sub-folders... what I get is just a blank little popup dialogue, with no subfolder name listing like it should. And then I have to move the images into the main folder, then go to the main folder, and drag those images into the sub-folder, then remove them from the main folder...

I love having the sub-folders. But I'm just wondering if this is something anyone else has noticed, or if it's something on my end. It doesn't seem to reproduce reliably, so I kinda hesitate to submit a bug report, and yet it happens often enough to be very, very annoying! LOL

Anyhoo. I was just curious, guys. ^_^ Thanks!

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Wow, Folks...

Journal Entry: Wed Jul 25, 2012, 9:40 PM

Seriously. Wow. For all of those that actually said "happy birthday" this year... when I say "thank you," I actually mean it. Usually my birthdays float by unnoticed. I've had more acknowledgements of the day from people I've only ever spoken to either online or over the phone, than from most of those who actually deal with me on a day to day basis. Thanks, folks. Seriously. I appreciate the thought. I'm so not used to that and I'm not exactly sure what to make of it! LOL

Now, because I've gotten some emails and DA notes here asking about it : Yes, I *AM* still making freebies, and yes, I *WILL* be adding more items to the ContentParadise store. My time has been stretched thin, and I've had a LOT and I do mean a LOT of RL stuff going on, so my productivity has taken a nosedive. That's bound to happen, guys. Real life first, online last. Always.

I don't know when the next batch of stuff will be out and available, I am working on a couple of different things, but to be fair, I am exhausted, seriously stressed out, and just plain out drained, so please.. PLEASE bear with me. When the things are done and available, I will certainly post them up for the grabbing.

I have not stopped content creation, I've just had a lot going on. I also had a lot of hardware/software issues which were preventing me from being able to create and/or render as well. I've got Poser up and functional again, the artwork is starting to pour out... and as per usual, the artwork generally results in freebies and vice versa... so just give it time. LOL I'll get active again, promise.

And just for the record, I would like to state that I absolutely HATE HATE HATE the freaking HOT weather. I am NOT a summer baby despite my birthday. I will be much happier and FEEL much better when the autumn and winter weather gets here! *goes to curl up in the walk-in freezer* I swear, there's times I think I ought to be hibernating through the summers! :p So there. LOL

I do appreciate the inquiries. It tells me that people actually like the silly stuff I make and post up in the freebie areas. That right there is enough motivation for me to keep at it. ;) So just bear with me, folks. It'll get there eventually!


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Good Grief!

Journal Entry: Mon May 14, 2012, 8:05 PM

So, as some of you may know... I have been fighting with my computer for about a year and a half now. Issues with Poser, inability to run Studio, memory problems all over the place no matter how good my video card is, no matter how much RAM I had.

Well, I finally found the problem for both of those issues!! And I can render. FINALLY. Reliably!! :squee:

Turns out, the Daz Studio problem I was having - this was the one where DS4 Pro wouldn't even launch because it kept detecting OpenGL 1.1 and needing version 1.3 as a minimum? My core OpenGL version WAS 1.1, but wait - why, when my video card and all of my hardware was capable of 3.2??

It was 1.1 because this stupid desktop has a stupid ONBOARD video card! Anyone who knows me and has heard me talk about computers will tell you that I have what seems like an unjustifiable level of hatred for on-board ANYTHING. Well, I am now feeling VERY validated and "I told you so!"-ish about that.

The problem was two-fold, actually. On the first hand, the on-board video card had a "generic" version of OpenGL, which was equivalent to OpenGL 1.1, and for some stupid bloody reason, it NEVER UPDATED the OpenGL despite all the windows updates, firmware updates, etc etc etc. So, begin the geek-out process of me learning how to manually update the OpenGL to a recent (the current 4.x) version. That was fun. :sarcasticclap:

On the second hand, the ONBOARD VIDEO CARD was superceding EVERY video card I placed in my system. In other words : no matter how good the video card was, no matter how good the specs were... when I placed the new video card into my system, IT WAS NOT BEING USED. Why? Because the ONBOARD video card was overriding it, and the system was using ONLY the ONBOARD video card! So basically, I was running with like 64megs of video memory!

Gee, no WONDER I was having memory problems and stupid not-rendering issues with Poser!! :shakefist: Now begin the process of me geeking out AGAIN and having to learn how to DISABLE the ONBOARD (*#%&(*#%\~#@#!!! video card.

When I discovered this second problem, tried the solution and it worked, I totally had a "HAH! Toldya so, toldya so, THIS is why I hate onboard! I'm NOT baseless for hating it!!" moment. LOL

So, having disabled the onbaord video card, and my system is now using my Radeon card.... Poser runs beautifully, and renders beautifully! And doesn't crash constantly, doesn't freeze, etc etc etc.

And having manually replaced the generic OpenGL version which was ALSO supplied by the ONBOARD card to something that is current, Daz Studio 4 Pro now not only launches, but works wonderfully!

The picture I posted of the little girl sitting? That would be this one :
Portrait : Daisy Leigh by Childe-Of-Fyre

That was done in DS4 Pro. This is the first version of DS I have ever felt even remotely comfortable in the interface. I have to figure out how to work the lights, but I actually LIKE this interface! And I do honestly like the Genesis figure, too. I absolutely love the autofit functionality.

And having fixed the overriding of my Radeon by the ONBOARD video card, I can now open up POSER and set up, build, render, create once again without wanting to pull my hair out, swear in three languages and throw my system out a third story window.

The second image I posted, of Jake Mitchell was rendered in Poser! And that would be this one, here :
Portrait : Jacob Andrew Mitchell by Childe-Of-Fyre

This goes SUCH a long way towards my much needed vent and outlet for all the hell my life has been since January, and goes such a long way towards my ability and motivation to create and render again. I don't have words for how thankful I am right now for this. I am absolutely thrilled.

So to all those people who have critisized me, laughed at me, or blown me off and rolled their eyes about my very vocal, intense hatred of onboard crap, I have one thing to say to you :

I TOLD YOU SO!! HAH!! :winner:

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Journal Entry: Sun Apr 29, 2012, 8:50 AM

I think I finally have my system rendering reliably. Amazing how fast the pictures come flying out when the hardware cooperates! I know I posted a couple pictures tonight. For those that have actually been following the Origins storyline, the last one took place way earlier in the scheme of things.

It's just that I'm now finally able to start producing again, so I'm rendering up some of the multitude of scenes and pictures that have been stuck in my head with no way to get out all this time.

And after the kind of day I had with the stupid eye exam, I guess this is a good thing, because it gives me a good release finally.

So anyway. Enjoy what's there... I don't know how long my hardware will cooperate. I need a new video card basically, this Nvidia one is simply not going to work very well, and I slapped in my old Radeon. Which doesn't really have enough memory to function in Poser or DS anymore. But so long as I don't have a ton of other things running in the background... it can apparently render an image! LOL

Lots of other things going on right now, too.. have a couple of medical procedures coming up, so I might possibly be scarce for a while in the first week or two of May. Not sure, we'll see how it goes...

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Physician's Reaction to Transvaginal Ultrasound

Journal Entry: Wed Mar 21, 2012, 1:42 PM

FINALLY! I swear, I would hug this man if I was in the same room as him and could stand the thought of physical contact. Ya'll seriously need to read this.

Throughout the entire abortion/contraceptives issue, the medical community has been VERY strangely SILENT. Not so much as a peep. Finally, we have something from 'one' of them...

I wish this would get read aloud on the 6 o'clock news, broadcast on ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox News, etc etc etc... let them chew on THIS.…

Read! It's about damn time!

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You have GOT to be kidding me! AGAIN?!

Journal Entry: Tue Oct 25, 2011, 1:56 PM
I am sooooooo sick of HD's bricking themselves on me, you know that? I moved my data over to a portable/external western digital elements 1TB drive because I am fed UP with every damned internal HD I have frying itself and losing data.

So now? Now the )(*&£%&#!!! EXTERNAL bricks itself!!


Oh, I haven't lost any data. (I love TestDisk, by the way...) But the fact of the matter is, that once the data is off this portable, which by the way is not EVEN three months old yet!!!! - once it's all off, the goddamned thing is a brick and good for the garbage can only. Eighty dollar drive, this is REDICULOUS.

What's more, is the more I read on this drive, the more it's becoming apparent that a lot of folks with these WD Elements portables are having the exact same errors and issues. I don't have any cyclic redundancy check errors thank heavans (which is what told me the data itself was still there and okay), but it's not able to be read by Windows anymore, and instead of showing as WD Elements (E:) in my list of drives, it simply shows up as Local Disk E : ...

There's no MBR with this thing since it's not a boot-disk. But something having to do with the index allocation got FUBARed.

Sorry. But eighty bucks and I get LESS than three months out of it? No excuse for that. WD is going to have to replace it, especially since these things are under a one-year warranty, and if they don't, I'm going to be the biggest 80 dollar pain in the ass they've ever had to deal with.

I'm just glad I didn't actually LOSE any data this time. So far it seems like almost all of it is there, and useable. Out of like.. 200 GBs of data, I think I've only lost about 5 gigs. Not bad, all things considered. Just very painstaking, because of the nature of the problem with the disk, I can't just have TestDisk do a bulk copy-paste of the entire drive. I have to actually go in there and manually move files over one at a time.

At this point almost everything's off... and WD is going to have to replace this, or refund it, I don't care which, but eighty dollars is WAY too much to spend on something that you don't even get three lousy months out of. There's absolutely no excuse for that... and as I'm seeing a lot of folks having this same sort of issue with the drives suddenly bricking themselves? Even after firmware updates and stuff? Yeah.

Colour me Pissed Off right now.

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Irene Update

Journal Entry: Thu Sep 8, 2011, 1:05 AM
Childe-Of-Fyre l Childe of Fyre : 3D Artworks and More l Watch Me l Note Me l My DA Gallery l Origins

So aside from the sopping wet insulation and the mud and the pumping out of water... looks like these friends of ours now have to knock out several walls of their house and build new ones before they can get moved back in due to mold. I knew it was coming, and had warned them about it, but this means they're still displaced for at least another week or two. The problem there is that the back apartment in my house I'm letting them use is NOT big enough for them to have kids in.

They don't have homeowner's insurance, and they don't have flood insurance. The house is his, but the deed is still in his mother's name, long ago paid off on the mortgage. No money to switch the deed over to your name means you can't insure it, since you have to have the deed in your name in order to insure the place.

This means they're doing everything out of pocket... which is one of the reasons I've been helping out with water damage repair and the construction that needs doing in the house. But I can't house their kids, and the mutual friend we have that DOES have the kids is living in city housing, where there's a very strict limit on how long she can have the kids in her house with her.

UGH. That's all I can say. Just ugh.

Anyway. I'm back to work tonight, I've had my three days off, now I've got my three days on. But I finally got the textures finished that I've been working on for Uzilite's M401 set. It's been uploaded for sale over on Content Paradise. For those that are interested or curious, you can find it here :…

This is the first time I've made a texture set for sale. Usually I do these as freebies, and I do plan to do a freebie pack for this clothing set as well, since it seems to have garnered no texture support at all after being released. Which amazes me, because it's such a versatile clothing package. The textures I just did have short-sleeve options for the shirt, and sleeveless options for the pullover...

So, back to work, and that means my productivity will slow again until I get a few days off. But at least I got this thing packaged up and completed in the last couple of days. Been working on it for about a week, heh.

One of these days I'll start posting up all the Origins pictures I'm currently sitting on, too... if I can work up the energy to write for them.... *groans* LOL.

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After Irene...

Journal Entry: Sat Sep 3, 2011, 9:20 PM
Childe-Of-Fyre l Childe of Fyre : 3D Artworks and More l Watch Me l Note Me l My DA Gallery l Origins

So, we were right in Irene's path. That's unusual for this area, since I'm in upstate New York. We normally don't get a hurricane dead on, it usually just fizzles out to a lot of heavy rain, maybe some winds, but nothing worse than a winter storm level of winds. Well, we actually got this one pretty dead on. My immediate area, not too bad, but a nearby township took a direct hit. The entire lower section of the town is in a declared state of emergency, and I'm discovering just how much mud I can actually swim through, LOL.

Anyhoo - if I haven't seemed to be on much or doing much, this is why. Some friends of ours were in the town, and they lost basically everything from the basement up through the first floor to the water from Irene. She caused the river  to flood, and, well... let's just say that Waterford is named Waterford, for a REASON. So I've spent all day today hauling out soaked insulation, mud, debris, saturated wood floorboards, sheetrock, etc. They're staying at my house for the moment until their house is liveable again.

I will say this - if this sort of thing happened in my area, the city would be thumbing it's collective nose at the citizenry, and the neighborhood would pretty much be every man for himself. Watching it happen in this other town though, it reminds me of just why I prefer the smaller towns so much more to the cities. The entire neighborhood was hit - four houses further down and these friends of mine would have lost their entire house. Most of the lower part of the area did lose quite literally everything to the wind and water damage and flooding.

But the entire neighborhood working on cleanup. The town waste removals have been bring in dumpster after dumpster, hauling in Bobcats and bucket loaders, hauling the filled dumpsters out, not charging the residents a penny for it. And the residents themselves pretty much sharing the cleanup all the way around. Food, water, tools, materials, etc... goes all the way around. People working in each other's houses, sharing child care, stuff like this. You don't SEE that in my city, you get a major event like this, and the city charges you premium dollar for the dumpsters, the city dump closes for the holiday weekend no matter what, and people do their own thing and don't give a hoot about their neighbors really.

Sooo... that said. LOL. I still have quite a few images that need posting, I haven't had the time or energy to post them yet. Though I DID manage to get the next pose package posted up over on Content Paradise. It's for M4, kind of meant as a companion set to the V4 one that I posted up last month. So, we'll see how it does. LOL.

I'll be around. I might be scarce, but I haven't gone anywhere... just been REALLY really busy.

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Keeping Forward

Journal Entry: Thu Jul 28, 2011, 2:00 PM
Childe-Of-Fyre l Childe of Fyre : 3D Artworks and More l Watch Me l Note Me l My DA Gallery l Origins l My Store

So I finally decided to test out this whole notion of selling things again. I'm still fighting with the notion of selling anything through the Renderosity store, but I do have one pose package already up in the Content Paradise store. So far, in about a week, it's sold four times, so I suppose that's encourgement to keep at it. So for those of you that are interested, my CP store is located here :…. Or, you can just go to Content Paradise and bring up Childe of Fyre from the Sellers list dropdown, I suppose.

I'm still working on artwork, and I won't stop making my freebies. But I guess I just finally figured it's time to test the waters on selling things again. I refuse to play the political and clique games, so I probably won't ever be able to make a significant income off of this stuff, but hey, every little bit helps right now. So there you go. :p

Anyway. Aside from that, I'm back to working nights, granted it's only part time due to being sandwhich-generation and not being able to commit to a full time position anywhere, really. But I still want my damn uniform, too, so the part time also helps with that. It leaves me time to keep training and busting the pounds off like I need to.

Everyone keeps asking me how my birthday was. Honestly, it sucked, it has sucked for at least the last ten years, and I swear next year I am just going to go to ground and disappear for the day. Maybe I'll go take a walk through some of the old erie canal locks in this city. Or maybe I'll just go into the woods for the day or something. I haven't had rabbit stew in years and it's yummy.

Back to work changing the zip file structure of my poses to suit Rendo's insane SOP... and maybe I'll actually get a picture posted up before tonight's out, too. If my little laptop can render it. This silly little netbook does better than my desktop which has better hardware in it... figure THAT out!

And oh yes. Can we PLEASE have winter back again? I am so sick of being so hot that I can't breathe or think or see! LOL

I just keep telling myself to continue putting one foot in front of the other....

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Wow... Is Daz Losing It's Touch?

Journal Entry: Thu Jul 7, 2011, 8:19 PM
Childe-Of-Fyre l Childe of Fyre : 3D Artworks and More l Watch Me l Note Me l My DA Gallery l Origins l My Store

So, I've been noticing an interesting trend lately. At least, I've noticed it over on the Daz forums at any rate. I don't know if it's happening elsewhere or not, but it's been there on Daz. People have yet to do the customary total drop off of support for the older figures.

Usually, whenever Daz pushes a new generation of figures on us, vendors and freebie creators alike completely drop support for the previous line of figures in favor of the new-toy-smell of the new line. The Generation 4's, however, I've noticed that not everyone has stopped using them, or supporting them. People seem to be hesitant to completely switch over to them this time out, and at least on Daz, you can still find new/freshly created freebies that support the Generation 3's.

It's an interesting little trend. I guess I'm not the only one that hasn't been satisfied with the V4/M4 group of products  that Daz has put out. There's been some beautiful clothing sets and the like - for way too damn much money, of course - but the figures themselves seem to have met with a mixed review, and mixed feelings from the userbase of Studio and Poser alike. Not everyone has switched over to them.

I actually thought I was in a minority for not having completely switched over to thhe Gen4's. If what I'm seeing on the Freepozitory posts is true, though... I guess I'm not, and there's still enough demand out there for Gen3 stuff that freebie makers are still making new content for them!

This really is a first as far as I can tell for Daz. This is the first time I've ever seen Daz bring out a new line of figures, and yet so many have still, this many months later - not completely stopped using their old Gen3's. I am curious as to why.

I mean, is it simply personal preference for them? Or is it a lack of satisfaction with the morphs and resources needed to use them, or is it a sign of the economy and people not being willing to spend mega bucks to buy a whole new wardrobe for new figures since their previous Gen3 wardrobe won't fit them? Or maybe a combination? I know for me, at least, it's been a combination of all of the above, and then some additional factors as well.

It's just interesting to me. When you're so used to struggling to find content for an older figure every time Daz releases a new figure line... and now for the first time since I started playing with Poser, that struggle doesn't seem to exist...

I'm thrilled actually, because it gets irritating having to struggle to find stuff for the previous figure line. But it is VERY interesting that the overall community trend of 'dump the last line and pretend itn ever existed' every time Daz comes out with the next 'new toy'..... it hasn't happened this time.


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