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Winter MARPAT Bundle

This is a bundle pack for the winter camoflauge sets. It's a single zip file with all five zip files of the other sets contained within it.

This is posted up for convenience. For those of who might own all of these clothing packs and want the camo textures for all of them, it just makes it easier to get it. You get it off of one page, and one download, instead of having to run around to five different pages and DL'ing five different files.

As the file is over 20 mbs in size, I'm not even going to attempt to upload it to DA's servers directly. LOL You'll need to go to my website and get it. That's located here : [link]

Click on 'Clothing' in the left hand navigation menu, and you'll find it. The thumbnail is very clearly titled 'Winter MARPAT Bundle'.

Enjoy, and have fun with it, folks.
~ Seliah
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Hey, I didn't want to cause trouble, just wanted to point out that the USMC doesn't use a CADPAT style digital camouflage pattern for their winter camouflage pattern but instead use a pattern developed by Hyperstealth, and can be found more about here-> [link]
To your credit though, these do look like pretty nice textures.
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In other words (sorry, meant to put this into the other post), it's done with a bit of artistic liscence - no intentions of trying to produce an EXACT replica/etc.
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Alright. Glad to hear you were aware of this.
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Nope, you aren't causing any trouble. I'm aware that they don't use a CADPAT style for this, so no worries there. This was based OFF of those styles, not meant to be an exact duplication of their camo.