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Origins : Snapshots In Time 82 by Childe-Of-Fyre Origins : Snapshots In Time 82 by Childe-Of-Fyre

"ARGH." Connor complained as soon as the tears started, and plunked down to sit on his backside in the dirt and dust and old blood of the empty house. He scooped Vincent up and just started talking. Nattering about this and that and the other thing, none of which had anything to do with where they were or what they were currently doing. If he could distract the boy, the tears would go away eventually.

The Russian elder came down the stairs, finally reaching the first floor, and moved to crouch nearby, but he didn't interfere with the two Americans. Well, the one American. He wasn't entirely sure what nationality the red-eyed boy was, that accent he spoke with was strange. It reminded the old man of the Siberian Inuit just a little bit, but it wasn't.. quite.. right. It didn't quite fit for that.

"Vincent..." Connor sighed, just sitting there with him as the boy basically curled into a ball and rocked. With an inarticulate grumble, Connor reached a hand out and squeezed the kid's shoulder. And was surprised to find that he suddenly had a lap-full of Marauder when Vincent just went limp at the touch. "Hey! Hey, hey, come on now... look, she's resting now, right? You did what you could."

And Vincent didn't say a word. The tears shed didn't make a sound either, despite how hard he was actually crying. The sheer silence of it almost made it worse than if he'd been bawling aloud like most other people did. And it made Connor wince, and return to just talking about other unrelated things and trying to distract the kid from where they were while he waited him out.

The Elder finally stood up, and made his way to the door, turning his back on the other two. Then, he took a step over the threshold and walked out the front door, crossed the porch and down into the snow and started back to his own house.

By the time the tears had finally abated, Vincent was half sprawled on the floor and half leaning up against the healer. There was no strength left in him at that point, and Conno sighed, pushing hair out of the kid's eyes.

"Come on, we're going, Vincent." He said quietly, and just picked the boy up himself and walked out the front door with him. Vincent didn't argue, the boy didn't even try to fight it. Between the point of being picked up off the floor and the point of walking out the front door, his eyes had closed.

Connor purposely didn't let himself think about the fact that the kid was sleeping. He really didn't want to think about it and what it meant. If Vincent fell asleep like that, especially near someone he didn't want to hurt, it was generally a very bad sign. And Connor was doing an ace job at pretending it hadn't happened.

Tom got one look at the two stepping outside and immediately snorted. "What'd he fuckin' do this time, blow a God damned fuse!?"

Connor glowered at him. Jane shot Tom a warning look, and growled once, then looked over at the healer. "Get him to the Mariah." And with a grab at Tom's arm to drag him along, the wolf-girl turned on her heels and marched across the snow towards the Marauder's helo.
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