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COF Every Man's Closet (Poser) by Childe-Of-Fyre COF Every Man's Closet (Poser) by Childe-Of-Fyre
This is a migrated package item. I used to sell it over on Content Paradise. I closed that store down some time ago, and I've been slowly migrating some of that content into my freebies. Mostly the things I migrate over are items that I don't feel represent my current quality levels well enough to continue to sell, but are still good enough that they might be useful to people in other ways. I just don't want them in my storefront is all.

Anyway - this is a set of textures done for the old Uzilite M401 clothing that was made for Michael 4 many years back. It was originally uploaded to CP back in 2011 as a sale item, and the base clothing was already a couple of years old by that point. So this gives you an idea of the age. Some of the textures are definitely showing their age, some of them are putting my inexperience with texturing (back at that time) on very painful display. LOL But overall, I thought some people might be able to get use out of these somewhere. I know that Michael 4 is still widely used by Poser artists.


If the download button on DA doesn't work for you for some reason, you can also get the file on either my website, or over at ShareCG.
Website :…
ShareCG :…

Package Content Previews :
Sweaters Preview :…
Shoes Preview :…
Slacks Preview #1 :…
Slacks Preview #2 :…
Button Shirt Preview #1 :…
Button Shirt Preview #2 :…
Ties Preview #1 :…
Ties Preview #2 :…

Included Files :
10 Shirt Textures
10 V-Neck Sweater Textures
10 Shoes Textures
10 Ties Textures
10 Slacks Textures
1 Shirt Transparency Map (Not pictured in previews - makes the button shirt short-sleeved.)
1 V-Neck Sweater Transparency Map (Not pictured in previews - makes the V-Neck into a sleeveless vest/sweater.)
All required MAT poses to apply textures and transparency maps to all items.
1 good laugh at how horrible my texture skills were back in 2011. :rofl:

File Size :
22 mbs

File Format :
All files are in Poser format. (.png, pz2, .jpg)
Daz Studio users should expect to have to manually adjust the materials by hand.

Required Files :
Uzilite's "M401" Clothing (Daz -
Michael 4 to wear the base clothing items.

Uasage Rights :
Commercial renders are okay.
You may not redistribute the included files in any other form.
No, my items may NOT be used in Second Life for any reason, or in any way. Sorry.
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shanarah Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2017   General Artist
Thanks for sharing, Seliah!  I actually just used this clothing set on G3M a month or two ago so maybe I can play with your textures in the near future.  :)
Childe-Of-Fyre Featured By Owner Edited Apr 1, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
It's a great set, isn't it? I love it even after all these years. LOL!

The textures were built inside of Poser years ago. So, the materials are most definitely going to need adjusting for DS. Hmm. Maybe I should set up DS mats as a separate item to go with it like I did with Tlaloc's skin years ago. These could probably benefit from either the skin lighting model, or maybe some toying about with the Ubersurface shader or such.

I'll crack into it later on and take a look at it. Once I have this current project sent up to QA for Hivewire. :)
shanarah Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2017   General Artist
It is!  I still love it, though it needs some texture updates.

That's not a problem at all!  :)  I'm so used to tweaking the settings for just about everything I use.  Part of the fun I think.  I've used lots of Poser only stuff over the years, especially when I first started out using only freebies since I couldn't afford to buy anything for my runtime.

Ooo!  What are you working on?
Childe-Of-Fyre Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Tweaking settings is also how we learn our software. I actually encourage it. I think it's very much needed for people to do this if they ever want to actually get the most out of their software. Whether it's Poser or Daz Studio, if we don't decide to start tweaking things, then we are never going to learn our software, or it's interface. :)

As to what I'm working on... I have a few things in progress. The one that is closest to being "done" is a pack of shape/morph presets for Dawn... with a Dusk one planned to come sometime afterward also. People seem to like my Dawn/Dusk shapes that I dial up, and most of them are just quick dial spins that I do for my promo renders on other items.. so I decided to collect a group of them together and make a big pack out of them. It'll be a cheap item because it doesn't take me that much effort to do... and I have fun doing dial spins anyway. :)

Erm. I also have two skins in progress for Dawn, one more in progress for Dusk. One for for G3F and two others for G3M. I also have pose packs for a couple of different figures in progress as well... and I'm trying to get a head start on the Fantasy Attic giveaways for Halloween and Christmas, because I completely missed them last year on both holidays.

I never have just "one" thing in progress. LOL 
shanarah Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2017   General Artist
So lots in the pipeline!  That's a good thing, but def take some time for yourself.  :)  

I definitely like your Dawn/Dusk characters.  They don't look like the base model like everyone elses "characters" do.  That seeming lack of being able to get anything out of them other than the base is kind of why I haven't really touched them at all to date.  Maybe I need to play with them a little more.
Childe-Of-Fyre Featured By Owner Edited Apr 3, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
My characters don't look like the base, because I'm not happy with them if they still look like the base.  LOL. A couple of things to take note of with Dawn and Dusk when dial-spinning.

1.) TURN OFF the blasted limits.

Most of my dial spins use values that are outside of the default "range" of the dial. I have to manually disable the dial limits for each one as I come across one that I need to spin in the other direction, or further in the intended direction or whatever. This works just fine for them in DS.

2.) To be able to really breathe life into their face and body shapes, you kind of really do need to have all of the morph packs available. Get them one at a time as you're able to, but for my characters, just as a for instance, they usually end up requiring basically every Hivewire morph pack the figure has. Starter morphs, head morphs, body morphs, and the head resource kit morphs... that last package especially is needed for Dusk.


There isn't a whole lot of clothing out there yet for Dusk... I have clones to let me autofit clothes from the G2's and Gen4's over to Dawn and Dusk. I forget where I got the clones from. But that's helped immensely insofar as actually being able to put a decent variety of clothing on them. I'm working on learning how to model clothes, as they both really do need a bigger wardrobe than they currently have. But I'm not quite there yet.

But mostly as far as making them look like their own person, you just really need the morph packages. If you're only working with, for instance.. the base figure and the starter morphs... you're not going to be able to get much out of the figure. The head and body morphs are needed at the very least... you can squeeze by without the head resource kit on Dawn, but for Dusk you absolutely will need it in order to get him to look like his own person. So it's kind of a bit of cash insofar as getting the morph packages first. Once you have those, though, they're almost as dial-able as the Daz figures. If you don't have the morph packs, the best alternative is to do morphs by hand in something like Blender or ZBrush... but that's also still out of my skill range yet on modeling. :)
shanarah Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2017   General Artist
Thanks for the info, Seliah!  This will be very helpful.  :)
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