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My first winamp skin.

Note: Only main window skinned.

Note 2: This skin require "Desktop Alpha Blending" to be enabled.
© 2004 - 2021 ChiLam
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Why not present us a skin FULLY skinned ??

We don't want no more those skins half finished !!
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Fits perfect with MSI laptops, because of similarity with MSI logo :D :ahoy:
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very nice. I wish to be playlist
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Excellent work!!!Thanks for your sharing!!
x-thePRODiGY-x's avatar
needs a stop button lol,

(S|P) <- make stop and play in one circle it will look nice:)
robinism's avatar
i really like this skin allot i just cant get the equalizer to show up :shrug:
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How to enable Desktop Alpha Blending?
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Open the preferences Window (Control + P) and then go to the "Skins zone" on the preferenes window and look for "Alpha Blending" on the top, then check the "Enable Desktop Alpha Blending (when requested by skin)" and Voila! :)
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Awesome skin...the best!

Does anyone know when v3 will be released? :)
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Very pretty, but as everyone said, skin the rest of the windows.
Also, it's impossible to read on a white background.
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Dude, I am so looking forwed to the next version. It's in a class of it's own, for version 3 (version 2 been added buttons) i recon options for diffrent shades of transparent ie. aqua blue, orange etc. so it can fit in with differing backgrounds (not that it doesnt already) but yea it would add an extra touch.
The-Music's avatar
just i was looking for.!!!!!!!!!1 excellent skin!
jeayese's avatar
I love this skin, this is the first Modern skin i have ever used and or Liked... Well done :D
animeGhost's avatar
very nice skin...
are u gonna skin the rest of it or leave it as is
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this is the best skin i've yet to try you rock for using this idea
beany99's avatar
I'd be all over this if there were a playlist window.
alterion's avatar
for a first skin this is absolutly superb.. now go and skin the other windows NOW... then you have a winamp skin that will get featured and up there with the best of the best
danne-skate87's avatar
i hate it i think it sux so bad u should be f***** in ur a** or not what do i know?? answer: ALL....
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ps i would marry you if you updated it so there was a matching transparent skin for the playlist
DigitalReflection's avatar
this is fucking fantastic MAN!!!
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