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WinFlag and Apple Start button, 3 different fonts, wallpaper and Yz Toolbar included.

Update: (27JAN2005)
1. Some bug fixed
2. ShellStyle included.

Its still a BETA.


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wow, really smooth dude! i love the blue-grey :)
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very very nice!!!!111
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Great!!! Really powerfull skin! Respect, man!
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oooh im so happy i downloaded this *_*. thanks for sharing!
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Wow this is most excelent!
any chances of a trillian pro skin to go with it?
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Very nicely done...
like this alot

really good looking for a beta
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:calvin: Very Nice VS :#1:
Can you please let us know from where can we get the icons please ?
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Nice Work Chilam :-/

Can you give me the link for icons ?

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Wow........... It's so great ChiLam.

Added to fav. & DevWatch.

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yes nice work!!!!
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Now I gots another question.. How'd you get those icons so nice and big without the horrable quality loss? I run 1024x768 if it matters..
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yes im having the same problem!
except im running at 1280x1024 and the look horrible, but then again this was the first time ive tried to change my icons
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Looks great - everything looks perfect to me. I did notice the buttons seem to get kinda squished in Photoshop though. If you go to File | New, look at the buttons there. Man, other than that it's awesome.
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you should add the explorer bar with the theme, maybe the icons too... pastel if im correct?
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Any chance this (along with the toolbar) will get ported to WB? Awesome looking stuff
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Will try to port it to WB after VS goes Final, and that will be my 1st WB theme. :clap:
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Sweet. I love the new "All Programs" look as well as the shellstyle. Looks like you also fixed the menus with text getting cutt off. Good work!
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nice. i like it a lot
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I really love this. I want to put it into my default build but there are some niggles (such as text being chopped off in some of the dialog windows. Examples are display properties->appearance->effects and the hardware setup wizard (off the top of my head). When will the finished version be ready :)
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I like how this turned out. The only gripe is the min max and close buttons look a little cheesy.
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excellent work

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nice! gonna have to try it out. The "Smoothicons" icons go really well with it. Just someone could make an IP for them.
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