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Hey dear Pageviewer!
Itīs my smal Gallary of my skimpy Pictures!^^


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The Warrior / Ch13 - Zeke x Reader (AU / AOT)
I'm sitting in the dark, in the empty living-room. I have my legs hug against my body and my forehead rested against my knees, still sobbing. I'm so lost in my thought that I almost didn't hear the front door opening and closing.
It is already dark outside, the only light in the room is the one entering through the windows, from the streets. I look up to see Zeke is standing in the living room door, looking at me. He is about to turn the lights on, but I stop him. I don't want him to see me like this. A complete sobbing mess.
"Don't. Just let the lights off." I plead.
"(Name)? Are you OK?" He asks, sitting next to me.
"Yes. No. I don't know, ” I sigh. “How did you find me?"
"I know what happened. I went by your house looking for you and I talked to your parents" He says, avoiding my glance.
"You did!? And what did they say?" I wipe off the tears with the back of my hand.
"Your mother told me that you had argued with them, and you ran away. She also told me what it was about
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My Faves!^^

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To much Lamas! Can´t help but I must give 13 Lamas back und thank 13 People for watching me. Today I´ll start with it! BUT FOR WHAT are the f*cking Lamas?!! xDDD
80 Watchers? OMG!! I´ll soon upload more Pictures. Long time no see! xD


Sweet about me:
Hey Guys, call me Chiku!
I come from Germany and yesh, my English sucks!
I´m Naruto (and Yu-Gi-Oh!) obsessed and one of my fave Characteres are Pain and this Parths, Madara, Kimimaro, Orochimaru and Deidara.
I love the male und the female Chikushodo Path of Pain, but the female a littlebit more.
So I´ve a Idea.
I´ve give the Soulless Body her Personality back and chance her Style a little bit.
So become Chikushodo to Chiku Doubutsu, my own OC!

My own Groups:

Groups in which I'm admin!

:icontrollface: o,o

Current Residence: Germany
Favourite genre of music: Rock/Rop und Emohits
Favourite style of art: Manga
Operating System: Laptop, Nintendo DS I, PS3
MP3 player of choice: None, I´ve my Handy or Youtube!
Favourite cartoon character: Kimimaro Kaguya, Pain, Madara Uchiha, Setzo Kaiba!
I have heard from other users how they reacted to the group "I hate Petra Ral" and I can only shake my head.Why is talked of Shippings, if the hatred refers to only one person and why Ereri is involved with it, I would like to know.It's true that this group also has a lot of anti-rivetra stuff, especially these fictions are striking, but it's not an anti-shipping group. Correct me if there was an anti-rivetra group.

At least I joined because I do not like the character and yes, even the couple. I love the pictures, which reveal in a funny way what a character Petra has and why a Rivetra shipping can not be Canon. Because I have a certain aversion to people who collect some half-facts, why this and only this couple is "true".And that's what it's about.  The people who are members of this group or just watching them are not all Ereri fans. At most fans of Levi or other couples.

About the Fanfiktions in the group can be argued. But I just think that you have likes and dislikes and if you do not like a character, you put them in a bad light in your works. For example, I do not like Kenny Ackerman. Two friends joined me and together we did a roleplay where we torture and kill Kenny. You do not have to like everything and everyone and you are welcome to comment on it. At Petra it is only noticeable, because she is quite popular. Sure, it's annoying when someone talk shit about your favorite character or your favorite pairing, but in that case you just have to stand over it.

However, you should always count on Hate if you give such a shit: Petra is so sweet and kindhearted and she is married to Levi, how can you not love her? You are just stupid Hater, who can not handle that the two are a couple!

It even arouses my potential for aggression, and I tend to be a calmer and more prudent sort of person, because I do not think Petra is sweet, kind-hearted, and Rivetra is nonsense to me. Sorry. Nobody likes to get imposed on a particular pairing and just so Rivetra has so many haters. Maybe I'm just looking in the wrong places, but I've never seen any hater from Levi x Hanji or Levi x Erwin. That's really only the case with Rivetra.

To return to the topic of "group": There are some people who do not like something and represent it more or less nicely. Nevertheless, opinion remains opinion and because it has brought this one character to this group, you should not feel attacked. There are also enough people who do not like Levi, for example. That with the hated character also certain pairings are hated, is actually a minor matter. I think if you do not like Petra then you do not like Olivo x Petra besides rivetra.



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