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I still think traditional art is better


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ok just ignore that last statement




Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART

The vid is here 

Tagged by winter491 
1: Real Name: Not gonna happen
2: Nicknames: Liverrola(self), Livvu(Nyan), Liv(Most people) 
I'm omitting a name because it's an obvious hint as to what my actual name is
3: Zodiac Sign: Leo
4: Male or Female: more female
5: Nursery: IDK
6: Primary School: can't risk stalkers
7: Secondary School: can't risk stalkers
8: Hair-Color: brownish
9: Long or Short: short
10: Loud or quiet: loud with friends
11: Sweats or Jeans: sweats
12: Phone or Camera: Phone, it's easier to use
13: Health Freak: I want to be but I have to eat junk food
14: Drink or Smoke: eugh.
15: Do You Have A Crush: I have fictiophilia(spelling?)(Go look it up)
16: Political Orientation: won't start a fire war
17: Piercings: none
18: Tattoos: none

Have You Ever Been In:
19: Airplane: yes
20: Car Accident: no
21: Fist Fight: no

22: Piercing: none
23: First Best Friend: Liv C, same name as moi in kindergarten
24: First Instrument: piano
25: First Award: uh my first real award was I think $200 for writing a story…
don't think anyone can access it tho it's cringey
26: First Crush: random guy in my class when I was 7 and didn't know any better
27: First Language: chinese
28: First Big Vacation: hawaii

29: Last Person Talked To: mom
30: Last Person Texted: Underbend…
31: Last Person You Watched: idk
32: Last Food You Ate: yogurt
33: Last Movie You Watched: Sing(It was blarghy)
34: Last Song You Listened To: id remember
35: Last Thing You Bought: whole wheat toast
36: Last Person You Hugged: ID remember

37: Favorite Food: sushi
38: Drinks: coconut milk/water
39: Clothing: turtleneck sweaters
40: Book: Fantasy, fiction
41: Color: green
42: Flower: all of them
43: Music: it's Whole by Chime, Adam Tell and Rob Gasser rn

44: Movie: idk Moana I guess
45: Subject: idk

In the Past Year, I...
47. [ ] Kissed in the Rain
48. [X] Celebrated Halloween
49. [ ] Had Your Heart Broken
50. [ ] Went Over the Minutes on Your Cell Phone
51. [x] Someone Questioned Your Sexual Orientation(Da spider. Our group will get it)
52. [X] Used a Weapon (I cut some oranges)
53. [ ] Breathed Fire
54. [ ] Had an Abortion
55. [X] Done Something You Regretted
56. [ ] Broke a Promise(ID remember)
57. [ ] Kept a Secret(ID remember either)
58. [X] Pretended to Be Happy
59. [X] Met Someone Who Changed Your Life
60. [ ] Pretended to Be Sick
61. [X]For Vacation? X] Left the Country
62. [ ] Tried Something You Normally Wouldn't Like, and You Liked it
63. [X] Cried Over The Silliest Thing
64. [X] Ran a Mile
65. [X] Went to the Beach(I think)
66. [X] Stayed Single

67: Eating: air
68: Drinking: air
69: Getting Ready To: No'in
70: Listening To: myself think
71: Plans for tomorrow: like 2 classes
72: Waiting For: time to pass
Your Future: Idk
73: Want Kids: Idk
74: Want To Get Married: Idk
75: Careers in Mind: animator or artist of some sort

Which Is Better On A Girl/Guy:
76: Lips or Eyes: Eyes
77: Shorter or Taller: Idk
78: Romantic or Spontaneous: I'm fictiophilic
79: Nice Stomach or Nice Arms: Idk
80: Sensitive or Loud: Sensitive I guess
81: Hook-Up or Relationship: none at my age
82: Troublemaker or Hesitant: Idk

Have You Ever:
83: Lost Glasses/Contacts: yes
84: Ran Away From Home: sorta
85: Held A Weapon In Self Defense: Idk, does an umbrella or a flimsy sword count? Well then yes
86: Killed Somebody: no
87: Broken Someones Heart: I don't think so
88: Been Arrested: no

Do You Ever Belive In:
90: Yourself: Maybe
91: Miracles: what terena said
92: Love At First Sight: No
93: Heaven: I'm TONGIST(Donnask)
94: Santa Claus: Man I wish
95: Magic: no

Answer Truthfully:
96: Is there One Person You Wanna Be With, Right Now: hehehe I really don't wanna say
so I'll say uh
ask me for a noteeee and I'll give you a list of fictional characters
97: Are You Seriously Happy with Where You Are in Life: not really
98: Are You Happy With The Person You're With: N/A
99: Do You Believe In The Multiverse?: yeah it's actually scientifically possible
100: Post as 100 Truths and Tag Five People: NyanToDaMax145 dragon-roar MacaronDulce krattgirl124 Can only do four sorry
Watch that fricking video and give Sr Pelo a SUBSCRIBER


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Welcome to my place, siddown and have some cold milk. Unless you're lactose intolerant. Then you can have some iced tea.
I attempt to animate at times, and that's here at my flipanim account:
OneShot Stamp by FlareBlaze45



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