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Sweet Valentine (Doujinshi) - 14 by ChikoritaMoon Sweet Valentine (Doujinshi) - 14 by ChikoritaMoon
My new Doujinshi :3
Sweet Valentine - 2016 Spring
by Mew Mew Chikorita Moon
* Info:
- ~ 18 pages (may change, only full book - I don't upload all pages here)
- Black & White (Screentone)
- Non-H
- Doujinshi (ノ*゜▽゜*)
- Language: Vietnamese, English (English now available! You can buy that version, but i not yet don't know how to ship...)
This is the first time I draw a free-Doujinshi and post it on the Internet as well that the 2rd Doujinshi I
publish (2rd book in 2016 too and the first Black & White one, that's quite hard huh!). I intended to draw this on February 2016 for Valentine but you know, I'm too lazy... until there's a Furry Convention in Thai (know as Kemono Only Event - Morph Parade, you can try to search the page on Facebook!). At first, the convention was on October 30th but it delayed till 2017. I drew this to sell at this convention so I keep doing the pieces I left from February. Also, if you want to buy our book, please contact me~ It's not only my Doujin, there're collections from other Artists as well (our Circle: Vietfur).
Well, sorry for the bad English and the story too... I guess it's a bit boring and childish after all :c
I resize the image, ofcourse. If you want highquality version, I suggest buying the book - The size actually is 1748x2480!
Btw, happy Halloween late!!! <3 ~
[Read from Right to Left]

* Submited on Internet: November 2nd 2016 (lol I actually set Private this post then open Public on November 3rd but nah, don't mind - I love November 2nd)
Publish (Intended - Book version): November 12nd 2016

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Gingerbreadbirdy Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2016  Hobbyist
I had no idea you were making a doujinshi. :3
ChikoritaMoon Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2016  Student Digital Artist
I do it secretly without saying anything lol, because this is a free Doujin and I want to post it at once
Other, I still notify first, but only for Doujin I sell xD
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November 2, 2016
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