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Sword Art Online Rainmeter Suite



v1.0 (20171126): Release
v1.1 (20171209): Added Agenda (screenshot here: Upgraded Calendar to Lua script. Fixed "not enough substrings" warning bug in Torrent Tracker.
v1.2 (20171214): Fixed a bug where you can't input the Event Calendar URL in the default setup skin.
(20220215): I am no longer maintaining this skin. Feel free to post any modified versions of it to suit your own needs (a link back to this post would be nice though!).

Overview of skins (imgur album)
  • System meters: show CPU/RAM/Network/Hard disk usage
  • Notes: take notes directly on the desktop
  • Music / Now Playing: supports all players listed here -…
  • qBitTorrent progress: tracks torrents' progress; please see qBitTorrent setup below for details
  • Weather: supports weather codes. Please find yours here -
  • Calendar: supports Google Calendar / other iCal calendars. Displays events and holidays.
  • Agenda: Displays up to 5 future events!
To make daylight savings work with the Agenda, replace lines 3 - 6 of agenda.lua with the following:

Skin Setup dialog box
Please load Setup.ini skin, or directly edit \resources\Shared\

Calendar URL setup
To make events and holidays show up you must specify two ICAL (.*ics) URLs / files, one for events and one for holidays, in the setup menu.
The URLs should end in ".ics" (or written in ICAL format).

For Google Calendar events,
  1. On a computer, open Google Calendar.
  2. In the top right, click the cog icon -> Settings.
  3. In the left menu, click the name of the calendar you want to share.
  4. In the "Integrate Calendar" section, copy the Secret address in iCal format. This is the private ICAL URL of your calendar.
  5. Paste this link to the skin setup dialog box.
  6. Do the same with the holiday calendar.
For more information visit:…

  • Calendar (\resources\Appearance\Calendar\
    • GlobalWidth = Width of skin in pixels
    • WeekCount = Number of weeks shown on calendar (1 - 6).
    • Colors

  • System (\resources\Appearance\System\
    • GlobalWidth = Width of skin in pixels
    • Colors and Label styles

  • MusicPlayer (\MusicPlayer\MusicPlayer.ini)
    • General width and height
    • Font, Font Size
    • Colors

  • Notes (\Notes\Notes.ini)
    • General width and height
    • Font, Font Size
    • Colors
    • Number of pages (pages are saved to \resources\notesX.txt)

  • qBitTorrent tracker (\Torrent Tracker\TorrentTracker.ini)
    • General width and height
    • Font, Font size
    • Colors

  • Weather (\Weather\Weather_4d.ini)
    • General width and height
    • Font, Font Size
    • Colors

qBitTorrent setup
Works with qBitTorrent v3.3.15 or above.

To make this skin work you must enable webUI in qBitTorrent:
1. qBitTorrent -> Options -> WebUI -> Check Web User Interface (Remote Control)
2. Set Port to 8088
3. In Authentication, enter a username and password to your liking (it does not matter), then check "Bypass authentication for localhost"

You can choose another port for the WebUI if you wish, just change WebUIPort under [Variables] in the skin ini to match the one you chose.

Credits and resources:
Sword Art Online UI image resources by darkblackswords…

Weather Icons from Weather Glass by HipHopium…
© 2017 - 2023 chikkc
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Hey all. I've been making modifications to the monthly calendar skin. I am not familiar with Lua but managed to figure out how to make some visual changes, but i cant figure out how to get the skin to display the entire month (6 weeks) and not display current week as first week displayed and show following 6 weeks. I know this is an old skin but does anyone have any advise?