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-- and possibly other Black Order personnel.

I'm currently writing a mission fanfic for GazeRei's and I's DGM Egyptian twin exorcists, Setesh and Anurabis; and due to their leaning towards mass Akuma exterminations their missions tend to require more Finders than the usual assignments.

With that said, both Reisy and I thought it would be fun and interesting to possibly include other people's Finder OCs on the mission, or even just giving them a mention! We felt it would be much more meaningful and get others charas featured in some way, compared to me just dropping random ass names in that mean nothing which is kinda boring, ya know? :P

:star: So yeh, if you're interested in having your Finder OC cameo in the fanfic, drop a comment below with your bab's info! You can also comment with any other Black Order personnel OC's you have (just no exorcists, 'kay?).
    :pointr: I've got a summary of the fanfic project at the bottom of this journal, too, so you can get an idea of what to expect c:

    :bulletred: Ps. Don't guilt-trip me, or say stuff like "well I know my chara won't get picked" bc buddy then you'll be right haha

W h a t   I ' l l   N e e d :
  • Preferably, a link/thumb to a written bio and a visual reference (written descriptions can work too)(WIP are fine!)
  • Otherwise (or you can do both!), leave basic information about your OC in your comment - things that'll help me write them *v* Some examples of useful infos could be:

    • Name, age, and job

    • Quick personality description, and a few likes and dislikes wouldn't hurt

    • A little bit of SIMPLIFIED history on them (how they joined the Order, how long they've been at the Order, maybe what exorcists they've gone on missions with if any).

    • Quotes! Examples of how they talk, like if they have poor English, have an accent, or use words in another language (such as if English isn't their first language).

    • Anything else you think I should know, such as talents they have that could apply to a mission, disabilities, how you think they'd react or treat Setesh and Anurabis, etc, etc.

:bulletred: :bulletred:   I M P O R T A N T :   I WILL BE VERRYYYY PICKY!
I'm not choosing based on characters I "like" the most, I'm choosing based on who I think fits with the story or can contribute something interesting in line with it. I can't promise I'll include your character, nor can I promise how much they participate in the fanfic if I do choose them. They may even just be mentioned offhand or in conversation, or something like that. So please keep this in mind!

C u r r e n t   P r o j e c t

+ Mission in Egypt - Anurabis and Setesh ( working on now )

  • Deadline for OC submissions: Ehhh, two weeks? (I want to finish the fanfic in a month, sooo)
  • Context/Timeline: This is sometime after the move to new HQ location and Central's involvement, but before the Third Exorcist drama / Alma Arc. Inspired by this lovely artwork :heart:
  • :note: Looking mostly for a few male Finder OCs (give a chance for the men to shine lol).
  • :note: May include a conversation between the Finders about other Finders, Nurses, Scientists, or Kitchen Staff (aka gossip), so female and other gender OCs of different occupations can get included too.

[DGM FC Collab] - Anurabis Khalil by GazeRei [DGM FC Collab] Setesh Khalil by ChikitaWolf [DGM OCs Drabble] Storms and KinksWhile Kira Malcolm and Shiroyama Rei enjoyed their warm tea and window view with utmost content, elsewhere in the Black Order HQ feelings regarding the thunderstorm raging outside were quite different.
"I'm going to fucking murder Mother Nature," hissed Setesh Khalil, cramming his pillow harder against his ears.
Anurabis Khalil, also wide awake in his bed, sighed. "It will pass, Set."
"You said that an hour ago, Anu."
Anurabis arched an eyebrow. "Was that a whine I just heard in your voice, dear brother?"
Setesh ripped the pillow from his face and was in the midst of sending a scowl at his amused twin when a peel of thunder ripped through the air. Both men startled violently. Setesh jumped to his feet in a split second, instinctually reaching for his Was-sceptre -- only to lose his balance as the mattress beneath his feet bounced.
Anurabis stiffened in alarm when he heard the unmistakable sound of a body crashing to the floor. As he looked over the side of his bed,
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BETTER LATE THAN NEVER, HOHOO, excuse my fuckton of text


  • Ejvind Hviid Broersen, 22 y/o, assigned as both scientist and doctor. Has joined groups of exorcists several times as support (*cough* keeping a leash on them all, because Ejvind is a goddamn mom) and field doctor. He can take care of himself and knows how to avoid being killed on the battlefield too, lol

I’ve actually been a non-lazy shit and written his full BIO, so here goes (includes le reference as well ;D ):  [DGM fan-character reference] Ejvind Brodersen by Ekkodahl

Hope it’s ok to include another ‘’normal’’ finder as well uvu/ Ejvind’s lil bro, hehe – he doesn’t have a BIO yet, so I’ll try to flesh him out:


  • Isaac Hviid Brodersen, 20 y/o, mute Finder who communicates through either sign language (mostly with his brother) or by writing/drawing on a sketchbook.

  • Isaac is adventurous, kind and cheerful, good at listening and observing, hence making him a master at collecting information – and a pretty decent finder, not something he dares brag about. He’s very considerate with people, maybe too nice for his own good, but still knows when to drag a line. His curiosity used to get in his way a lot when he was younger, but he has learned with time to know when to let things go, even if it upsets him. Also, he’s very stubborn and once he sets his eye on something, it’s not easy to drag him from it.

> He dislikes people making fun of his disability, but will never get angry about it (too good he is, too good). Unnecessary trouble, big dogs and onions includes as well.

> He likes hot weather, traveling, doodling landscapes in his sketchbook and experiencing new things in general uvu

  • Isaac grew up with his older brother Ejvind in a home with an abusive father who was not fond of his mute, youngest son. One day he left Isaac, Ejvind and their mother in drunk rage and never returned, while Ejvind later left to attend medic school. In the time he spent alone, a few finders visited town and Isaac followed them around and got in contact with them… And not very surprisingly the story of the Order amazed him. Weeks after their leave he thought constantly of his own future. While his brother was unfairly intelligent, and able to speak, he was neither. He wanted badly to get out into the world and do something… And that was probably when he was reminded of the Order. He could become a finder… Though Isaac had a lot of trouble with getting recruited due to being mute - some found his disability troublesome, but Isaac was a stubborn soul and insisted. In the end, he was accepted in and was later joined by his bro.

> Currently he’s been a finder for a little more than two years and has gone on several missions with different exorcists, including especially team Tiedoll (Marie, Daisya, Kanda) and Lavi and Bookman. He claims to have no preference of which exorcists he travels with, but Tiedoll and Bookman are by far his favorites – he likes their calmness.



  • Since Isaac is mute, he doesn’t have a specific accent. He does know both English and Danish sign language, and mainly uses Danish with his brother. The type of sentences he usually writes in respond to people on his sketchbook are either short sentences or words. He likes commenting on conversations while standing in the background. Examples could be; ‘’Rude’’, ‘’Yes/No’’, ‘’Go on’’ etc. He’s very direct with his messages, quick on his hands while writing too, so don’t expect cryptic answers. He always uses his whole body to ‘communicate’ with people too (nodding, turning thumbs up, shaking his head, making huge and exaggerated arm movements). He doesn’t swear either. Typical written quotes of him could also be;

> ''Can you explain further/repeat that?'' (Usually used when talking to common people about seeing of akuma/paranormal activity)

> ''We should keep moving.'' (Mainly a message towards Kanda when he gets pissy on his teammates on missions – instead of telling him to get his shizz together, he uses logic sentences instead – he’s a bit scared of him too, so he doesn’t dare enraging him.)

> ''I’ll be fine.'' Or ''Jeg klarer den.'' (Which is Danish and can be directly translated as ’’I’ll make it’’ - To Ejvind when his brother complains about him going on missions and being ‘’reckless’’)


  • Obviously, Isaac’s muteness is a disability in battle, since he can’t warn the exorcists from far, nor communicate through golems. He must be close to his teammates all the time, which can also be a challenge when akuma are flying everywhere, lol. Still he’s a good collector of useful information and quick to react with his body, since he can’t use words (if he hadn’t been a finder, he would most likely have been a talented spy). 
  • I think he would like Anurabis a lot! His calmness and politeness would probably get to him, and he’d love to hear more about Egypt and their culture. Setesh on the other hand, he’d probably be warier with – he wouldn’t dislike him, but he wouldn’t know how to handle his aggressive honesty without crying. It’d probably make him upset and he’d obviously avoid him a little. It’s something he’d be a little embarrassed about, yet he probably still would try to ask Anurabis how to act around his twin. Isaac loathes conflict to the very bone and will obviously do anything to avoid it, hence why he probably wouldn’t clash too well with Setesh’s provoking nature.
Isaac2 by Ekkodahl Isaac1 by Ekkodahl  His eyes are dark blue, lmao, for some reason I never drew him with them open???


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I'm not going to reply to OC Submission comments because I want to keep the comments section uncluttered for easier viewing, but I will Feature your comment if I've seen it so you know. If you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask!

for some reason sta.sh isn't working and fucks up my coding when I try to edit the journal so I'll just post this here :')))
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  • Hywel, 25 (I think?), Finder/Translator

  • Generally quite cheerful and chill, quick to laugh. Can be quite teacher-like, since he's often taken up that role to other people, curious and eager to learn. Loves
    to read and study, the Finder life doesn't quite agree with him - he's not very brave or courageous and struggles to find those qualities within him. Hywel's a worrier
    and is quick to develop outward nervous habits; biting fingernails, fidgeting and will even lose sleep. His fears lead him to make rash and often poorly thought out decisions. 
    Rather chatty, especially since he can converse in people's native languages, but he prefers to ask questions than talk about himself. Admires the exorcists, especially Pania. 
    Hywel loves to read, study and talk to people, especially if it's about languages. He loves to talk to native speakers since he can learn things that books won't tell him about
    the colloquialisms people use and such. He loves to travel and experience other cultures, especially the food. Has a taste for spicy food. 
    He doesn't like fighting, particularly if it involves Akuma, he fears being left alone/behind by his friends, he dislikes being teased or made fun of - he's quite easily embarrassed, especially
    if it has to do with his crush on Pania. He's pale and freckly so when he blushes he's practically a beacon. 

  • Discovered his natural talent for Languages after quickly picking English up as a child (Welsh was his first Language) and French from a migrant that had moved to his village. After
    leaving school, he moved to Cardiff and later London to continue studying languages, it was here that the Order caught sight of him and offered him a job in their Diplomatic department.
    He spent a few years translating the myriad of political correspondence the Order received/sent out, but soon his Hyperpolyglotism was required elsewhere by the Black Order. They were 
    having trouble communicating with small native populations whose languages weren't so widely known and it was proving difficult to pull in competent translators, so Hywel was sent around the
    world to assist in relevant communications. His travels brought him to Australia, wherein General Mali and her Australian entourage (basically Phi) were currently touring the country. 
    Hywel began learning several Polynesian languages, including Maori. When Mali set out for New Zealand, she brought him with her to help communicate with any Maori should they need to. 
    When they discovered Pania Te Uruhina, Hywel was assigned as her translator and English teacher, however it soon became clear that Pania struggled heavily with learning the English language
    and that Hywel would have to stay with her to assist her. Since then he has trained as a finder and often acts as Pania's personal finder, though he is usually called away whenever 
    language-related problems arise.

  • I don't have any quotes for him, but he speaks English and a few of his languages with a Welsh accent (which generally tends to be pretty funny). He's got quite a hearty Welsh laugh. Aside from that
    he speaks most languages very fluently and if he does stumble in front of a native speaker, he'll usually ask (and then write down) the correct way before continuing the conversation. He's
    a bit of a party pooper and if someone is insulting someone else in a different language that they don't understand, Hywel will call them out on their bullshit. It's kind of a habit for him to translate
    conversation to anyone left out by the language barrier.

  • The Black Order officials tend to call him Howell because they struggle with the pronunciation of Hywel, but friends will call him Hywel. 
    He'd definitely get along better with Anurabis over Setesh! Anurabis' more laidback and polite personality would gel well with Hywel's avoidance of conflict
    and dislike of being teased. Hywel would def feel more comfortable conversing with him, I think with Setesh Hywel would feel like he was in a bit of a minefield
    and Setesh's explosive personality would put him on edge. Hywel is basically really intimidated by Setesh X,D
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I want to apply one of my recent Finder, thanks for the occasion Chi ♥

  • Name, age, and job : Angeline Bianco, 29 years old, Finder.
[DGM] Make me stop making new DGM OC, pls by Nagisa-Imouto It's the one to the left :'D

  • Quick personality description, and a few likes and dislikes wouldn't hurt : A very talkative tall lady seems to be up to no good, but is generally an always happy to help and talk, but actually pisses off people by coming at the worst timing, for the better (Or the worse). She likes to annoy people with her puns and has a passion for running, and prefers heat over the cold and travelling, learning new things from other countries. She hates too sweet foods, hates being silent for wayyy too long (or else she'll end up say some useless informations about X things here and there), being called FreakLady [Freckles/Lady Pun. Courtesy of Nagisa] 

  • A little bit of SIMPLIFIED history on them (how they joined the Order, how long they've been at the Order, maybe what exorcists they've gone on missions with if any). : She's someone who lived in peace in a countryside of Italia and, despite her level of "I-talk-whenever-I-want" and her title of troublemaker of the class, she got good grades. Her main jobs before entering the Order was delivering the journals and babysitting her neighbours. To find a better job to live with, with the agreement of her parents, she simply applied to the Black Order and got accepted as a Finder, she was 24 [She's been in the Order for 5 years]. Since then, she usually still deals with younger Exorcists and some of the most troublesome ones. (Doesn't stop her to be annoying with her puns most of the times)

  • Quotes! Examples of how they talk, like if they have poor English, have an accent, or use words in another language (such as if English isn't their first language). : She has an Italian accent, but she seems to deal well with English. Inserts puns just to annoy everyone. Thought, even if she talks a lot, she doesn't talk loudly everytime.
- " I prefer dying by an AkuMASS than probably being at [insert some Exorcist OC name]'s sides"
- " 'Something interesting'? You found the right Finder ! " [Sudden popping in the conversation]
- " If you are that annoyed of my puns, that's because they're great ! "
- " Of course I'll shut myself up for a while, but after knowing this... "

  • Anything else you think I should know, such as talents they have that could apply to a mission, disabilities, how you think they'd react or treat Setesh and Anurabis, etc, etc. : Since she's a female, she doesn't have pretty much the strengh, is actually pretty fast on her 2 own feet. She would be very interested in learning more about Egypt, possibility of bugging the twins just to learn more about it.
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Name: Haruka Hark.
Age: 19
Gender: is called female but in truth doesn't care as most mistake her for a bit anyways.
Occupation: finder
Ht: 5 ft 2.
Wt: 146 lbs
Body type: lithe and is almost yet not quite flatchested. She because of this is a bit faster than most other female finders.
Personality: shes very loyal to her assigned exorcist even going so far as to take a direct akuma attack protecting a fallen exorcist until help arrived. She's despite this loyalty a bit shy yet stubborn at times but can be very generous. She has a kuundere like personality.
Looks: she wears a typical finders uniform but instead of pants wears a short pleated skirt. She has very pale skin and is blind in her right eye from a previous mission. She has shoulderlength dark bluish hair and has amber colored eyes.
Job: she is part of a finder group kept usually for solo missions however she does better in groups as despite her speed she is not very strong. However she is very able to carry a full grown male on her back.
Likes: she likes to eat and her favorite food happens to be chocolate and peanut butter cups despite having allergies towards the cocao powder in the chocolate. Cats are another favorite and she has rescued many cats from near death. Because of this she has sewn cat ears to her uniforms hood made of matching fabric stuffed with cotton.
Dislikes: she dislikes alchohol. Not intensely as she doesn't mind when others drink at all but the smell and taste repulse her. Especially that of wine. She also happens to have a phobia of dogs as when she was little she was savagly attacked by a feral after shed bought food however she is working on this and can be in their presence without fear.
Exorcist shes been with: she has only been on 3 missions. One with Claud nine. One with general cross before his disappearance, and one with you oanda whom because of his uncaring attitude doesnt remember her.
Years shes worked: 2.
How she joined: her mom and dad both were finders killed in battle. She decided that to honor them shed become a finder herself.
Skills: shes good at pickpocketong from days of needing to steal to survive and is good with knives.
Crush: none.
Race: European.
She has no accent but can speak many languages and translate them as well.
Quotes: "hah! Too slow akuma!"
"Oh my gosh! Are you alright?!"
"I will protect you!"

(I hope this isn't too long)
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I have one but I haven't drawn her.
Would that be ok?
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I posted her bio.
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Got it, thanks for the interest!
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I hope others do this.^^
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Same! The more the merrier \o/
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written descriptions can work too ".
It says so in the journal, so yes. 
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