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I Beta and Critique, because in trying to describe the flaws, glitches, and errors I see in other's works, I'm able to more clearly see and fix flaws, glitches and errors in my own works. That said, I don't critique or beta fan works. If you didn't design a world, then I can't question your logic about world design, because it's not your logic. I don't have time for "but this is how it was in the canon" arguments.


Artist | Digital Art
I'm a jack-of-all-trades into science, art, anatomy, story writing, world building, and music, and I'm here to work on my story and original comic, AnK. Not sure how to get me talking? Tell me about your interests, and especially your original stories! I'm pretty down to earth and chill most of the time, so feel free to critique my art, story, concepts, whatever and I'm happy to return the favor.

Please note: I have little tolerance for bullshit. LGBT+, ya'll are welcome to hang. Atheists/Christians/Muslims/Ect, ya'll are welcome to hang. Black/White/Hispanic/Ect, ya'll are welcome to hang. Whatever the hell niches you belong to, ya'll are welcome to hang... as long as we're all respecting one another, we can all get on just fine. On that same note, just like how I accept criticism, I accept being told I'm not doing things right in regards to being understanding or tolerant. If I'm unwittingly being an asshole, please call me out on it. It's hard to know your own ignorance.



Context: P is out of town and asked A to water his jungle of plants in the lab.
A is struggling.  I title this, the Ballad of A
she doesn't know where to water the plants; soil or pan
and is yelling at me and Y
she's watering the catch pans lol

A: "Oh P.  Oh P, you're lucky I like you" "Oh this one drank all of its water, I think imma give it some more" "That one sucked up all its water!  Should I give it more?"
me: "don't drown them, A"
A: "But it drank all of it!"

okay we have convinced her to water the big plants from the top
it looks like her plan is trays for small plants and top for big plants

A:  "okay would you really pour water on top of sand?"
Me: "what would you do if you were growing plants in the desert or on the beach?"
A:  "I wish you would message P, so he could help"
me: "he's not online atm, what do you want from me? while messaging P"
A:  "who are you messaging to?" "how much do you think I should give to the big ones*
Me: "a lot" A GLARES "what do you want from me?  they're big plants; they should be more resilient to overwatering."
A:  "and also more resilient to under watering?"
me: "uhhhhhh"
A:  "OH SHOOT!  Get the paper towels!"
Y beats me to the punch
also, A keeps getting her hair caught in the fruit fly traps LOL

A:  "I generally don't water my plants" "I do it like... once a month and they tend to survive" "I feel like you're typing all this to P..." A CREEPS OVER SHOULDER "I don't think we're supposed to water them from the top; there's no room; they overflow"
Y: "pour very slowly"
me: "A, please don't have another "oh shoot" moment over my desk"
A:  "I won't; I can see" "I like these ones"
me: "they're called spider plants"
A:  "I didn't want to know that" "I don't water the poupouri—what IS THIS?"
me: "that's P's dead leaf collection, don't water it"
A: hands me the watering cup and groans with soreness as she gets off the desk "This would be so much better if I hadn't worked out yesterday"
me: "A how did you get a leaf in the cup?"
Y: "very carefully"

returns the water cup to A

A:  "so what, you didn't remove the leaf for me?" mutters "This.  Is not. A watering can!"
me: "now you know what to give P for Christmas"
A: "I just was thinking that" "though I don't know if he'd want one, because I think he—refill the gallon jug for me" "how do I water this one, it keeps over flowing"
me: "water it from the middle of the leaves"
A:  "how do I do that with a cup!?" "If I had a watering can......" "Did you get me hot water?"
me: "Idk, I turned a faucet"

A and Y mumble about how the fuzzy plant looks like it's covered in mold because of all of the fuzziness

A:  "NOOOO! I ruined my birb stickers!"
me: "which ones"
A: "my good ones..."
me: "do I need to print you more?"
A:  "would you?"
me: "yeah I have tons of the label paper”
A:  "I can't believe i did this.  You would think I would have learned by the third spill..."

A has recruited Y to reach over the mound of K's desk crap to reach the remaining plants

A:  "I think we're done." *with sternness* "YAAAAAY!  I think we were pretty successful" "Do you think I need to water them more if their water is all sucked up?"
me: "idk"
A:  "I think I'll give them a little more...."
me: "I thought we were done"
A:  "I decided to give more..." "this guy just keeps drinking his water!!" "Imma call that good" "I don't want to overdo it...."A stares intently at the blue instruction cards P left us "I failed him...."


leon and I were making egg jokes in the car
made me realize I hadn't had eggs in a basket in like
2-3 years
desperately needed it
so bad
that as soon as I walk in the door
I turn on the burner
throw on a pan with a tbsp. of bacon grease
without checking if I even have everything
sudden fear that I have no bread
no probs
I do
cut the hole out of the bread
check grease
is melted
go to fridge
turn off burner
eat bread circle
walk to car
go buy eggs
Kroger is busy
asshole dude with bananas and a fruit cup cuts in front of me
I don't get a self check out slot until he's at the pay stage of his purchase
he's so slow that I still walk out before he's finished paying
because people who cheat are stupid
get home
turn on burner
make eggs in basket
was it worth?
200% yes


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