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The Beatles

The Beatles. My first work.
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can I use this as my wallpaper?
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Awensome Job, I loved it
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i get teary eyed when i see them together like this. . .
i don't know if it's cause john and george are dead, if cause i really really wish i was born in the 50s/60s, of just because i am in LOVE with them. . .♥
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I love how George posed.
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Damn they look so young here. Its a little sad
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john!move your foot!
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i love this little ditty of yours! so cute and colourful!
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no normal human can jump that,wait!never mond!the beatles arent regular!There like,SUPERHEROES!
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They are! There like the Fantastic 4.... but WAY better!
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Look where johns foot is....
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awe. poor ringo.
this is pretty amazing.
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Freakin A! Awesome!
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dear god, this is WICKED!
I wish I had this in tee-shirt form...
m in a serious lack of Beatles tee shirts for a fan. -_-
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i love the beatles
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is incredible i luv it!
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This piece of artwork has been featured in the following news article: [link]
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I just say :WOW !!!

Great job !!! D:D
ofkz fav ^^
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awesome !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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thank's i like your's too :)
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