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Two peo's in a pod



Ahaha so things haven't changed... I still do not believe in backgrounds XD

I'm a little proud because this is the first piece in my clean and spankin' new gallery! Buuuut I forgot how to CG so I had to relearn *owned*. I'm pretty happy with this! Peony's (yes, that's him on the right) shirt is a colosal failure and I rushed it because it was the last thing I had to do. So no mocking it lol

Other than that I have no other concerns... minus the misproportion of the two heads. My bad ^^;;

Toplessness... ENJOY

<3~ Chikade
( Got some productive critisism? Note me =^__^= )
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I loved the way you did the hair dara *o* :heart:
And I love peony. He's so fine. XDD I love the little bit of chestiness you made him showing off. Peony, you sly dog you. rofls.