good bye for michael jackson

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i just can't believe that it's truly happened
i have seen many videos, shows, and hear so many songs from him
he is a good singer, super talented and nice song writer
and he has cute children

just don't believe that he's gone...
it's just like dream...
it's just like...
oh, no, why you keep saying that he's dead? i can feel his song here, remain in my heart

so let's say good bye for him
hope he rest in peace
i hope God bless him and family, always and forever

good bye Michael Jackson.
i will remember you always,
and your song remain in our heart

"We could fly so high
Let our spirits never die
In my heart
I feel you are all my brothers
Create a world with no fear
Together we cry happy tears" from "Heal The World"
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yeah, he won't go anywhere
he will keep remain in our hearts^^
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Me too, can't believe he's gone! :huggle:
I love his music! :iconbeatingheartplz:
He always will be in our hearts.