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Arrietty the Borrower

風 髪に感じて 空を眺めたい
あなたに花 届けたい
ほら蝶々が舞ってる 私を待っている

Inspired by the Japanese and German lyrics of Arrietty's Song. I fell in love with the movie and the soundtrack, so it was a good chance to draw another Ghibli fanart ^^

It's the first and maybe the only fanart that I've drawn on A3. And probably the most difficult background that I've drawn so far. xD

Media: ink, watercolours, acrylic colours
Size: A3

Arrietty the Borrower (Karigurashi no Arrietty) © Studio Ghibli
(based on novel The Borrowers © Mary Norton)
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© 2011 - 2021 chiinosei
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PokemonKalosRegion's avatar
I saw that movie earlier! It hit me right in the feels! It was so good! OwO
gamewizard-2008's avatar
He's gonna see that big flower walking away. :3
Lolinondoda's avatar
Girl's got skills.
FireNinja666's avatar
I wanted to go see that movie so badly. XD
chiinosei's avatar
Buy the DVD if it's available in your country, it's really a great movie :heart:
Kikixeni's avatar
Pretty! Feels really summery.
chiinosei's avatar
Hisietari's avatar
This is so sweet. Not gonna lie, I miss your fluffy storybook-style here. It's so much more than manga art, yet right at the core no matter what. I like how the paint is both light and texturised, and that little trick concerning the perspective is lovely. :heart:
chiinosei's avatar
Awww thank you so much! :heart: Your sweet words really mean a lot to me!
At the moment I'm still recovering from certain events in the past which, let's say, made me want to take a break from everything ... I'm working on some things in the background now, but I'm not sure when (or if) I'll upload something on dA again ... There are some things that are disturbing me about dA or internet communities in general ^^; But I keep on going!!
Hisietari's avatar
Yeah, I know what you mean. :( I've had my own experiences, but never made them public for a number of reasons. I think it's good to make these experiences early though, and learn from them.

Btw, I've been sketching a few characters lately, just haven't come around to sending anything to you yet. ^^;
chiinosei's avatar
It's ok, take your time! ^^
Actually I've been quite busy with a lot of stuff lately (including work and trying to get my last grades until the end of this month ... which seems impossible ~_~), so it's really ok xD But I'm looking forward to seeing your characters! ^o^
SonicTailsBros4ever's avatar
AW! *U* LOVE THIS SO MUCH! *U* Rock on! Absolutely gorgeous! *U*
chiinosei's avatar
R-Tea's avatar
looks great!
sadly missed the movie
chiinosei's avatar
Buy the DVD or watch it on TV (someday xD), it's great!
R-Tea's avatar
ich werd warten bis sie ´s mal im Fernsehen zeigen, weil die DVDs sind immer so sauteuer >.<
chiinosei's avatar
So teuer sind Ghibli-DVDs gar nicht o.O Die normale Version von Arrietty soll nur 13,99€ kosten laut Amazon.
Ich werd mir vielleicht für 4€ mehr die Special-Version kaufen oder wünschen xD
R-Tea's avatar
gut zu wissen, falls ich dann mal im Laden über eine stolpere, werd ichs ja sehen
leinef's avatar
awww voll schön *u* Die Grüntöne sind total toll und ich liebe es wie du auch andere Farben reingemischt hast! Tolles Bild! Ich will den Film auch sehen~~
chiinosei's avatar
Dankeschön :D
Ich glaub, im Kino läuft er nicht mehr, aber die DVD wird es noch dieses Jahr zu kaufen geben.
leinef's avatar
ahhh da freu ich mich dann schon drauf! :D Danke <3
Amuri-Dandelion's avatar
Ich bin immer wieder hin und weg von deinen Bilder! QAQ Mit dem Hintergrund hast du dich wirklich selbst übertroffen! O_O *staun*
chiinosei's avatar
Danke schööön~ ^__^
five-pm's avatar
The background is amazing *___*
I learnt about the movie thanks to this picture.
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