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thank you, yes you for all the support along my journey of 3 years of animation. maybe you're here for just 5 minutes, or maybe for 2 months, i dont care how long you've been visiting me but i just wanna thank you. 
this has been a very long road, i've been creating my own oc's, maps, animation memes, shitposts, and so much more. its huge for me to hit this milestone.

i first started with the program "adobe animate cs3" which i worked with allot 3 years ago. then about 1 year later i think, i got "adobe animate cc" which i still use to this day. i always uploaded as much as possible because i just liked to nimate and show it to the community. untill my youtube channel got taken down by hackers. it was awful and i was so sad for 2 weeks long. then i thought; i won't give up. and i made a new youtube channel which is the one i'm still using today. i improved so much in 3 years, its unbelievable. so,, thanks : )
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October 8, 2018


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