Practice: Couples
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All characters belong to me or :iconpixiesmooch:

Just practicing guys, poses and specifically, couples c:

Lol, the one at the bottom was awkward/embarrassing to draw. But I needed to practice something shirtless, and it started with JUST the girl laying there probably reading a magazine when I was like "HEY, THIS IS COUPLES BITCH" and added him...

It was intended to be more innocent but then I decided to use Pixie's character Elliot and...yeah, fck innocent :c (Still pretty PG though xD )

I might edit this, like, roughly ink and MAYBE color some. Just for fun. (I stayed up until 6 doodling these ._. )

Sorry if I got your characters wrong Pixie xD;

See if you can guess them C:<
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Redropp|Student Traditional Artist
nice job
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I... Recognize them... All <3

Myaaa I love them all! But my absolute favsies are the Char's and Henry and Aala XD

rkjgksghdkdfjhgdjfkn you're better at couples than me D: now I need to practice! They're all so adorable XD <333
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Chiiasa|Student Digital Artist

I still need a lot of practice, but yeah, Char's are my second faves :,D Lol I got so lazy with them, that's why they're chibi xD

My fave is still the bottom one >//>
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pixiesmooch's avatar
Yush that's really good XD I <33 them all, they all look so fun to draw >.> I'll have to draw one o' these for you as a gift shmeh <33

Meeh my house is so cold </3 I just spent like an hour hours in hobo train with no socks and no coat D:

... I still love this picture so much
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Chiiasa|Student Digital Artist
(Pfft, if you like it fave it >.> <.<)

That sucks. Were you taking pictures?
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