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Older Dimitri by Chihuahuat0by Older Dimitri :iconchihuahuat0by:Chihuahuat0by 7 0 Costume Fish by Chihuahuat0by Costume Fish :iconchihuahuat0by:Chihuahuat0by 3 0 {collab} A walk down the street by Chihuahuat0by {collab} A walk down the street :iconchihuahuat0by:Chihuahuat0by 15 0 Splatling my bab by Chihuahuat0by Splatling my bab :iconchihuahuat0by:Chihuahuat0by 40 2 Rysettte by Chihuahuat0by Rysettte :iconchihuahuat0by:Chihuahuat0by 8 5 Rysette spirit by Chihuahuat0by Rysette spirit :iconchihuahuat0by:Chihuahuat0by 4 0 Magical Girl agent 3 by Chihuahuat0by Magical Girl agent 3 :iconchihuahuat0by:Chihuahuat0by 36 0 Magical Girl Medli by Chihuahuat0by Magical Girl Medli :iconchihuahuat0by:Chihuahuat0by 20 2 Splatoon- Octo expansion by Chihuahuat0by Splatoon- Octo expansion :iconchihuahuat0by:Chihuahuat0by 29 1 Npop -Riju by Chihuahuat0by Npop -Riju :iconchihuahuat0by:Chihuahuat0by 12 1 Art trade - Lucy by Chihuahuat0by Art trade - Lucy :iconchihuahuat0by:Chihuahuat0by 4 1 Npop - genny by Chihuahuat0by Npop - genny :iconchihuahuat0by:Chihuahuat0by 15 3 Splatoon - Team Love! by Chihuahuat0by Splatoon - Team Love! :iconchihuahuat0by:Chihuahuat0by 21 1 N-pop collab - Fi by Chihuahuat0by N-pop collab - Fi :iconchihuahuat0by:Chihuahuat0by 48 2 N-pop collab - marie by Chihuahuat0by N-pop collab - marie :iconchihuahuat0by:Chihuahuat0by 50 1 Secret santa - mario kart by Chihuahuat0by Secret santa - mario kart :iconchihuahuat0by:Chihuahuat0by 5 1


satoshi kon tribute by Kuvshinov-Ilya satoshi kon tribute :iconkuvshinov-ilya:Kuvshinov-Ilya 865 5 birthday wonderland teaser visual by Kuvshinov-Ilya birthday wonderland teaser visual :iconkuvshinov-ilya:Kuvshinov-Ilya 865 4 utsu by Kuvshinov-Ilya utsu :iconkuvshinov-ilya:Kuvshinov-Ilya 982 4 III by Kuvshinov-Ilya III :iconkuvshinov-ilya:Kuvshinov-Ilya 921 5 aka by Kuvshinov-Ilya aka :iconkuvshinov-ilya:Kuvshinov-Ilya 842 5 Joker vs. Bayonetta by bellhenge Joker vs. Bayonetta :iconbellhenge:bellhenge 986 21 Mirabelle by DAV-19 Mirabelle :icondav-19:DAV-19 1,733 118 The Wizard by Laovaan The Wizard :iconlaovaan:Laovaan 1,380 27 SSBU Inkling by bellhenge SSBU Inkling :iconbellhenge:bellhenge 1,371 23 SSBU Isabelle by bellhenge SSBU Isabelle :iconbellhenge:bellhenge 880 13 Dragon by Pinjis Dragon :iconpinjis:Pinjis 12 0 Drawing Hair (2019 ver.) by kawacy Drawing Hair (2019 ver.) :iconkawacy:kawacy 3,758 21 Mom Emma by BMG-AntonioLee Mom Emma :iconbmg-antoniolee:BMG-AntonioLee 6 0 Drown by NanoMortis Drown :iconnanomortis:NanoMortis 1,843 16 Sheikah Link by bellhenge Sheikah Link :iconbellhenge:bellhenge 1,784 23 Emma - The Promised Neverland by BMG-AntonioLee Emma - The Promised Neverland :iconbmg-antoniolee:BMG-AntonioLee 6 0


Chihuahuat0by's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Photography
A random anime and Zelda loving person, That likes to mess with minecraft resource pack files



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Gemstrike Featured By Owner Edited Oct 22, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Finished your entries yet?
Tsuuuuuun Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hey I was wondering if you do commission or request or an art trade?

I do hope you're doing commission tho because if you do an art trade, all I can draw is in traditional style and I don't want it to messed it up since it's easily get messy XD And if you do a request, I will feel the guilt for my entire life XDDD
Chihuahuat0by Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2018  Student Photographer
I don't do commissions cuz i don't have a paypal atm, but i wouldn't mind doing a request or an art trade.
Tsuuuuuun Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Okay, which one do you prefer? Request or Art trade :3
Chihuahuat0by Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2018  Student Photographer
lets do an art trade! what do you want it of?
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ForgottenWinds Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for the fave! 
Thank you emote by ForgottenWinds  
Gemstrike Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
How is your part of the collab, so far?
Chihuahuat0by Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2017  Student Photographer
it will be done soon
MajorasMasks Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2017  Professional Artisan Crafter
Thanks for the faves!  ^^
Mattigator Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
Thanks for the fav, you have a great sense of colour !
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