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I am proud to announce that Youmacon 2012 is officially a go.  I've got my hotel room, badge, and Artist's Alley table all set and paid for thanks to :iconglitterfox: and everything should all be in perfect order for the first time since like...ever.

Ramencon is still up in the air.  If anything I might take a drive down there because I still owe a poor girl a Hiei plushie commission and if she happens to read this, please contact me!  I lost your information!  You know who you are.

Anyways, I've been updating my plushies and they look WAY better than they used to.  I've started painting the eyes on and they look much more vibrant.  I've also starting piecing the hair on in strands.  Everything is much more detailed and I'm very proud.  I will be posting pictures soon with any luck.

If anyone is going and you would like to see a certain kind of plushie available, please do tell me here.  I'm trying to make a list of last minute additions to make before my job moves my schedule around again.  I currently have weekends off but I've gotten overtime the past 3 so with the exception of my sister's baby shower I'll have worked 3 weeks in a row as of this Thursday.  The OT is nice but I need to sleeeep Q_Q

School also starts September 4th.  I will be taking 5 classes and working 40+ hours a week.  I have a Design class, a basic drawing class, Writing, History of animation, and German 1.  I'm hoping they will help me improve because Everyone knows I need the most help with drawing backgrounds and settings.  I can't wait till next semester when i get to do character drawing, storyboarding and basic animation.  
For those who don't know I'm working towards three certificates at once.  Game Art, Animation, and I'm going for an associates in International Studies.  I will then get a Bachelors in Non teaching German.  I'm not sure which University I'm going to transfer to, but I need to do more research before I decide.

That's all for now :D
If you're interested:…

I'm just coloring a few pictures but if you wanna chat, this is where I'll be :D


Might put it back up later.  For now I'm goin to play WoW haha

Moonguard server Name is Orphean if anyone's interested.  Alliance side ;)
If anybody's interested:…

Status:  Livestream is OFF
As the title says.  

I've been working as a security guard for about 3 weeks now and this is the first graveyard shift I've ever worked.  I've come to realize a few things since I began driving more at night as opposed to during the day that I feel I must rant about.

One: Kalamazoo drivers are f*cking crazy.  Seriously.  Speeding, no blinkers, cutting you off, it's like the asshole driver you encounter every now and again in a normal city multiplied by every driver on the road.

Two: It's goddamn dark.  The whole area is lacking in street lights.  Once it gets dark even on main roads there's like, one or two lights and a whole lot of black nothingness.  Which is really bad when you're going 55 down a road that curves every quarter mile.  

Three: Again with the asshole drivers.  Driving between Portage and Battle creek nightly has given me the *sarcasm* WONDERFUL */sarcasm* opportunity to be in the complete dark with assholes coming at me with their brights on.  (Fog lights aka the super bright lights for seeing in the dark)  I already can't see past my headlights and I'm eternally grateful when people coming at me turn them off the second they see my headlights, but there's at least 5 a night that don't.  When this happens I get blinded for about 2 seconds which isn't safe, especially on turns.  I've found a way to mildly deal with these assholes by waiting until they're near me and turning my brights on suddenly because let's face it you know they're looking.  It makes me feel slightly better but Jesus people learn to be courteous to oncoming traffic.

Four: Ice.  Coming home from work last night I found that Kalamazoo county must really hate getting up to plow/salt the roads before 7am.  It snowed from 11 until after I got off work at 5.  Hell I think it's still snowing.  I was driving home at 25-30 mph in a 55-60 zone.  Slowest one on the road, I was being passed by everyone.  I was in the right hand lane of a 5 lane street and I hit ice.  My car spun 360 degrees plus some and into the oncoming traffic lanes.  If the oncoming traffic hadn't been stopped at a light, I would be dead now. Guaranteed.  I shook all the way home because this is the second time I've lost control of a vehicle.  My last time resulted in the accident that put my Tracker out of commission until last Tuesday.  I f*cking hate snow, I f*cking hate ice, and I want to move someplace where it doesn't exist.

Sorry for the rant guys. These are the only things I'm really irritated at the moment.

In other news~

As mentioned before I got a regular job!  I'm a security guard now and I guard an apartment complex.  It's rather nice.  Or it would be if I didn't have to walk around in the dead of night in the snow but hey it'll be really nice when it gets warmer and I don't have to stay in my car all night.

Because I got this job though my con list will be changing.  The reason for this is because Alyssa and I can not take the same weekends off.  Which means we have to think about where we're each going so while all the cons will be on the list for my things, I myself will not be at all the conventions.  Please look forward to an updated con list soon.
I joined an art trade thing that supposed to be like Secret Santa for easter so here's my wishlist for that haha  Everyone else please ignore this post ^^;  I'll have a proper journal up later.

Pretty much all I want is art of my OCs since I love them to death so please feel free to pick one from the following.  I give you artistic freedom with the poses and I would love to see what you do with them.

(White hair red eyes)

Sherlock and Gracia:
(Sherlock: blonde Gracia: Brunette. Both have green eyes)
(No couple pics of these two unless they're brother/sisterly they are twins not bf/gf)

Nereh and Atori
(Nereh: brunette, blue eyes don't mind the different colors in the various pictures. Atori is blonde with blue eyes. again no couple pics they're sisters.)

(violet hair, gold eyes, light blue wings)

And if you're a brony or someone who draws My little ponies~

(Red and light blue hair, light yellow body (lighter than Fluttershy's but not cream colored), gold eyes.  Cutie mark is a pen on a piece of paper, More pics can be scanned and given if more reference is needed.)

I thank you in advance for taking the time to draw me something.  Your work means a lot to me even though I do not know who you are~  :heart:
So I've been dabbling back into the Voice Actors Alliance for the past week or so and I recorded a new demo and auditions for a few things up on the site.  One of them is an original radioplay and the other is a youtube series for Nyotalia.  

For those of you who don't know, Nyotalia is basically a genderbent version of the regular Hetalia.  So the males are females and the females are males.  I tried out for the voice parts of North Italy, China, and Russia.  

I got Italy and China!

I'm super excited for this because I haven't seen anything similar upon youtube or anything and because it's a series I like I guess I'm more into voicing for it.  

If anyone is interested, please do check it out.  We're going to start recording as soon as we find someone to be Russia for us :3
Here is a link to the channel where it will be airing on youtube:…
Aaaand a link to my fail audition:…

To me my China and Italy sound the same so I'm going to try and rectify this in the actual drama.
I've been missing again for a while and I'm sorry for that.  I moved across my state so things have been hectic the past few weeks.

nas your birthday present has been finished for a while.  I just need to ship it, which I will as soon as I get the money to from my temp job. :heart:

Youmacon was fun I met quite a few new friends and got plenty of new ideas.  Things didn't turn out quite as I expected but it was a fun time nonetheless.  Especially with my new Hetalia friends.  If you guys hear about a Pirate!England running around carrying a France on their back it was totally me. ;)  I'll be Prussia next year as well and my France will be my Spain.  We need another France to complete the Bad Touch Trio, but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it. haha

My list of conventions is tenative for next year, but here is ones that I should be good with going to:

Animarathon-March 14th
JAFAX- June 23-24
Glass City Con- July 14-15
Ramencon- Sept 23-23
Youmacon- date pending def. late oct early nov
Anime Apocalypse- Dec 20-23 (definitely hitting this already paid for it haha)

I should be in AA for most if not all of these and if I don't get a table I will post an update to the journal.  If you come to one of these please feel free to stop by and see me. :3

On to more serious news, I was in a car accident about two weeks ago.  I was driving to see a friend and I hit black ice on the road.  I was going 35mph in a 55mph zone and slid into a metal tower that was lying on it's side.  The bottom of the tower pierced the front of my car on the passenger side and sliced the driver's side tire.  Luckily the only damage seems to be cosmetic, with the exception of my front blinker being put out.  My headlight still works though so that's a good thing.  The tower missed my brand new radiator by meer inches, not hitting anything except my headlight.  I'm extremely grateful I'm not dead or stranded in Indianna.  I suffered no ill effects towards my person either which is odd cosidering I slid into it at 35mph.  The only thing I'm wondering is why my airbag didn't go off.  However it's times like these I'm glad I'm so anal retentive about wearing my seatbelt at all times.

This year was also the first Christmas I did not spend with my family.  It was a very depressing time for me.  I couldn't drive home because I have been jobless since I moved to Kalamazoo.  They understood but I still felt like I should have been there.  On the positive side I went to a job placement agency and I have an interview for the second week of January.  I hope I get it.  If not I'll find something else through them.  

Positive outlook! :3
As my immediate friends know I've become quite obsessed with Hetalia lately.  At this point last year I had seen like..... the first 24 episodes I do believe and now I've finally had the time to finish watching it and I'm surprised at my changes in opinion from when I first started.

Originally, the only countries I liked were America and Russia.  I despised England with every fiber of my being simply because I disliked his eyebrows.  I couldn't really name any of the other countries at all and I especially disliked the Axis powers.  I also disliked Chibitalia, the Baltics, Prussia, and pretty much everyone else.

Now, by God have things changed.

As I got more screen time with each of the characters, I started to like them more and more.  With the exception of Italy... I still hate Italy...

The biggest change is England.  My first time watching Hetalia I didn't really pay attention to the stories that didn't have America in them.  Which isn't a whole lot outside of America's storage cleaning and when he uses poor China as a pokemon (repeatedly) while they're all trapped on that island.  Since I restarted it, I actually watched it and didn't skip the episodes I didn't wanna watch and I was surprised at how my feelings towards a lot of the characters have changed.  Like I said, England the most.  

Especially when I found Pirate!England.  hehehehehehe Zomg Pirate!England is great and if ya'll find me at Youmacon I'mma be cosplaying him. (sans the green eyes cause unfortunately I couldn't get contacts in time).

I also found myself leaning toward characters like Canada and Spain.  I can't help now but squee every time I even see a picture of Canada haha He's sooooo adorable X3  And Prussia.  Prussia's amazing too XD

Time to go drown myself in fanfics hehe
Over the past few weeks I and a small group of friends have begun making plushies to sell at conventions.  I have a few of my first ones shown in my gallery and I have gotten much better in the month or so that I posted those.  If you want one, all information can be found at the MAD Artisans Deviant Art page.  :iconmadartisans:

In other news, my job's got me working as much as when I was working at Tim Horton's.  This is a good thing.  I assume it's because I'm freaking awesome!  hehe My boss said he's got things planned for me in the future so I guess that's good right?

I marathoned Durarara a few days ago.  I couldn't wait for the weekly ones on CN.  Curiosity about Shizuo drove me to finish the show in Japanese on Crunchyroll and I'm extremely happy I did.  He's one of those awesome characters that I couldn't help but grin every time I saw him on the screen and I involuntarily kept calling Izaya a bastard too.  Best fight scene ever in I think it was 26.

So yeah other than that I'm kinda boring.  Looking for something new to watch so any suggestions would be appreciated.  I've finished Durarara, Uraboku, and a few other things recently. (*drool Uraboku*)…

Yoko Matsushita is going to be drawing a new chapter of Yami no Matsuei!  Out on the 25th in Japan!  Woooo!  I dunno if any of you care but there's finally going to be new material for this series.  I for one am WRITHING IN MY SEAT IN EXCITEMENT!

Yami no Matsuei can probably be considered my crack series.  I've read every volume so many times my books are falling apart and I own both the English and Japanese releases of the books and the DVDs.  I got the OST and posters and I'm working on getting the art book.  I love it so much I can't decide if it or Earthian is my favorite series since they both make me crack happy and giddy haha

I'm not entirely sold on the new art style.  I really love the way the old work can get cute one second and have a bad ass explosion in the next panel.  But honestly, it's the story that drew me in and I don't think the change in art will affect how I feel about that.  After 8 or 9 years of hiatus, I'm just happy it's being worked on again rather than being set on the back burner forever.  

Now if only Loveless would do the same Q_Q

Featured Artist:


This is a friend of mine.  Her name is Amber and she does photography.  Mostly outside pictures and candids but they're really awesome :D
Things have been going well at my job.  I'm still learning new things and apparently doing well.  They have been giving me more hours, which is a good thing.  I still need to take my register test though so I've got to get that done and out of the way.  
I have a nickname at work now, which is pretty funny.  We were moving around some panels for a jewelry layout and I was the only girl who could move them without taking all the pegs and merchandise off while moving it.  So one of the CSM Jamie started calling me She-ra which is hilarious to me.I'm feeling more accepted and I look forward to going to work and I'm glad to say I've made some new friends while working there.

Oh! and someone recognized me from my other job!  Haha I know it's kinda funny to be excited about something like that but I feel that I must have made some impression on the lady because she actually stopped me because she recognized me from Tim Horton's.  :3

Speaking of Tim Horton's every time I drive by there it's like a ghost town.  No one I know will go there anymore because they say that the service has gone downhill.  I don't know why but I feel really bad, especially since some of my ex-coworkers still work for them.

Let's see.  Other news :D

I'm probably gonna be going to Glass City con, just on Sunday since I'm pretty sure I'll be working that Saturday but if I'm lucky it'll just be for the morning.  If that's true (and I'm hoping it is, I'd be there Saturday evening as well.

This brings my con total up to 3 cons this year.  Glass City Con, Ramencon, and Youmacon.  Please be sure to find me at any of them if you're going!  Hopefully by the time Ramencon comes I'll have my Oreba Yun Fang costume done.  If not I'll be in my normal clothes in AA somewhere.  Youmacon I'm hoping to have Fang, Gilbert/Raven from Pandora Hearts, and Ryuutaros (possessed version) from Kamen Rider.  

Speaking of Cosplay, I've lost another 20lbs!  Now if I could just lose another 50 before Youmacon I'd be all set and more excited roflcoptor

Featured Artist:


I met Ranefea at a Youmacon a few years ago and I just fell in love (as a fellow con-goer lol).  No other person can I talk about how hawt hotohori is and not look like a total dork haha.  I feel honored to have been able to watch Ran develop in style over the past few years and I've not found anything I didn't like.
So I've been at Hobby Lobby almost a month now and I'm finally starting to fall into the routine of how things get done :3  I also got a raise which made me very happy because now I'm making over a dollar more at HL than I did at Tim Horton's.  It's hard work but very satisfying because not only do I get to learn about everything we sell but I get to play Interior Decorator when we move things around and that's freaking fun haha

So We just had our basement worked on and I can finally use the kitchen sink without fear of flooding our basement!  Woooo  One of the pipes was cracked and was letting sand and other things in that eventually plugged up our pipes.  That's fixed now which is good cause we don't have to wait to do dishes inbetween loads now.

Another thing I'm going to do is starting this journal is I'm gonna promote an artist or two each journal that I feel is awesome and deserves attention.

Contestant number 1:
Ringo is an amazing artist I first found on SmackJeeves.  I was following their comic Count Spades long before I found them on DA.  When they restarted the comic late last year I was really excited and decided to devistalk them here on DA.  I love Ringo's style.  It goes from moe to HAWT in 1.36 second and I couldn't ask for a nicer person to know.

Contestant number Two:
A couple days ago I was in DA's forum (for like the 2nd time in my DA career lol) and I happened upon :iconill3h: who did a chibi of my character Atori for me.…
She's in the middle on top.  Gyahh She's so cute I loooove it X3  
So anyways I told them I'd promote them so I am going to.  They're doing 3 dollar chibis in this style and are an amazing artist so go check em out :3
Hello everyone!  

For those of you who know me, welcome back and to those of you who don't, welcome to my page!  :3

I will be uploading some deviations soon.  Since I'm moving here from my old account, I want to draw new pictures instead of just reposting the old ones.

For those who can't wait, you can check out my old account at :iconbakurafan88: but please remember I will not be posting there anymore and that this will be my account from now on.